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Bonus Track of the Day: Jesse Woods–Mind, Drips (Neon Indian cover)

28 Jul


From the Press Release

Psychic Chasms [sic], the debut full-length from Neon Indian, will be released as a newly mastered deluxe edition on CD and double Vinyl [sic] on September 28, 2010 and digitally on August 31 via FADER Label / Static Tongues.  The new version of the album, which is augmented by Mind Ctrl: Psychic Chasms Possessed, contains nine bonus tracks consisting of exclusive remixes and cover versions by Toro Y Moi, DNTEL, Bibio, Javelin, YACHT and more. The band will also tour this Fall [sic] with Prefuse 73 and Miniature Tigers, in addition to their previously announced headlining dates, and shows with Chromeo and Phoenix [sic].

Jesse Woods – Mind, Drips (Neon Indian cover)

Verdict: Wait … there are no synths. How are we supposed to dance to this? What do you mean it’s a cover? I demand Alan and his vest! Oh, it’s part of a bunch of covers and remixes coming with the album’s re-release? Awesome, sounds good. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of haunting and awesome. Hmm … maybe this album is gonna be worth picking up.

Clash of the Titles: Laughing Gas–Neon Indian vs. Quiet Riot

24 May
While searching at the last minute for a TOD (we get a lot of submissions and it can be hard to sift through them … and sometimes they’re all bad), I decided to start a new feature: Clash of the Titles. For this feature, we will take two songs with identical titles or themes, which means cover songs are game, and compare them. It’s sort of like “Who Wore It Better?”, but with songs. This will be a weekly feature and reader suggestions are welcome. Warning: It can get a little snarky, but we’re just having fun here.

By Jesseca Bagherpour

Remember how I said “Clash of the Titles” would be a weekly feature (if not, it’s in the note right at the top, dummy!)? Well, obviously by “weekly” I meant “once a month or whenever I feel like writing one”. Honestly, though, I have a new job and I am in the process of moving so I’ve been generally neglecting this site. Apologies.

Now on to the main event: Today’s Clash is between Brooklyn (via Denton via the places the members lived before Denton, although I’m sure people get bent out of shape when they call themselves a Brooklyn band) trendies Neon Indian and popular 80s metal band Quiet Riot.

Maybe I was a little lightheaded from walking my dog around my neighborhood in the heat and humidity, but this song made me feel like I was on nitrous oxide. The band somehow perfectly mimics the sound of people’s voices and of music when you’ve been administered laughing gas or are using it recreationally (not that I have ever done that).

Now, when I was a kid I had to make frequent trips to the dentist because I have weak teeth (but I won’t go into that because this is about music). I always asked for the laughing gas because, well, why not? And I was usually listening to either John Secada or whatever other Top 40 music was playing on the radio or cassettes the dentist provided or that I brought from home. Although anything sounds cool when you’re four years old and high out of your gourd, even John Secada and especially a Care Bears adventure, this song is genuinely cool.

As anyone I’ve discussed Neon Indian with knows, I am lukewarm towards their music. But I don’t begrudge them their success because they are hardworking, savvy and charismatic. This song is the only one that has made me think, “Wow. I like this.” I’m not saying it’s incredibly original. But I probably dig it because it touches the little kid inside of me. Wait … that sounds bad. What I meant to say is that it gives me nostalgic feelings about my childhood trips to the dentist. Yes, I loved going to the dentist because dental hygiene has always been key for me. And probably also because I got high every time I went …

(Side note: Chimps are so cute!)
(Side side note: Re-reading this portion of the piece makes me realize how often I sound like a rambling old woman and/or a raving lunatic.)

Quiet Riot was a decent heavy metal band, and metal is a genre I have recently come to appreciate (some of it without irony). I also admire Randy Rhoads, because he was a talented guitarist and because we’re supposed to admire people who are knocked down in their prime or whatever*. But I couldn’t even finish this song, mainly because of Rhoads’ marathon guitar solo at the end (meaning the last two-thirds of the song). If I were on laughing gas while listening to this, I would probably end up jumping out of a window. In fact, I almost did that completely sober.

As I said, I’m not completely opposed to Quiet Riot. They have some fun songs. But “Laughing Gas” isn’t one of them. Now, there are parts I like, even the end of what seems like an hour-long solo, but other members of the band do actually play here and there and the full band comes back at the end (I skipped around to the end because I simply couldn’t listen to the entire song). Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for this song, or maybe it’s just bad.

At any rate,  Neon Indian wins this battle.

*In all seriousness, it was sad when Randy Rhoads died. I mean, I was three when it happened. But he was very young and he on the verge of becoming a superstar and his death was tragic. It was also a classic rock ‘n’ roll death, as he died in a private plane at the age of 25.

The never-ending NX35 track-by-track: Week 1

19 Feb

So here’s the deal: we’ve been fairly light on the NX35 coverage due mainly to, well, some “involvement” with the festival. In an effort to provide some level of “countdown” coverage, we are going to go through 20 tracks from 20 bands at a time every Friday until the weekend of the conferette. (For those of you who are a little slow, there are three weeks left until NX35, which means we will be sharing 60 tracks with you.) Let’s hope this helps all of you have a better understanding of the music that is quickly approaching. If you like any of the bands, check out when/where they’re playing and possibly find out more info at NX35.com. Continue reading

The Week in Music & Video: 10/26 to 11/1

29 Oct

No intro this week, just music. Enjoy.

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The Week in Music: 9/8 to 9/13

9 Sep

Slow week folks, and I didn’t have a lot of tracks to draw from so there’s going to be some videos, anyway check it out after the jump.

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Rundown: 9/8 to 9/13

8 Sep

You know what’s awesome? Putting together a massive show, keeping things semi on track, watching people enjoy themselves, then for some reason deciding to chug multiple bottles of bourbon, and then acting like an idiot. You follow that up by waking up in a strange place, and deciding “Fuck it, it was a great time.”

I don’t remember much of Saturday, what I do comes back in snap shots, like Polaroids of the moment showing me mere bits of what happened. Ces’t la vie, it was all wonderful, no matter how wild it may have gotten.

Anyway, interesting week we’ve got coming up, and you should look for one, maybe two reviews up on the site, along with an announcement, or two. Continue reading