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ACL Friday

2 Oct
by Jaime-Paul Falcon

These were originally supposed to be longer pieces going in depth on who to see at what times, but it being a down year for the fest (the nightly closers are pretty terrible), combined with the fact that none of us are going we decided to just giving you highlights from each day.

Who to catch:

The Low Anthem

My love for this band is well known, so all I can say is they play an early slot, and would be a wonderful way to start your day.

The Low Anthem- To Ohio

School of Seven Bells

You’re going to read over and over about how Ben Curtis was once in another band, and how his new project isn’t so much a departure from the band, as a reinvigoration of the sound. Truth be told the new direction pays off as SoSB attacks you with lush walls of sound that are both all-consuming, and endearing.

School of Seven Bells- Iamundernodisguise (alternate version)

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Andrew Tinker competes for ACL spot, needs your help

28 Sep

Andrew Tinker is on his way to playing Austin City Limits. When a fellow musician friend asked him to vote in ACL’s Sound and the Jury Contest, Tinker thought – well, I’ll enter, too. His band survived three rounds of voting and judging and now is up against four others (3 from Austin) in the final round. The last round is a free show at Antone’s where audience votes pick the winner. He’s got a chartered bus heading to Austin on Wednesday afternoon and coming back after the show that night.

Is he proud? You betcha. “I don’t know how good we are,” Tinker said. “but I know I really believe in what we’re doing. I really love this project – well duh, your name is on it.”

He met up with Day Bow Bow yesterday afternoon at Cool Beans and had a few things to say and a few things he is looking forward to saying about making it as a professional musician.

What’s your history in Denton?
I went to high school in Flower Mound, right out of high school I toured with Polyphonic Spree for a year. That started in 2000, right before my 16 birthday was the first show. (He’s 25 now)

I did that for a couple of years, the band really broke right as I got out of high school. We went on a couple of tours, did some UK stuff, and a US tour and my last deal was in Japan. We finished the second record and that’s when I came to UNT and that’s how I got into Denton. I really wanted to start meeting musicians my age and I wanted to get to write more and perform the tunes I’d been working on.

Denton has world class musicians from all over the place, and this is really my backyard. You know, I grew up in the metroplex all I had to do was come up here and start harvesting.

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ACL Lineup

28 Apr

I’ll give some commentary a little later on, full lineup after the cut.

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