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the fuck?

31 Mar

(from stereogum via Gv.B)

Oh and here’s some music.

Glass Candy- Digital Versicolor

St. Vincent – Actor Out Of Work

Goldfrapp- A&E

Bat for Lashes- Prescilla

The Bird and The Bee- Come as you were

Peaches- Gay Bar

Free mp3s like woah

30 Mar












It’s stuff like Evangelicals- Skeleton Man & The Pains of Being Pure at Heart- Young Adult Friction. You’re welcome.

Rundown: 3/30 to 4/5

30 Mar

Here’s the deal for the week kids this is going to be short and sweet, his week you’re getting an album review, a movie review, and an in depth look at Mr. Leonard Cohen. Continue reading

10 Films to see at AFI Dallas

26 Mar

It’s AFI Dallas WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Yes folks it’s that time once again for rich Dallas people to come together and talk about how great they are while watching films, and driving up prices on movies people want to see yet can’t afford to pay $ 125.00 to “rush line” into.

Anyway, don’t let the fear of people looking down on you, because you’re not wearing an insanely expensive blood diamond keep you from going to see some quality films. I present you with 10 films you should attempt to see in no particular order.

Continue reading

Arcade Fire + Spike Jonze + Beloved Childrens Book= I’m in

25 Mar

(Thank you A.V. Club.)

The Reggie Miller of the Music world

24 Mar

God I fucking hate The Decemberists. Continue reading

Rundown: 3/25 to 3/29

24 Mar

Well kids its been an pretty damn great month so far in the DFW area what with NX35, diy X diy, SXSFLESH, and SXSW spill over all happening in the last two weeks. This week really isn’t much of a drop off, check it out under the cut. Continue reading