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Rundown: 12/2/10

2 Dec

Denton Holiday lighting festival w/ Brave Combo

This is one of the best thing about living in this area.

Paper Robot / Deep Snapper @ RGRS

The Naptime Shake / Glen Farris @ All Good Cafe

Lo Pan / Magnum Octopus / Hands in the Honey Pot @ The Cavern

Tame Impala / Stardeath and White Dwarfs / Kuroma / Sundress @ The Loft


This is beautiful …

24 Feb

I originally found this video of 40 wild birds playing a Gibson Les Paul guitar at BBC News blog Gomp/arts. French conceptual artist Celeste Boursier-Mougenot created it for The Barbican Centre in London. It’s beautiful and it really makes me think about our concepts of art.

If birds can produce music as seemingly complex and compelling as humans (just as when a small child can (allegedly) paint as well as a formally schooled abstract artist), it can make people question the artistic credibility of artists who create “avant-garde” work.

I was going to go in-depth with this, including a discussion on musicians who produce random/improvisational music (particularly in the local scene). But I think I’m out of my element in trying to discuss this in a scholarly manner. Anyway … I think the music is actually pretty decent and it’s fascinating to watch the birds (particularly the bird with the twig … he’s innovative).