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Track of the Day: Of Montreal and Solange Knowles perform “Sex Karma” on Late Night

3 Aug

I was fortunate enough to catch this little gem live the other night as I walked into my house to find that I had absentmindedly left my TV on. Honestly, I’m glad I did as this was one of the better performances I’ve seen on late night TV in sometime.

(Big thanks to Jesseca for tracking this down.)

Track of the Day: Of Montreal–Id Engager

24 May

I cannot express how excited I am about seeing Of Montreal tonight. Seeing them at Fun Fun Fun Fest (my first live encounter with them) was a life-altering experience and seeing them take their big, wild show to The Granada’s relatively small stage should be just as amazing.

Their last incarnation as an electronic take on a glam rock band is possibly my favorite–although I do love their 60s-pop-style songs and they’ve gone for a psychedelic/No Wave/funk sound with False Priest, due in September, so maybe I should hold my opinion–which is why I chose “Id Engager”, from 2008’s Skeletal Lamping as today’s track.

Of Montreal–Id Engager

P.S. Steve Labate and Scott Sloan, the men behind 40 Nights of Rock & Roll, will be filming the show tonight. Be sure to buy them a drink! And buy us one while you’re at it.

The Incredible Journey: Scott Sloan talks about “40 Nights of Rock & Roll”

19 May

The future saviors of rock 'n' roll?

By Jesseca Bagherpour

Scott Sloan and Steve Labate are on a mission: Armed with only a camera, their trusty jeep Black Betty and a stash of junk food, they’re on a 40-day tour of the United States to prove that rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay.

They’ll be attending a concert every night (that’s 40 shows in 40 different cities) and filming those concerts, along with interviews with different musicians they meet along the way, for their documentary, 40 Nights of Rock & Roll–A Fearless Journey Through The Dark Heart Of Rock & Roll Music On The Road In The United States Of America.

Sloan and Labate have been friends since teenhood and rock fanatics since childhood (in fact, Sloan traced his love for music to an interesting source). Sloan is a filmmaker and former phone company salesman and Labate is an accomplished music journalist and former editor for Paste magazine. They’ve both attended their fair share of shows and festivals over the years, but never in such a high concentration.

The zealous duo of rock avengers will be in the area next week, making stops in Dallas on May 24 for Of Montreal’s show at The Granada and in Denton on May 26 for … whatever they find.

I jumped at the opportunity to find out more about their ambitious project, and Sloan was gracious enough to answer my questions, despite the fatigue and delirium caused by 15 days on the road.

DBB: What inspired you to embark on this journey, and why did you decide on 40 nights specifically?

SS: We were inspired by the Josh Hartnett film 40 days and 40 Nights.

DBB: How did you go about planning the project, including the cities you selected, bands you wanted to see, funding, etc?

SS: We took a bunch of bands that we liked tour schedules and dumped them into some databases. I correlated those results with a map of the US marked by homes of friends and family, then overlayed that map with the migration patterns of the wooly mammoths. This is the result.

DBB: How is it different from past projects (other films, features on music, festival coverage, etc.) that you’ve worked on?

SS: This is different because it never ends. No breaks … Seriously … None.

DBB: What do you expect/hope to find in some of the other cities where you have no specific bands set up to watch?

SS: We’re looking for the spirit of rock. I hope to hap across some little club with some distortion, screaming vocals, thundering bass, and machine gun drums pouring out, go in, and get my face rocked off. Or see a nice little pop trio hitting all the stops and making people smile.

DBB: How do you plan to survive the journey, and how are you and Black Betty holding up so far?

SS: We have a nutritionist travelling with us who determines the optimal carb/protein ratios for us using only processed meats and corn and potato chips.

Black Betty is holding up well. She is looking to become this generation’s Hidalgo, and is coming along quite nicely.

DBB: What are some of your best experiences thus far?

SS: Every show has been amazing in one way or another. Of course there are personal favorites … But to single out any band or artist would be a disservice to the film and the shows we’ve seen. Let’s just say that 15 days in, it appears that rock is alive and well and flourishing.

DBB: What are some of your worst experiences thus far?

SS: Being with Steve 24 hours a day. You learn everything about a person like this. Heck, I noticed he had been carrying a large piece of lint for two days straight. I know he has gotten quite sick of me as well, but we persevere.

DBB: Not to be a snob, but why Third Eye Blind?

SS: Rock has many faces.

DBB: You have a history with Of Montreal and you’ll be here in Dallas to see them. Why did you choose a relatively small venue to see them when their shows are getting bigger and more elaborate? What do you hope they’ll do with this show?

SS: Venue size means nothing to us … It’s hard enough to find bands for 40 consecutive nights and cover the country. I am confident that Of Montreal will deliver.

DBB: If you could have done this project during any other musical era, which would you have chosen?

SS: I think I’d like to do this in 1975. There was so much awesome rock going on, and people were partying with a recklessness that is absent in today’s world of YouTube and camera phones.

DBB: You seem to be pretty adamant in the belief that rock ‘n’ roll is still alive. If it ever dies, who do you think will pull the trigger?

SS: The only person who can kill rock is yourself, when you stop listening to it.

Any words of advice for people who love music and are trying to make a career out of it, especially considering the current economic climate?

SS: I think I’m about eight grand in the hole for this, so I really can’t help there.

DBB: Can we hang out when you come to Denton?

SS: Love to.

If you have any suggestions of what these two should do while they’re in the area, please let us know in the comments or via email.

P.S. Jaime has a similar project in the works, planned before he knew about this film. Starting December 31, he will see one band every night for a year. Talk about ambitious.

FunFunFun Fest: My Five must sees

5 Nov

As our departure for Austin on Friday draws closer those of us going to FunFunFun Fest (and those of us tagging along for the ride) will be filling you in on what/who we plan/want/are going to try to see at the fest. So please take a look at the list, maybe it’ll lead you in the direction of something you might of missed. Continue reading

I’m too tired to actually write,

24 Apr

so here’s some random yo gabba gabba goodness.

this song is coming out on the limited edition Kozelek LP thats coming out in June

I couldn’t find the performances by of Montreal, low, The Shins, The Clientele, I’m From Barcelona, The Bird & The Bee, or Datarock. But, needless to say if I could stand kids, or did more drugs I’d be watching this nonstop.

Interview: St. Philistine

18 Apr

A couple of weeks ago I took a look at St. Philistine‘s debut album You Are A Greek Tragedy and I gave it what I think was a fairly decent review. Well last Friday the band played Mokah down in Deep Ellum, and I found myself making it a point to be there, and  I thought they were superb. Jon Disla, Aurora WileyMarc Hoegg and band leader Aaron Sternick showed a remarkable ability to aptly translate their recordings into a live setting. Shortly after their set, the band found a few minutes to answer a few questions. Continue reading

Fever Ray

8 Apr



Is currently all over the blogs right now, so I figuared I’d post some and be one of the cool kids.

Fever Ray- If I had a heart

And, why not some more Q And Not U?

Q And Not U- Soft Pyramids

Oh and some Of Montreal just for the fuck of it.

Of Montreal- Penelope