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Review: Band of Horses/Midlake @ Verizon Center

11 Apr

We have another great review from Tommy Garcia today. And, again, sit tight because we have a big project in the works that will not disappoint you.

By Tommy Garcia

Band of Horses and Midlake played to a capacity crowd at the Verizon Center in Grand Prairie Thursday night. Both bands expanded their signature sounds to project to a massive venue that surely would have dwarfed lesser acts.

The show opened with North Carolina based singer songwriter Tyler Ramsey. Ramsey shuffled between several open-tuned acoustic guitars throughout his concise six-song set. Carrying the banner for this generation’s obsession with and emulation of Neil Young, Ramsey gently finger picked through melancholy, laconic tunes, often times recalling a stripped down version of Fleet Foxes. Ramsey’s smooth vocals and reflective folk musings provided a nice back drop as the audience slowly streamed in.

Denton’s own Midlake peeked their heads out from Panhandle House Studios, where the band is hard at work crafting their next album, to support their friends Band of Horses. The band opened their set with “Winter Dies”, from last year’s polarizing release The Courage of Others. The band stuck to songs from Courage and their break-out album, 2006’s The Trials of Van Occupanther. As the band kicked in to the driving “Roscoe”, lead singer Tim Smith joked, “This is the song that made us rich and famous.” Continue reading

Giveaway: Akron/Family @ The Loft

28 Mar

Akron/Family has the distinction of being the band that first took Warpaint on tour and as many of you who were lucky enough to catch that rather excellent show at the Granada last year know, A/F doesn’t just take any band on tour, they take bands who can help them turn the venue into a swirling tempest of dancing chaos. This bodes well for Thursday night’s opener (and 35C) performer Delicate Steve.

The most recent A/F offering, Akron/Family II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT, continues the bands deconstruction of what “folk/experimentation” should be as they yet again push the boundaries on what you would expect from their earlier work. We consider this a good thing as it’s actually kind of fun to watch a band continually evolve.

This Thursday you will have a chance to see if anything I just typed is true as the band takes over the cozy confines of The Loft, and because we love you we’re giving away two pairs of tickets for the show. To win, send an email with “Akron/Family loves you” in the subject line and your name in the body (seriously … we only want your name) to by 11:59 p.m. We’ll notify winners tomorrow/Wednesday.

Akron/Family plays The Loft on Thursday, March 31 with the very danceable openers Delicate Steve. The show starts at 8:30 and tickets are $12 in advance and $14 the day of the show.

Rundown: 2/17 – 2/19

18 Feb

Sweet Zombie Baby Jesus do we ever have a packed weekend.


Diamond Age /  The Flowers of God @ Pastime Tavern

Ordinarily this would easily be our show pick of the night as we have a well-known history of adoring FoG, and we can’t help but heartily recommend this show if you want to go outbut don’t want to be overrun by fanboys or x’d up dancers. A special bonus for those of you smart enough to catch this show: you’ll go home with a free download code for the FoG album and a screen printed poster. Really, who would hate on that?

Robyn / Diamond Rings / Natalia Kills @ South Side Music Hall

I’m very thankful for the Dallas Voice helping bring this dance party to Dallas tonight as this is easily the show of the weekend for me. Expect to dance, expect to drink and expect to be blown away by someone who is head and shoulders above her lesser contemporaries.

Sebadoh / Quasi @ Granada

Have you guys noticed that Jess is a little excited for this show? (Jesseca’s note: Yes, yes I am.)

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals /  Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights @ HoB

Expect lots of 30-somethings rocking out to “their type” of music. I’m not sure what that means, but I overheard this while at a shitty bar in Lewisville.

Babar / Two Knights @ The Hydrant

This is being billed as a “cuddle” party; that’s the twee-est thing to ever twee.

Beth Orton @ Dan’s

meh. (Jesseca’s note: Not meh. Not meh at all. The opposite of meh, in fact.)


Ty Segall / A Giant Dog @ RGRS

A Giant Dog is getting a lot of press around Austin right now and when you take a listen to their brand  indie-punk you can see why critics and kids alike are all over them. Should be a good time. Also, it seems this is band #123567665453 that Orville is in.

Swans / Wooden Wand @ South Side Music Hall

This is the polar opposite of what’s happening in this venue on Friday night.

Mixmaster Mike @ Granada

Sadly he will be sans 3MCs, but you should expect a good show nonetheless.

Tapes ‘n Tapes @ Good Records

This is free at 3 and will supposedly have a keg and food … party.

Tapes ‘n Tapes @ The Loft

I rather liked The Loon, I liked Walk It Off, hell I’ve even been defending Outside but it’s getting to a point where having to defend a band over & over just because they’ve fallen out of the hypecycle has become exhausting. I think from now on, instead of discussing it I’m just gonna put on “10 Gallon Ascot” and walk away.

Broken Social Scene / Zeus @ HoB

I really wish this was at a different venue.

Sundress / Spooky Folk / The Hannah Barbarians / Retro Run / The Western Skies @ Hailey’s

The Others / Collick @ 1921 Hemphill


Hares on a Mountain @ Dan’s

Rundown: 2/16/11

16 Feb

Death Angel / Lazarus A.D. / Early Man / Bonded by Blood / Hexen @ Trees

Blogosphere: Pearl Snap Discount presents Pale Horse / Manned Missiles / Soviet @ Club Dada

Thin Line Film Fest: The Anatomy of Vince Guaraldi

Thin Line Film Fest: The Big Uneasy

Dance+Drinks+Dominos with Gavin G & Oleg B @ RGRS

Brent Best / Danny Baylis / Chad Stockslager / Dave Little @ Dan’s

Rundown: 2/14/11

14 Feb


The O’s / Stu Dicious / the Tom Tom Club @ the Eight-Track Museum 2630 E. Commerce St.

This is Awesome: Who is Arcade Fire?

14 Feb

On the heels of last nights Grammy win for Best Album, Canada’s current toast of the music world were celebrated for their win by none other than Captain Outburst Kanye West himself, along with many other congratulatory tweets and blog post. Unfortunately not all mentions of the band were filled with praise as jilted GAGA and M&M fans took to twitter to voice their disgust for a band they’ve never even heard of. Luckily for us some bright person decided to catalogue these responses on tumblr and now we have the wonder that is Who is Arcade Fire? Check out some selections below.


This gentleman would like you to know that if you’ve never heard of them, they must suck.


Dog the Bounty Hunter!


This is….this is just fantastic.


Somewhere in The Woodlands a group of high school kids are planning on renaming their band The Suburbs as a way to capitalize on all this.


Of course this doesn’t hold a candle to the Beiber Nation’s outrage of Esparanza Spalding, but that’s a whole nother post.

Rundown: 2/11 – 2/13

11 Feb



The Hope Trust / MATAS / Baruch The Scribe / Ben Rodriguez @ Dan’s

FreshMillions / Heiha @ RGRS


Light Fantastic / Here Holy Spain / Darstar / Rocket Arm / Able Youth @ Annex House

The Lindale House Presents… Spooky Folk / Soviet / The Lindales / Roy Robertson @ The Lindale House

Lumberjack Fest No. 7 w/ The Holler Time – 6-6:30 / Tony Ferraro – 6:50-7:20 / Isaac Hoskins – 7:40-8:10 / Pinebox Serenade – 8:30-9:00 / Birth to Burial – 9:20-9:50 / Deep Snapper – 10:10-10:40 / RTB2 – 11:00-11:40 / Spitfire Tumbleweeds – 12-12:40 @ Dan’s

Reverend Horton Heat @ House Of Blues

The Sword @ Granada

The Hana Barbarians / Somebody’s Darling / Hormones @ The Moon


Jonathan Richman @ RGRS

This is what all of you should be doing this weekend.

Rundown: 2/10/11

10 Feb


80s Night: The Lovers w/ Gavin G

Woolfy @ PM Lounge

Amos Lee @ HoB

The Lonesome Hereos / Dim Locater @ The Kessler

The PASS / Sextape / Kiwi Sisters @ City Tavern

Discipline @ RGRS

Live Review: Smith Westerns, Yuck & Sunset @ The Loft

9 Feb

By Callie Windle

{{Sunset}}, Yuck Smith Westernsand played to a packed crowd last night at the Loft.

Yuck definitely stood out among the three, playing an energetic show with a musical performance true to their recorded sound. Harmonies were on target, and they took advantage of the venue’s bass heavy sound mix. Heads moved in time with the beat, and on multiple occasions the crowd seemed to sway in unison. The band members’ English accents only added to the experience.

Critical darlings Smith Westerns put on a good show, but that was about it. I was disappointed with their live performance—the vocals fell flat a few times, and were usually drowned out by loud guitar. But the crowd didn’t seem to mind (perhaps the pot I kept smelling had something to do with it?).

Their performance felt like an Indie sock hop, with skinny, teenage couples swaying back and forth and making goo-goo eyes at each other and the band. Phone cameras were always at the ready, and tipsy girls ran their hands through their hair in that “look at those hot 18-year-olds” kind of way. Lead singer Cullen Omori’s on-stage grooves (and constant hair in his face) completed the vibe.

They’re good musicians, and their latest album, Dye It Blonde, is a fun mix of ‘60s rock and ‘80s pop with a garage feel. But their performance leaves something to be desired. They’ve got attitudes that are too big for their britches. And while a bunch of Dallas hipsters may be all right with that, I’m not sure how well it will serve them.

Rundown: 2/9/11

9 Feb

Buzzov-en / Cough / Four Days To Burn / Vorvadoss / K.Lloyd @ Trees

Old Man Markley / Trinity River Folk @ DoubleWide

Dance + Drinks + Dominoes @ RGRS