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The Week in Music 6/29 to 7/5

30 Jun

Not alot going on this week, so music is gonna be sparse, try to enjoy what we have.


Wilco- You Never Know

Man there was a bunch of white people at Good Records last night, and I’m not trying to offend by saying that. (ok, maybe a little.)


Patrick Wolf- I just Wasn’t Made For These Times(Beach Boys Cover)

The legions of kids at this show are going to regret this one day, mark my words this look/movement makes the Flock of Seagulls fad look well though out.

Plastiscines- La Rgle Du Jeu

One of my best friends dates a girl from Germany, she’s cute, hip, and an all around vixen. She would eat this shit up, and it annoys me.

I’m not usually this negative, blame the weather.

America FUCK YEAH!

30 Jun

Rundown: 6/29 to 7/5

29 Jun

Ah, the birth of a nation, something we commemorate with cookouts, booze, baseball, blowing shit up, and in my case arguing. You see we won, in November, and it was marked by dancing in the streets, and joy, and then in late January we all paused for a day to watch as a man took over as our leader. Fine, and dandy right? Waves of joy washing over us, and the like, of course now we’re having to hear the panicked cries of  the right are clouding our good times.  Here’s a message for you guys…Go fuck yourselves, we won, and we’re gonna be in charge for the next few years. Continue reading

Final Poster

26 Jun

Also, big props to yeahdef, for the excellent MJ mix, which you can find here.

What few of us realize is

26 Jun

that though Micheal Jackson had, in many of our minds, warped into some sort of grotesque joke, his music was once so powerful he was able cause a major change in a network. so, though all the tasteless jokes, and indifferent milieu that will permeate from most of my generation, I for one will remember the work accomplished.

Live Blog: 2009 NBA Draft

25 Jun

Yeah, we’re mainly a music site, but I’m a huge hoops junkie, so tonight our editor Sean, and i are hunkered down in the Office of Doom with a coupled of six packs, and other items to provide you with our thoughts on the NBA Draft as it happens. Please check back for updates, comments, and drunken insight.

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We have a late entry

25 Jun

I like all the posters we’ve had done, also tomorrow I’ll live blog the NBA Draft, and there should be an interview posted soon. Also, thanks to John Is and Parade of Flesh for the kind words on their site.

Picking a poster is aways a bit of a bitch

24 Jun

So, our Art Director Blaire, mocked up a bunch of posters for the showcase next week, and I have no idea which one to use, so I’m opening up a poll to you people, so we can have a democratic decision, but first a word on the bands. Continue reading

The Week in Music 6/22 to 6/28

23 Jun

Blah, blah, blah opening paragraph, blah, blah, blah something esoteric, blah, blah, blah, I’m sick, blah, blah, blah, Please if you enjoy the music provided make an effort to either go down to your local record shop, or try one of the online retailers (amzon, emusic, itunes) to find the albums for purchase. Continue reading

Rundown: 6/22 to 6/28

22 Jun

It’s funny to realize that you’re aging, I say this because of the realization that kids born in 1990 are quickly approaching 20, and the idea you had of them being this young group of kids who were obsessed with Hannah Montana goes flying right out the window, when you see them stealing beer from a keg.

Anyway, it’s a slow week, and I’m sick so don’t expect much. Continue reading