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Track (s) of the Weekend: Sebadoh–Magnet’s Coil and Ocean (Live at The Gypsy Tea Room 3/18/1999)

18 Feb

As someone who is admittedly not a Sebadoh completist, I might be criticized by more obsessive fans for choosing two of their more well-known songs.

But my reasons for posting “Magnet’s Coil” and “Ocean” over more obscure Sebadoh songs are threefold: Continue reading

Giveaway: Sebadoh at The Granada

16 Feb

Sebadoh’s existence has spanned 25 years and in that time the band has had its share of lineup and record label changes (with nine releases on six labels). What started as an outlet for Lou Barlow’s songwriting outside of Dinosaur Jr. (as he felt intimidated and overshadowed by J. Mascis) became an indie rock powerhouse unto itself.

When Barlow was kicked out of Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh became his main focus. It was also a means for him to take control of a musical project and express the pent-up anger and tension caused by his tenure in and ejection from the other band (which he has since re-joined, of course). The group also stood as an integral part of the formation of the lo-fi scene, along with bands like Pavement and Guided By Voices.

Barlow continues to use Sebadoh as one of the many showcases for his musical talent. And the band is currently on tour in support of the reissues of Bakesale and Harmacy, their most commercially successful albums.

The tour will hit The Granada this Friday and we have a pair of tickets. For your chance to win them, send an email with “Sebadoh” in the subject line and your name in the body to giveaways@daybowbow.net by 11:59 p.m. We’ll notify winners tomorrow.

Sebadoh will play The Granada on Friday, February 18 with openers Quasi and DoveHunter. Tickets are $20-$36 in advance and $22-$39 the day of the show. Doors are at 8.

Rundown: 11/30/10

30 Nov

I decided to take over the Rundown today because I’m extremely excited about Blonde Redhead. I saw them at The Granada three years ago and it was nothing short of magical. Until that point, I’d never seen the venue so packed.

There’s other stuff going on, sort of, but if you can make it to Dallas/you live in Dallas, then that’s the show to catch. Tickets are between $24 and $39, and well worth the cost.

Blonde Redhead / Olof Arnalds @ The Granada

Andrew Tinker / Paul Slavens @ Dan’s

It’s been a long time since Paul Slavens has played a show at our most beloved Denton venue, and apparently this show will be on Charter Access 25 for all the shut-ins and cheapskates who won’t pony up the $5. I won’t make a comment on Andrew Tinker because I think Jaime said enough a few months back …

Live Review: Deerhunter/Best Coast at The Granada

8 Nov

Photo: Mark Jay Shukla

By Judson Valdez

I’ve been a huge fan of Deerhunter for a while now and am not ashamed to say that I recently jumped on the hype-machine that is Best Coast over the summer as well, so I was very excited to see this show at the Granada Theater.

Sonny and the Sunsets, the opener for the night, are a band that I have been hearing about lately in the buzz world so I was curious to check them out.

I arrived right around the start time of their set to a fairly light crowd. Their sound was fairly simple rock with the currently trendy punk/surfy sound that seems to be in every band coming around these days.

Though they were very well put together in their performance, I have to say I was a little disappointed in their set, probably due to the fact that they do sound so similar to most of the other trendy bands right now.

Next up was Casino Versus Japan. I’ve never heard anything about this act so I had no idea what to expect coming in to the night. The curtain opened to a table full of gear to one side and a very normal looking guy standing in front of a microphone in the middle of the stage. Continue reading

Review: Built to Spill Live at The Granada 8/11

13 Aug

Note: This piece was written by Nic Bagherpour, DayBowBow’s newest addition. Notice a familiar last name? That’s because Nic is my older brother (who introduced me to Built to Spill shortly after he discovered them). But this is not (just) a case of nepotism. The  guy can write. See the proof below.–Jess

By Nic Bagherpour

Like many Gen X’ers, my formative experience with Built to Spill came when 1999’s Keep It Like a Secret came out.  I was 20 years old and working in a record shop in my hometown. OK, it was a CD Warehouse, but sometimes we sold vinyl (mostly when people special ordered it).

I vividly remember when my friend and co-worker, Jason, played “You Were Right” for me. The droning, sometimes plaintive guitars, the poly-rhythmic drum beats and the solid walking bass lines provided a perfect base for Doug Martsch’s uniquely assertive vocals. It sounded, to me, as if some of the members of Pavement had decided to reform with a new singer and become more technically proficient at their instruments.

I was so fascinated with that record that I made all of my close friends listen to it almost ad nauseum. It quickly became one of our favorites and has remained so to this day.

Flash forward to Wednesday night’s show. I’m not sure how, but this was my first live Built to Spill experience. There was definitely a good energy in the crowd. It was a great mix of the folks from my generation (many of them a few years older than myself) and the early 20-something crowd you would expect to find at any show from an Indie rock band of this caliber. When the show started, the crowd was positively electric.

I think what struck me most about the show—and I’m not quite sure how I never noticed this before—is how much Martsch’s guitar work seems to inform and drive the sound of the rest of the band. I’d always noticed a strong Neil Young influence and that was definitely still noticeable (especially on last night’s closer “Broken Chairs”). Hearing them play live, I also noticed a strong Johnny Marr influence in the guitars and Martsch’s phrasing was almost Morrissey-esque at times. I’m sure this is an element that has always been there and I just missed it.

At any rate, after 10+ years of listening to these guys it’s refreshing to finally see them live and to know that they can still keep a crowd enthralled and that they’re collective voice still holds sway and stands out in a musical industry that seems too often to reward sameness and lack of inspiration.

Rundown: 8/11

11 Aug

Happy Birthday, Granada!

There’s a lot of excitement going on for a Wednesday night. I love summertime … except for the heat … and the mosquitoes … and the schoolchildren crowding me everywhere I go …

Anyway, here are my top picks for tonight.

Granada’s 6th Anniversary Party w/ Built to Spill/Finn Riggins/Telegraph Canyon

The Granada has been one of my favorite venues in DFW since the first time I went there to see two of my favorite bands, Belle and Sebastian and the New Pornographers, back in 2005. It’s a gorgeous venue with a great setup and sound system. I’ve been to many memorable concerts there, most of them with people I cared about deeply, so I’m gladly braving the trek to Dallas celebrate the 6th anniversary of its revamping. Getting to see Built to Spill for the first time doesn’t hurt either.

Weekly Tape Deck Presents: Sundress/Naomi Punk/Masters & Johnson @ Dan’s

We love Weekly Tape Deck. We love Sundress. We love Dan’s. Dentonites who can’t make it to Dallas/afford the BTS tickets should go to this show. Oh, and it’s Ryan E.’s (of WTD) birthday, so buy him a shot and give him a hug from us!

Cyndi Lauper w/ David Rhodes @ House of Blues

If Built to Spill weren’t playing tonight, this is would be my pick for Dallas shows.

Live Review: Owen Pallett live at the Granada, 4/29

5 May

Photo: Bill Edison for Granada Theater

(Note: Due to a bout with multiple illnesses as well as balancing the responsibilities of this blog, other blogs and a new job, I’ve posted this review a tad late. My apologies.)

By Jesseca Bagherpour

Back in November, I lamented over missing Owen Pallett open for The Mountain Goats in my review of their show. I also made a vow to myself that I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to see Pallett live the next chance I got. So when his tour date in support of Heartland (his first album released under his own name) fell on the night of game six in the Mavericks’ round one playoff game against the Spurs and the night before I had job training at 8:30 a.m., I still made the drive to Dallas to see him.

I could easily summarize my experience at Owen Pallett’s show last Thursday with one sentence: He made me feel wonderful, despite the fact that the Spurs knocked the Mavericks out of the Playoffs (I was keeping tabs during the show). But he deserves a better review than that. So I will get on with that … Continue reading