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Worth his weight in Happy Meals: An interview with Daniel Smith

2 Feb

Note: This piece comes from our newest contributor, Callie Windle. We’re glad to welcome her to DayBowBow.

By Callie Windle

Artists aren’t what they used to be. Purveyors of opinion and story, their works were intentional portions of self, carefully served to us–their viewers and listeners–hungry for truth and reality.

We feasted on Dylan, his words becoming the sustenance for our young and rebellious spirits; we savored Frida Kahlo, each morsel seasoned with pain and loss; and we could feel awkward originality in every bite of Vonnegut. The artists were part of our lives, and they themselves became part of us.

Today’s “artist” is more often comparable to a children’s meal at a fast food joint. Their packaging is equally as, if not more, important as the substance. The bright colors distract us from what we’re really getting: over-priced, unnourishing snacks. They don’t satisfy, and they don’t stay with us for very long—one-hit-wonders crowd shelves at Half-Price Books stores across the nation.

There are, however, exceptions—artists who carry on the traditions of old, folding love into the batter of their words and sprinkling conviction on their musical snow peas. And occasionally they give us even more—innovation. Daniel Smith is one of these artists.

The frontman for Danielson Famile, Smith is well-acquainted with the arts. Though he is mainly known for his musical endeavors, the New Jersey native is also a visual artist, and his album covers offer listeners a peek at his work.

More than that, Smith is no stranger to the discomfort that often accompanies the different, the unknown. His music has been the subject of much debate, even leading to a documentary, Danielson: a Family movie (2006).

Smith and I recently talked during his afternoon break from mixing Norwegian band I Was a King.

What follows is a glimpse into that old world of true artistry.

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Your NYE mix

31 Dec

We hope this adds something to your gathering, we’ll see you in ’11.

David Bryne & Brian Eno – Strang Overtones

Scissor Sisters – Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd cover)

Cee Lo Green – No One’s Gonna Love You (Band of Horses Cover)

Local Natives – Sun Hands

Giggle Party – Vampire Lover

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl feat. Q-Tip & MDNR – Bang Bang Bang

LeTigre – Bedroom Dancing

Robyn – Dancehall Queen

VEGA – No Reason

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl feat. D’Angelo – Glass Mountain Trust

Animal Collective – Fireworks

Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love (live from Stop Making Sense)

M83 – Don’t Save Us From The Flames

The Chromatics – Running Up that Hill (Kate Bush Cover)

Prince – I Wana Be Your Lover (Dimitri From Paris Edit)

Big Boi feat. Janelle Monae – Be Still

Panjabi MC feat. Jay-Z – Mundian to Bach Ké (Beware of the Boys)

Kanye West (feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver – Monster

Damaged Good$ – Dopest/Flyest

Mando Diao – Dance With Somebody (The Hood Internet Mix with GZA and Cadence Weapon)

B.o.B feat Janelle Monae – The Kids

Kanye West – POWER

LCD Soundsystem – You Wanted A Hit

Broken Social Scene – Texico Bitches (Star Slinger Remix)

Au Revoir Simone – Another Likely Story (Neon Indian Remix)

HEALTH vs. Crystal Castles – Crimewave

LCD Soundsystem – Sound Of Silver (C2 Remix Rev.3)

Gorillaz – Stylo (Alex Metric Remix)

Get the zip here.

Please enjoy and be safe.

Track of the Weekend: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – O Children

19 Nov


Anyone see Harry Potter last night?

In case you couldn’t make it: Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010 Live Blog

6 Nov

Oh Sweet Lord we’re doing it again, yet another live blog from our favorite Austin festival, we hope you enjoy it.



We all had a rather great time last night watching Chris Hardwick bomb, Apples in Stereo go all Afronaut on us and Weird al giving hands down one of the best live performances we’ve collectively seen, we took off to prepare for what looks like a packed Saturday, we’re each off doing individual interviews this morning and preparing for a festival toast once the gates open, let’s hope the weather plays nice this year.

– Jaime


I just finished up shooting and interview with Austin’s Mother Falcon and orchestral pop band which was practicing for their set tomorrow at a local studio, numbering 17 at the time I met with them the young band has made quite the name for themselves in the Austin music scene, drawing rave reviews during last years SXSW, and finding themselves opening up FFF tomorrow morning, not to shabby for a band that’s never played outside of Austin ‘s City Limits.



And we’ve got our first Hoopster ( Slick Rick side stage.)




We spent last night running around the festival as much as possible catching an amazing Cap’n Jazz set, watching Man Man drive a crowd wild, witnessing GWAR murder Sarah Palin and RJD2 drop some Mad Men on us, the night was wild, it was fun, it as quite drunken (I ran into a tree). I’m writing this in a tent as Toro Y Moi is playing to a pretty solid crowd, and wondering if we’re ever gonna be able to comprehend the magnitude of last night, we’ll see as the day goes.




Milo has arrived, at least that’s the rumor, we’ve been splitting time between The chaos of the Black stage and the hipsterism of the Orange stage as both crowds have been very different, not that that isn’t expected. I noticed that Nortec Collective bridged all langue barriers and got their crowd worked into a frenzy, this as helped by the groups Ipad controlled beats. Toro Y Moi is celebrating a birthday and a crowd that seems to be 3 times the size of their normal crowd, Best Coast attracted the largest crowd of what looked like shell shocked zombies I’ve ever seen, and Polvo was just on the receiving end of Thax Douglus poem. So far, so good.


This is Awesome: Neil Young’s Le Noise performance film is on Youtube for free

1 Oct

Rundown: 9/17 to 9/19

17 Sep


Harlem / Sir Name and the Janes / Tiger Thrust @ The Nightmare

Jesus this show is awesome, and from what we hear will most likely sell out, don’t miss it.

Dungen / No Joy @ The Loft

RTB2 / Nervous Curtains / Daniel Folmer @ Kessler

AIDS Arms Benefit Party with Wanz Dover / DJG / Keith P @ Fallout Lounge

Grupo Fantasma / Backside Pick @ Hailey’s

The Heelers / The Lindales / The Purl Snap Shirts @ RGRS


Missile / George Quartz / Cuckoo Byrds @ The Prophet Bar

Pack of Wolves / Malveller / Four Days to Burn @ The Nightmare

Shonen Knife / Lovie / Romp Almighty @ The Loft

RTB2 / Bad Design / Orange Peel Sunshine @ RGRS


Pixies / Fuck Buttons @ Verizon Theater

I still can’t believe we posted a Pixies interview this morning, and honestly I’m amped up about getting a chance to see them live (again). Really we don’t need to explain the band to you, you’re either going, or your wishing you were going. Also, it’s gonna be really weird seeing Fuck Buttons in this setting.

Sleepy Sun / True Widow / Sundress @ The Loft

We still have our ticket giveaway up for this show, you should try and land the pair, as it’s a pretty solid line-up.

This is Awesome: Summing up an artist’s discography in 140 characters or less

20 Jul

Oh, Twitter. Without you we wouldn’t know about shit people’s dads say, or if the people of Iran are fighting for freedom, or even if celebs are leaving acting behind. In fact, Twitter seems to be the gift that keeps on giving, with several people using the service to tweet whole books, and one very clever person using the service to sum up musicians’ discographies in 140 characters. We now present you with a few of our faves.

“Dexy’s Midnight Runners: 1st LP) nervy Brit-soul bravado; 3rd LP) grandiose, sometimes-amazing attempted “masterpiece”; 2nd LP) has the hit.”

“The Beatles: 1st-4th) recorded in black & white; 5th-8th) the drugs kick in; 9th/10th/12th) entropy; 11th) invents ELO & Oasis by accident.”

“Bob Dylan: 1 Woody; 2, 3 ambition; 4 pot; 5-7 speed; 8-9 pot; 10-11 AJ Weberman; 12-16 booze; 17-19 Jesus; 20-27 pot; 28 death; 29-32 pot.”

“Joni Mitchell: 1-5 many bad boyfriends, many chords; 6-9,16 Jazz Odyssey!; 10-13 “take that, Rickie Lee Jones!”; 14-15 quietly enjoyable.”

Pretty damn great use of the format, if we do say so ourselves.

(Hat tip to the AV Club)