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See you in ’10

31 Dec

So it’s been slow around these parts, which we’re sorry about, but with sickness, the holidays and snow storms hitting every few days you can see why it’s been rough getting stuff up. So, as of this coming Monday we’ll be back to full strength with rundowns, reviews, Track of the Days, and a bunch of new content that we will be slowly rolling out of next few months.

But that’s then, what you want is right now, it being NYE yo either have plans already I assume a bunch of you are driving up to OKC), or are frantically searching for something to do. Us being us, we’ll give you a few choices, take a look and venture out at your own risk.

The Granada offers a local heavy bill with Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, Air Review & RTB2 paying you into 2010, while Trees has The Toadies, Boom Boom Box & Dove Hunter. Those of you more inclined to dance should make your way to the Fallout Lounge for Billingham’s Defense System, Ocelot & Blake Ward.

Up in Denton you have DJ G’s last 80’s night before Yeahdef  takes over at Hailey’s, and RGRS has Bad Sports, Uptown Bums, Video & DJ No Dad.

Those are your best options, hope you go out and have fun, and hopefully be safe.

Sorry about not getting all the list up we’ll remedy that somehow.

Thank you for your continued support of DayBowBow, we love you…well some of you.

Track of the Day/The Most annoying trend of 09: Pitbull- I Know You Want Me

30 Dec

Usually in this space there’s a disclaimer telling you how we can’t cover everything, but this week is a bit different, as we’re all going in-depth with thoughts and feelings. So, you know how you tell some one is trashy? They have one of those call tones, for those of you not in the know a call tone is a song that plays to you when you call someone instead of the sound of a phone ringing. It’s annoying to a degree I can’t describe, and usually reserved for people who don’t realize that they’re paying for this every time they’re called, it’s the pet rock of ’09. Anyway, i’m bitching because my oh so lovely sister decided this piece of music was the perfect way to sum herself up to the people who call her. She’s a mother of two.

Verdict: Trite, offensive and exploitive are just a few words that describe this song, though terrible is the main word used.

Month of List(s): The Best Things to happen Locally in ’09 part 1

29 Dec

It’s been a rather wonderful year locally. We’ve seen bands sign to labels and break through nationally and internationally. We’ve seen new bands pop up and bring something different to the area and established acts release work we always knew they had in them. With that in mind, we’re tossing out three days’ worth of things we found exciting. This list is in no particular order and we’re trying to cover as much ground as possible, so apologies for things we miss.


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Neon Indian at The Granada tonight!

28 Dec

We’ll have a complete rundown for you tomorrow, with all the best NYE shows included, but tonight you need to go to The Granada for Neon Indian. Ishi, Fizzy Dino Pop and Yeahdef are opening. Doors are at 7.

(ed. Also, Old 97’s at Sons of Herman Hall. Your New Years Rundown is up tomorrow, and The Local List hits the web in the morning. Thank you for your continued support of DayBowBow, we love you…well some of you.)

Track of the Day: Vic Chesnutt- Flirted with You All My Life (Live at Hailey’s 12/4/2009)

28 Dec

Vic Chesnutt (1964-2009)

By Jesseca Bagherpour

Since we took a break for the holidays last week, we didn’t get a chance to pay proper tribute to Vic Chesnutt. Chesnutt died on Christmas day, after being in a coma the day before due to an apparent suicide attempt via drug overdose. As shocking and heartbreaking as the news of his death was, it wasn’t necessarily a surprise for most of his fans.

He had struggled with depression and suicide for a long time and was going through major financial and health problems. Chesnutt’s lyrics often revolved around his suicidal tendencies and the recent “Flirted With You All My Life” (from his latest and possibly best album, At The Cut) is a song that many people have posted and mentioned in the wake of his death. It seemed to be a breakup song for suicide, and in a recent interview with Terry Gross he discussed overcoming his issues. But, sadly, Chesnutt’s troubles obviously weren’t over.

This version of “Flirted” comes from Chesnutt’s last show in Denton, which came just one night before his final show,  at Central Presbyterian Church in Austin. It’s awful to know that we won’t get any more  albums or performances from him, but at least we have beautiful recordings like this one.

Vic Chesnutt- Flirted With You All My Life (Live at Hailey’s)

(Note: Thanks to Kerm Rivas for recording and sharing this song.)

See you Monday

24 Dec

Like we said, it’s the Holidays

23 Dec

so today you get a video, but tomorrow you get a “Best Local” list. For now enjoy.