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The DayBowBow logo poll

30 Apr

Below are the four concepts of the DayBowBow logo, I’m making this an open poll, and whichever receives the most votes by midnight tonight will be the logo.

Hey Mavericks fans

30 Apr

get ready for alot of this.

This Old House Interview to be posted Friday.

Hopefully this will hold ya’ll over

29 Apr

while I finish transcribing this interview.

Other Lives “Paper Cities” (Acoustic)

28 Apr

taken from the TBD Records Blog.

ACL Lineup

28 Apr

I’ll give some commentary a little later on, full lineup after the cut.

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Debut: Western Giants album artwork

28 Apr

Western Giants started as a semester project for front man Kennon Talley, and eventually evolved into a full band content on exploring the early foundation Talley laid. While they’re currently at work on mixing their EP, which is due to be released May 28th, Kennon was nice enough to let me have a look at the album artwork, and I decided to share it with ya’ll. You can hear a few tracks over at their myspace, that sound like a weird amalgamation of  Sun Kil Moon‘s darker tracks & “Brass Buttons” era Gram Parsons.

Western Giants play May 21st at J&J’s Pizza, and starts a tour with This Old House on May 28th with a show at The Lounge on Elm Street.

Holy Fuck this is awesome

27 Apr

Saw this on Deadspin go here and punch in the Contra code (up arrow, up arrow, down arrow, down arrow, left arrow, right arrow, left arrow, right arrow, b, a, and then enter a bunch) and watch the magic happen.

Someone is a genius.

Rundown: 4/27 to 5/3

27 Apr

At some point I need to realize that copious amounts of drinking are a terrible idea, that always leads to me doing something foolish like getting too hyped to do shots soundtracked by Prince‘s “7”, any and all forms of dancing dancing, or allowing myself to be talked into multiple keg stands. Anyway, my point is we all do embarrassing things from time to time like falling down while dancing, falling down post keg stand, agree to be the opener for Dave Matthews, everyday of Billy Corgan’s life. But, none of that really matters in the grand scheme of things, what matters is that you actually put your self in situations that allow for the chance of embarrassment.

Okay, I admit it, I’m just making an excuse for this.

Anyway, we’ve got another decent week round these parts with a hipsterpolooza going down on Monday and a steady build to the rest of the week, to a what looks like a pretty decent weekend. We’re putting up two interviews this week(hopefully) and a few other things.

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Women not girls, they rule my world

24 Apr

I fucking love the A.V. Club on days where they do stuff like this.

I’m too tired to actually write,

24 Apr

so here’s some random yo gabba gabba goodness.

this song is coming out on the limited edition Kozelek LP thats coming out in June

I couldn’t find the performances by of Montreal, low, The Shins, The Clientele, I’m From Barcelona, The Bird & The Bee, or Datarock. But, needless to say if I could stand kids, or did more drugs I’d be watching this nonstop.