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Rundown: 12/21/2010

21 Dec

It’s the holidays, so there’s not a lot going on this week. There are no live shows of note tonight, but if you’re in Denton there are a couple of things to keep you entertained/drunk.

Singles Going Steady @ RGRS

If you’re over 21, this is an obvious choice for a Tuesday night. It’s free, the music is great and the best part–75-cent wells.

90s Night @ Hailey’s

Rundown: 8/30/10

30 Aug

FREE WEEK KICK OFF PARTY featuring Cheddy Tenderson’s Cheddyoke (live band karaoke) & Singles Going Steady @ RGRS

This kicks off RGRS’ free week, which is pretty much the best thing done in the area to kick off the school year. Needless to say, if you live in Denton, this is what you’re doing all week.

Rundown: 7/13/10

13 Jul

Bad Sports / Red Dons / Apache / Cum Stains / Cosmonaut @ RGRS

Apache take everything you love about mid 70’s era Glam rock, turn it on its head, shake it, and pour it out into a double shot glass of delinquency. And while that’s a terrible description of the band, their music is in fact pretty damn awesome, and a must see for those of us who actually like “fun” music. Local openers Bad Sports are a perfect head for this bill as, I remember once describing the band to a friend as “Alex Chilton + the Exploding Hearts x at Budokan = Bad Sports.”

Rundown: 6/29/10

29 Jun

WeDentonDoIt presents: Julian Lynch / Sundress / Soft Healer / Goldilocks and The Rock @ J&J’s

Oh snap, best new music in a dark and sweaty basement, this should be fun. (that was not sarcastic)

Adam Arcuragi / The County Lines / The England Ramaband / Hard Times @ RGRS

It seems like some variation of this lineup pops up every few months for a show, and that’s not a bad thing. The highlight here is Hard Times who give you exactly what you’d expect form a band with that name, namely a rollicking, witty 15 minute set of breakneck paced punk rock.

DJ Pound Me @ the Double Wide

This has to be the worst DJ name in the area.

Go to RGRS tonight

18 Nov

Because Vexed UK is kind of brilliant.

Review: Crystal Antlers at RGRS

12 Nov

By Jesseca Bagherpour

A dark, musty warehouse with a smattering of filthy punks was the setting of my first encounter with Crystal Antlers. It was one of Saturday’s official Fun Fun Fun Fest after parties, so I assumed Broken Neck (the aforementioned warehouse) would be packed. But apparently everyone who knew about it had passed out drunk by 1 a.m., when the band started their set. After hearing the group play (not to mention the opening act, seasoned New Zealand punk group The Axemen), I was amazed that I was one of only about 15 people to witness such a phenomenal band.

Although the crowd at Rubber Gloves on Monday was about twice the size of that at Broken Neck, apparently most of them were there to see the openers, Video and Uptown Bums. Now, I’m a fan of the two local bands (their sets rivaled that of The Axemen, who I’m almost certain have been playing punk shows longer than the members of either Denton band have been alive), and I understand going to a show to support friends. But it’s a shame that more people didn’t stick around to see Crystal Antlers. When I found myself once again watching the band with only a handful of other people, I was disappointed, for the band and for the people who weren’t experiencing their music.

At least the people who did stay seemed to be avid fans, coming up to the band before and after the set to talk to them and get pictures and autographs. And those who’d never heard them seemed genuinely impressed. As they very well should have been. Continue reading


3 Nov