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You should go to Hailey’s tonight.

30 Sep

The Week in Music & Video: 9/28 to 10/4

29 Sep

Hey look music and videos of what’s going on this week! You might wanna take a listen, and if you like it make it out to one of the shows, or purchase the bands work at your local Record Shop, or one of the fine online retailers.

(do to a bandwidth issue, this post has been moved.)

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The Most Serene Republic has their gear stolen

28 Sep

It’s a shame when bands lose their gear, it leads to canceled shows, disappointed fans, and terrible delays. So, I was sad to see this in my  mail box, and I figured the best I could do was pass it along.

The Most Serene Republic had an ample amount of gear stolen last night after their show at the Biltmore in Vancouver. We have included a list of what was taken along with as much information about the items as possible. Please pass this information along to anyone who you might think could be of assistance. Continue reading

Rundown: 9/29 to 10/4

28 Sep

This Trees thing annoys me. Really I hate the way it’s being heralded as the savior of Deep Ellum, despite the fact that the bar is catering to the Firewater set by bringing in bands who are sans radio play, and were popular for like a second in about 1998 (Looking directly at you Powerman 5000, and really who would have thought a Ozzfest band would take their name from a Kinks album.). Seriously, there were 4 news stations there covering it’s opening, Vanilla Ice sold out the place, and various media outlets are have continually gone ape shit with coverage of the places exploits.

The fact of the matter is what John Is does with Parade of Flesh is a thousand times more influential to the “scene” down there then anything Trees has done so far. Seriously, the man tirelessly books a wide variety of quality acts in various clubs in the area, and doesn’t get a quarter of the press that shitty bar gets, and that’s a tragedy.

I’m taking this space to thank John for the hard work, Parade of Flesh continues to book some of the top shows in the area, and it’s much appreciated.

Big week around these parts folks, take a look at the shows, and start making plans to go out.

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Andrew Tinker competes for ACL spot, needs your help

28 Sep

Andrew Tinker is on his way to playing Austin City Limits. When a fellow musician friend asked him to vote in ACL’s Sound and the Jury Contest, Tinker thought – well, I’ll enter, too. His band survived three rounds of voting and judging and now is up against four others (3 from Austin) in the final round. The last round is a free show at Antone’s where audience votes pick the winner. He’s got a chartered bus heading to Austin on Wednesday afternoon and coming back after the show that night.

Is he proud? You betcha. “I don’t know how good we are,” Tinker said. “but I know I really believe in what we’re doing. I really love this project – well duh, your name is on it.”

He met up with Day Bow Bow yesterday afternoon at Cool Beans and had a few things to say and a few things he is looking forward to saying about making it as a professional musician.

What’s your history in Denton?
I went to high school in Flower Mound, right out of high school I toured with Polyphonic Spree for a year. That started in 2000, right before my 16 birthday was the first show. (He’s 25 now)

I did that for a couple of years, the band really broke right as I got out of high school. We went on a couple of tours, did some UK stuff, and a US tour and my last deal was in Japan. We finished the second record and that’s when I came to UNT and that’s how I got into Denton. I really wanted to start meeting musicians my age and I wanted to get to write more and perform the tunes I’d been working on.

Denton has world class musicians from all over the place, and this is really my backyard. You know, I grew up in the metroplex all I had to do was come up here and start harvesting.

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Sunday Morning Coming Down: I was wrong

27 Sep

Every Sunday we’re going to have a long form multi-part article which investigates some odd piece of culture that’s been bothering one of us. this is of course one of those.

You may have noticed that this didn’t run last week, and to be honest it was due to a hangover.

I was wrong. Good god was I ever wrong. Diablo Cody is not covertly subverting genres, and turning preconceived notions on their head, no she’s simply tossing painful slang into weak stories, and laughing all the way to the bank. Fuck I can’t believe I paid money to see Juno again, and then paid to see Jennifer’s Body. I hate the vapidness of the films, I hated the painful slang, I hated “Megan Fox’s cold dead eyes, I now hate any performance by Ellen Page that doesn’t involve killing Patrick Wilson, or the Juggernaut. I just simply hate it all.

Sometimes you try to find something to write about, and you mistakenly fall for an idea you think is great, instead of one you know is great, and this was one of those. Sorry folks, the next round will be better.

Old news is still good news! Pavement 2010 tour

26 Sep

Matador Records confirmed last week that Pavement (Yes, Pavement!) is getting back together for a tour next year.

Lineup:  Mark Ibold, Scott “Spiral Stairs” Kannberg, Stephen Malkmus, Bob Nastanovich and Steve West.

Before you hyperventilate, calm down. Matador said it’s not “a prelude to additional jaunts” or a forever, permanent-type reunion, but mercy, I’m still stoked.

The first three shows sold out in minutes, but a FOURTH was added for Sept. 24, 2010, at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park. So far New York has the only dates; however, in a Rolling Stone interview, big gigs and festivals like Coachella were mentioned.

Why you should maybe make it to Grapevine this Saturday

25 Sep

I was trying to decided the best way to describe Mount Righteous’ new EP Open Your Mouth, and the best idea I could come up with was to make a quick list.

Take a quick look at this.

  • Trombone
  • Piccolo
  • Trumpet
  • Snare
  • Accordion
  • Bass Drum
  • Bells
  • Melodica
  • Sousaphone
  • Cymbals

It’s like a polka band on crack, and it’s amazing. Really, I mean it, this EP is 5 songs of pure undiluted joy put in CD form.

Lacking any guitar, or bass the innovative EP features songs that  jump around enthusiastically citing  subject manner as esoteric as forming a band, to the elation over the freedom a vehicle gives you. I compare the experience of listening to this to my first listening of  Architecture in Helsinki’s In Case We Die, fun, load, and causing the windows to be down in my car.

You should Attempt to make it out to Zuroma’s in Grapevine to pick this up (I heard rumors it comes with a free pin, and stickers galore), and catch quality music from Hard Times, The County Lines and The English  Ram-a-Band.

Monotonix: What you see (on Youtube) is what you get.

25 Sep

For relentlessly  touring for so long, Monotonix is never short on energy. However, their shenanigans are… to say the least… the same old song and dance.

After scraping together the steep $15 cover Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios charged and managing not to catch H1N1 at a time like this, I thought surely we’d be in for a surprise. A reward of sorts. A good drink special, perhaps?

By the look of all the sweaty hair and the smell of B.O. wafting through the 250 occupancy room, clearly the crowd enjoyed itself. If they remember from the NX35 show in March at Hailey’s, I’m almost 100 percent positive the band opened with the same song (“Ride“) and come to think of it, the entire set seemed a little too familiar.

Monotonix is a fun band. Three guys tired of the Tel Aviv police busting up their shows came to the States, figured out a routine that worked, and consequently, stuck to it… Almost religiously.

Their music is nothing short of shocking — think 80s metal crossed with Satan and full moons (of the ass variety). However, Monotonix is a show band. Sound last night: Not so good. But I suppose you don’t go to Rubber Gloves expecting album-quality balance. And really, who was listening anyway?

I’d say Monotonix like having sex with a Prince Albert-donning, tattoo-riddled guy: Fun for one night, but afterwards it’s kind of like — okay, been there, done that.

Would I see them again? Probably not. But if you haven’t seen them before, it’s definitely a good time… Monotonix is booked at Emo’s in Austin tonight.

(video taken from the Gutterth youtube page.)

The Low Anthem & Noah and The Whale do The Beatles

24 Sep

Offering a free compilation of songs is a frequent sales gimmick of many a music magazine these days, the thought being not only do readers get to learn of new bands by reading, they also get a sampling of many of the bands. Well it seems this is the year of covers with Spin offering a Purple Rain cover album for free, and Mojo offering on of Abby Road. Now, the less said about the Purple Rain covers the better (it should be known that I am an insane Prince fan), but the Abby Road disc offered a very interesting take from band that will be making it through the area very soon. Continue reading