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DayBowBow Summer Mix disc 2 side B

30 Jul

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Astros vs. Cubs live blog

29 Jul

Astros v. Cubs live blog

I care not what others think

29 Jul

I just called multiple people with excitement over this.

Rundown: 7/27 to 8/2

28 Jul

This is going to be short, and a day late.

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Best thing I’ve heard all year

28 Jul


Do to injury

27 Jul

All writing is delayed.

Video Interview: Anchor in the Valley

24 Jul

Last night I caught after a short set in Addison, Kelsey Waldon of Kentucky’s Anchor in the Valley was kind enough to grant us a video interview. The quality isn’t the best (it was shot on my G1) and unfortunately is a second take, due to the audio being corrupted on the first go around, causing us to lose a rather fun exchange about Thin Lizzy, and her opinion on Dino’s Bar & Grill. Anyway here’s the interview.

On Monday I said Anchor in the Valley was  “a nice melding of gospel, and folk that local fans of Sarah Jaffe would enjoy”, and after seeing them perform live I stand by that. Waldon’s delicate voice mixes well with the old time instrumentalization. This is not quite the Delta, and not fully the Low Plains, the music skirts all around the south while remaining fresh at each turn. The original “Ballad for Modern Times”, and the cover of Neil Young‘s “Love is a Rose” are both excellent tracks, that I wish I had found earlier.

Anchor in the Valley- Ballad for Modern Times

Anchor in the Valley- Love is a Rose (Neil Young cover)