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Album Review: Daniel Folmer- Danny Rush and the Designated Drivers

16 Nov

By Junior Varsity

The first thing you need to know about Danny Rush and the Designated Drivers, the new album from Denton’s Daniel Folmer, is that it is essentially a country album; at least that’s what I think he’s going for here. The album is full of slide guitar, fiddle and classic country-style lyrics of love and especially heartbreak.

After adjusting to the country feel of the album, the first thing that stands out are the lyrics. Songs such as “20 Karat Ring” show Folmer at his finest in this area, using his well-crafted lyrics to break the hearts of his listeners.

In the chorus to the song, he sings, “I’ve got a 20-dollar bill that says you will, a 20-karat ring that says you won’t. If you can’t find a reason to go on with life without me, why should I?” This chorus just wants to be listened to repeatedly and contemplated over. I find myself returning to this song more than any other on the album.

Daniel Folmer–20 Karat Ring

Other songs on the album don’t fare quite as well lyrically. On the hymn-like track “Count on Jesus,” Folmer repeats the same lines throughout the majority of the song without ever really grabbing the attention of the listener.

He uses lyrical repetition for much of the album, which turns out to be both his strength and weakness. On songs with interesting and well-thought-out lyrics, the repetition is welcomed. But while listening to lyrically weak songs, I find myself waiting for something that never comes.

Musically speaking, the album as a whole has the same dichotomy in play. Many of the country influenced songs sound a little too similar to each other and by the end of the album end up blurring together. The stand-out tracks are the ones that really don’t fit into the country mold.

“District County Court”, for example, is reminiscent of older material from Folmer. The country vibe is shaken off for this track and a more general pop/rock feel takes its place. This song is the most enjoyable listen on the album, featuring guitar solos, full band rhythm section and distorted vocals. This is the song that I expect to find used on various blogs and radio stations to promote the album (Editor’s note: see below). It is by far the catchiest track on the record.

Daniel Folmer–District County Court

Overall, this is an album that has a lot of material that falls short of Folmer’s potential, but the few songs that do reach that place that Folmer is looking for are worth putting on repeat.

Danny Rush and the Designated Drivers will be released by Gutterth this Saturday at Rubber Gloves. The free show will feature Daniel Folmer, Caleb Ian Campbell, Burnt Siena Trio and Spooky Folk.

Rundown: 7/9 to 7/11

9 Jul


True Widow / Mansions / UME @ RGRS

Yesterday I mentioned how you need to see as much True Widow as possible and today you get a free show…SYNERGY!

Warbler Pl / Good Night and Good Morning / Roger Sellers / Cody Robinson @ J&J’s

We had a show with half this line-up last year, and many of us were blown away by Roger Sellers, if you like the things the North brothers do, you’ll love his work.

Manned Missiles / Eaton Lake Tonics / Daniel Folmer @ The Groto (Ft. Worth)

It’s indie rock’n’roll night in Ft. Worth.


Vulgar Fashion / Pocket Change / Betdat / Cuckoo Birds @ Mabel Peabody’s

We Shot JR has the lowdown on this show, and Cuckoo Birds, you should check it out.

The Hold Steady @ The Granada

America’s best bar band seems to be in a bit of a lull with the departure of keyboardist Franz Nicolay, and critics not losing their shit over  Heaven is Whenever like they did for the bands last three albums, but one thing remains. They put on one hell of a show. I still remember my first Hold Steady show at Walter’s in Houston back in 2006, the venue: sold out, the crowd: elated, Boys & Girls in America: not out, the energy: like nothing I’ve experienced since.  It’s been 4 years since that night, the venue’s changed, the band’s changed, the hype has changed, I’ve changed, but I still expect one hell of a show.

Dove Hunter / Shiny Around the Edges / Dust Congress / DJ Hamhock (Luke Dayton of Kampfgrounds)@ RGRS

I know I can’t be the only one eagerly awaiting SAtE’s Denton’s Dreaming, and this show not only features the band performing songs from the album, but also features Shiny’s future tourmates Dust Congress, and the always excellent Dove Hunter. Add in the world music DJ Hamhock will be spinning and the drink specials (Red Stripe and Rum) and this is far and away the best thing you could do with $6 this weekend.


POF Presents: Lighting Bolt / Indian Jewelry / Best Fwiends / Guards @ Trees

Indian Jewelry’s latest album, Totaled, is an expansion on their dark-noise sound that the band has been on the forefront of , with an increased ear towards the expansion of their composition the band has managed to surpass their earlier work, fans who missed the bands excellent set during this years NX35 should make it a point to catch them live. It should also be noted that this excellent show at a very unnatural venue for something like this, further proof that John Is isn’t afraid to take risk.

Review: Daniel Folmer – Dead End

16 Oct

Daniel Folmer’s latest album, Dead End, produced with Gutterth Records, maintains the artist’s lo-fi ballads that we can’t stay away from.

The album’s official release party is this Saturday at J&J’s Pizza on the Square, but you can stream tracks from right here! He’ll be playing with Dust Congress, Glen Farris, and Sabra Laval.

As expected from previous albums, Folmer takes control of nearly every sound: voice, guitar, bass, piano, synthesizer. The diversity of his talent is impressive throughout his discography and this album is no exception.

The title track, “Dead End” starts off with a dreary, melancholy cadence and plinking piano notes reminiscent of an empty Western bar. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Something about this album starts a little apathetic — but go figure, it’s called Dead End — and sometimes we all need a little apathy. Continue reading

Snap Shot: Daniel Folmer

2 Sep
(ed. All this week we’re doing band “Snap Shots” of the groups we have performing on Saturday, the 5th. This is one of those. Oh, and the photo below is not of Daniel Folmer, but it’s the one he wanted to use.)
I’m gonna be cliche and call Daniel Folmer a critical darling, it’s a well deserved label, we all seem to go insane for his mix of country-western institutionalization, fuzzed out rock, and witty insightful lyrics. His last album The Roaring Twenties had critics crawling over themselves to annotate him the next big thing.
Daniel and I recently “shot the shit” if you will, discussing everything from the Tyson documentary, to the glory of house shows. About midway through the conversation I decided it would be fun to have Daniel pick preseason football games using the Vegas lines. Take a look at what transpired after the jump.

Rundown: 8/31 to 9/6

31 Aug

I am trying to figure out weather or not gambling on the LLWS makes me a bad person. Yes I won, and yes when I made the wager I did so with the caveat that I would donate 10% of any ill gotten means toward my local LL organization. But, I still wagered on the achievements of a group of young men therefore making anything they accomplished cheapened in my eyes. Instead of respecting, and appreciating the feat it would always be that time I won, or lost money on the LLWS.

Though to be honest letting the winnings ride on the Bears pretty much answers that question, and letting it ride again on the Texans proved that it’s really not even a question at this point.

Anyway it’s free week in Denton, and that means shows galore, including a massive show we’re throwing on Saturday. check it out after the jump.

Continue reading

Rundown: 4/27 to 5/3

27 Apr

At some point I need to realize that copious amounts of drinking are a terrible idea, that always leads to me doing something foolish like getting too hyped to do shots soundtracked by Prince‘s “7”, any and all forms of dancing dancing, or allowing myself to be talked into multiple keg stands. Anyway, my point is we all do embarrassing things from time to time like falling down while dancing, falling down post keg stand, agree to be the opener for Dave Matthews, everyday of Billy Corgan’s life. But, none of that really matters in the grand scheme of things, what matters is that you actually put your self in situations that allow for the chance of embarrassment.

Okay, I admit it, I’m just making an excuse for this.

Anyway, we’ve got another decent week round these parts with a hipsterpolooza going down on Monday and a steady build to the rest of the week, to a what looks like a pretty decent weekend. We’re putting up two interviews this week(hopefully) and a few other things.

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Rundown: NX35 Saturday & Sunday

12 Mar

This may be the longest yet. In fact holy fuck I can’t believe I did this as a combo. Continue reading