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3 Nov

So we’ve got a show on Thursday

14 Oct

We love Parata, and Hard Times, really it would be hard for us to find better combo of Denton bands. They’re supported by Ohio act The Most Beautiful Losers, who are currently on tour, please come out and support all three bands, well have some freebies, and surprises for you.

Announcing the First DayBowBow Presents show in Houston

28 May

This one is all our Art Director Blaire Grady‘s doing. She did the work, she got the posters made, and she’s getting the word out.

I cannot express how much I appreciate her hard work, and dedication. I only wish I could actually make this show.

Rundown: 5/25 to 5/31

25 May

Having a last.fm page makes me self conscious.  I took a look at my page today, and noticed that the songs they list as my top tracks are mostly music  I never listen to.They just pop up a lot because I keep my itunes set on random, unless I’m reviewing an album. So, while yes I do listen to The Beatles quite a bit, I rarely listen to CYHSY, and that Killers’ track they did with Lou Reed is my own personal enemy, it constantly pops up out of nowhere to annoy the fuck out of me. I wish they monitored your plays based on if you finished the song, not just if it came on.

Anyway, we have a show this week if you haven’t noticed, and though I’m going to be incessantly talking about it there are a few other things going on this week you should check out. Continue reading

Announcing the second DayBowBow Presents show

20 May

Thursday, May 28th at the Lounge on Elm St. we have Quick nominee Matthew & the Arrogant Sea headlining what we hope to be a pretty big show. This Old House, Western Giants and Kirby Brown are set to open, and if you pay any attention to this site, you know how deeply we feel about these bands. It’s $5 for you people that can drink, and $10 for those of you who aren’t old enough to.

We’d appreciate it if you guys come out, and have a good time with us. And, as per usual, my find me and get a beer policy is going to be in affect.

Announcing the first DayBowBow presents show

12 May

Thursday, May 21st we’re presenting Parata, St. Philistine and Western Giants at J&J’s Pizza in Denton. The show is of course Free, and we would appreciate it if you guys came out for what I guarantee to be a good evening.

Oh, and if you find me there, I’ll most likely buy you a beer.