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Rundown: 6/28/10

28 Jun

(Note: This week we’re trying something a little different and doing daily rundowns of events around town instead of our usual Weekly Rundowns….this most likely won’t last.)

New Science Projects / The Horse Museum / Sean Kirkpatrick / Delmore Pilcrow @ Hydrant

I’ve always found the performance space at the Hydrant to be a really nice spot for shows of a subdued nature, and tonight’s line-up seems tailor made for a rainy monday night gathering. Also, I’m interested to see if all that time in Europe has rubbed off on Dale Jones, maybe we’ll get some German lyrics.

Final Club / Gun Outfit / Fergus & Geronimo @ Hailey’s

Hype is such a fickle thing, it either launches you, launches you into backlash, or all of that plus a thousand other things. The line-up at Hailey’s tonight has three bands going through three different stages of hype, Final Club was hyped up as the next big Denton thing when they came around late last year, and now that they’ve gone through some line-up tweeking you have to wonder what the new product will be like. Gun outfit is one of those bands being poised to blow up on the indie circuit, they’ve carefully built a word of mouth through blogs, and major sites, and with this tour the word should grow and grow, and we might end up with a new Twin Sister on our hands. F&G has rode their hype for all it’s worth, and that’s not a detriment, the rather great band has carefully built their fan base by only playing choice shows int he area and dutifully releasing songs online, and now with their signing to a subsidiary of a mid-major indie label we get to watch a local continue to build it’s self up. Not gonna lie, I find it all really fascinating.

The never-ending NX35 track-by-track: Week 1

19 Feb

So here’s the deal: we’ve been fairly light on the NX35 coverage due mainly to, well, some “involvement” with the festival. In an effort to provide some level of “countdown” coverage, we are going to go through 20 tracks from 20 bands at a time every Friday until the weekend of the conferette. (For those of you who are a little slow, there are three weeks left until NX35, which means we will be sharing 60 tracks with you.) Let’s hope this helps all of you have a better understanding of the music that is quickly approaching. If you like any of the bands, check out when/where they’re playing and possibly find out more info at NX35.com. Continue reading

Rundown: 8/31 to 9/6

31 Aug

I am trying to figure out weather or not gambling on the LLWS makes me a bad person. Yes I won, and yes when I made the wager I did so with the caveat that I would donate 10% of any ill gotten means toward my local LL organization. But, I still wagered on the achievements of a group of young men therefore making anything they accomplished cheapened in my eyes. Instead of respecting, and appreciating the feat it would always be that time I won, or lost money on the LLWS.

Though to be honest letting the winnings ride on the Bears pretty much answers that question, and letting it ride again on the Texans proved that it’s really not even a question at this point.

Anyway it’s free week in Denton, and that means shows galore, including a massive show we’re throwing on Saturday. check it out after the jump.

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Rundown: 5/11 to 5/17

11 May

You know sometimes shit just doesn’t work out the way you want it to, that’s life and there’s not much we can do except search for solace of some kind.

Anyway, now that that’s off my chest, this week looks to bring solace heavy music, what with all the singer songwriters, and melodically lifting indie bands invading the area. If your down you can catch one of these acts and either cry into your Lone Star, or get drunk, make a mistake or two, and then cry into your “hair of the dog” Lone Star. It’s really up to you, oh and we have an interview with Dallas’ Giggle Party being posted this week, along with some other stuff.

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Rundown: 4/27 to 5/3

27 Apr

At some point I need to realize that copious amounts of drinking are a terrible idea, that always leads to me doing something foolish like getting too hyped to do shots soundtracked by Prince‘s “7”, any and all forms of dancing dancing, or allowing myself to be talked into multiple keg stands. Anyway, my point is we all do embarrassing things from time to time like falling down while dancing, falling down post keg stand, agree to be the opener for Dave Matthews, everyday of Billy Corgan’s life. But, none of that really matters in the grand scheme of things, what matters is that you actually put your self in situations that allow for the chance of embarrassment.

Okay, I admit it, I’m just making an excuse for this.

Anyway, we’ve got another decent week round these parts with a hipsterpolooza going down on Monday and a steady build to the rest of the week, to a what looks like a pretty decent weekend. We’re putting up two interviews this week(hopefully) and a few other things.

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Rundown: 3/25 to 3/29

24 Mar

Well kids its been an pretty damn great month so far in the DFW area what with NX35, diy X diy, SXSFLESH, and SXSW spill over all happening in the last two weeks. This week really isn’t much of a drop off, check it out under the cut. Continue reading

NX35 Saturday Diary

15 Mar

I spent the bulk of last night running from venue to venue in Denton trying to make my NX35 wristband worth it’s weight in gold, I drank, I ate, I partied, I danced, I laughed, I made snarky comments to people. All in all  it was a great time, so great that I felt the need to share.

Hopefully this serves as a decent approximation of what all went down, and as a heads up I’m cribbing the A.V. Club’s festival diary style for this. Continue reading