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Track of the Day: Giggle Party – Get Your Finger Wet

31 Aug
(Note: Due to the sheer number of submissions we receive, there is no way we can give each and every album the attention–and word count–it deserves, but we can devote time to at least one song from each. So we started this feature to give worthy bands and their music a spot to shine. We hope this helps you discover new and exciting acts, and as always if you enjoy the music please make an attempt to support the artists by either attending a show or buying a record.)
We’ve long been Giggle Party fans around here (hell I even filmed most of their last shows in the area in an attempt to cobble together a video history of Dallas’ best cupcake slingers) so when we got news the band was posting a mastered version of their forthcoming album’s titular track, we couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you.

Verdict: This is everything we love about GP’s music and more, as the band has taken on a brighter sheen to their production and provided the listener with something that begs to be blasted at those end of the summer parties. Listen, we’ve heard the final product of the album, and we can say that this is just a taste of what promises to be one of the better releases from a band we’ve worked with. In other words: Giggelos, get your 40s ready.

Rundown: 6/7 to 6/13

7 Jun

Well we haven’t gotten one of these up in a couple of weeks, mainly do to being insanely busy with jobs and other projects. We’re sorry. Anyway, it’s a borderline insane week of music. Check it out after the cut. Continue reading

We’re having a party at The Kessler!

20 May

This Saturday, May 22, we’re presenting our first show since SXSW at The Kessler. Giggle Party, Manned Missiles, Noonday Morningstar and The Bizaroo Kids will all be playing and tickets are only $10.

The show will have a birthday party theme (not for anyone in particular, but just because birthday parties are fun) and we’ll be giving away free tickets to the Houston Free Press Summerfest. It will be an all-ages show and a good time for everyone.

We’ll see you there!

Field Trip! DBB at the Planned Parenthood Rock Your Body Politic

27 Jan

photo provided by Planned Parenthood

We like field trips, and we really like having people freelance. So with that in mind I went to the Planned Parenthood Rock Your Body Politic last Thursday, dragging along an old editor friend of mine in hopes of getting new opinions on things I was ill-equiped to have a valid opinion on. I can tell you about the music, I can go on, and on about how Aaron Eash, of Giggle Party, was as on his game as I’d ever seen him. How he underwent a full transformation on stage, evolving from a quiet and friendly guy, to some type of Carnival Barker/hip-hop hype man hybrid, that worked the crowd into a ruckus, by not only playing his guitar behind his back, but doing so for most of the set. I could tell you how the professional approach Young & Brave took to the stage further cemented my belief that the band is on its way to bigger things. Hell, I could tell you about new Happy Bullet songs, crossdressing Lady GaGa impersonators and how the Girl in the Coma crowd resembled an issue of Love & Rockets.

But, what  I should do is give my old friend, and editor, Ellen Maraccini a spot to share her thoughts on a cause she truly believes in. What follows are her thoughts, and a pretty awesome rant. Continue reading

Rundown: 1/4-1/10

4 Jan

Consider this a note to aging artists: we don’t want you back. Yeah, you can get back together ,tour and get your core fanbase (average age 42) out in droves, along with a younger generation of fans who, instead of finding music they might like, decided instead to piggyback on the taste of their older siblings and corporate radio. Then again, who cares. You’re gonna make a ton of cash by doing this and that’s all that matters, so “Knights of the Soundtable”, welcome back to mediocrity.

Few things going on this week, including an insane show we’re putting on at RGRS for free. Check it out after the jump.

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Month of List(s): The Best Things to happen Locally in ’09 part 1

29 Dec

It’s been a rather wonderful year locally. We’ve seen bands sign to labels and break through nationally and internationally. We’ve seen new bands pop up and bring something different to the area and established acts release work we always knew they had in them. With that in mind, we’re tossing out three days’ worth of things we found exciting. This list is in no particular order and we’re trying to cover as much ground as possible, so apologies for things we miss.


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Fight Night Followup interview

8 Sep

Charlie Hunter runs Denton DIY venue The Schoolhouse, along with I ♥ Math Records. On Saturday the Schoolhouse was ground zero for Fight Night, and I decided to ask Charlie exactly what the hell happened.

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Snap Shot: Giggle Party

3 Sep

(ed. All this week we’re doing band “Snap Shots” of the groups we have performing on Saturday, the 5th. This is one of those.)

We’ve posted videos, twitterviwed, done a show, and once handle a rather nice candlelight dinner with Giggle Party. So, you know what we think about them, but do you know what band member Jason Reichl is currently thinking? After the jump you’ll find out. Continue reading

Rundown:7/20 to 7/26

20 Jul

I can’t believe they’re letting Martellus Bennett host the DOMAs, it’s a slightly worse idea then CGI Guinea Pigs who fight terrorist. Really anyone who has paid attention to this guys exploits on the net over the last year knows that this is a disaster waiting to happen. In fact let’s set some odds for what he might end up doing

Forget he’s only getting to do this because he get’s paid to play a kids game: 1-2

Mispronounce one of the band names:even

Say something incredulous that shows he’s sort of oblivious to the sacrifices of his forebears: 3-1

Unknowingly insult the guy who’s checks allow him to act like an over sized 12 year old with a brand new copy of “The Complete Chappelle’s Show”: 5-1

Insist he be allowed to perform a freestyle/skit: 5-1

Mispronounce two of the band names: 8-1

Rhyme “Romo” with “Homo”…again: 12-1

Have a clue who any of the performers are: 50-1

I know I sound like an ass for this, but as someone of a similar age, and back ground I feel I can say youth is no excuse for ignorance.

Anyway, time to talk music. It’s abit of a calm week, other then the DOMA’s & our show on Tuesday, and the rather awesome show at the Handsome Kitten on Friday.

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The Week in Music: 7/7 to 7/12

8 Jul

Man, Starbucks is fucking terrible about their Internet access, if it wasn’t the closest place to work at I’d never go there. Anyways, as usual “Please if you enjoy the music provided make an effort to either go down to your local record shop, or try one of the online retailers (amzon, emusic, itunes) to find the albums for purchase.” Continue reading