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Pictures!: Smile Smile at the Granada Theater

9 Dec

So the other night our intern really wanted to see Bowling for Soup, and instead of being mean I said yeah she could go, but only if she made sure to catch Smile Smile . Turns out she went a little head-over-heels for the band, and now we have a bunch of photos for you. Enjoy.

Like? Hate? email Katie and let her know.

Live Review: The Mountain Goats at the Granada 11/19/2009

23 Nov

The Mountain Goats

By Jesseca Bagherpour

Thursday night began with a manic rush from the DayBowBow meeting at Sweetwater in Denton to The Mountain Goats show at the Granada in Dallas. I probably pushed my Cutlass Ciera a bit too hard because I didn’t want to miss seeing Final Fantasy (aka Owen Pallett) once again. He played at Hailey’s in 2007, but I couldn’t go because I was sick and I was determined to catch at least half of his set this time. But unless he only played four songs, I didn’t meet that goal. I didn’t count on the Granada being packed, leaving the spots in the neighborhood where I normally park completely full (I eventually parked in front of Buffalo Exchange, which I assume was all right since they were closed and my car was still there when the show ended).

When I finally walked into the auditorium of the Granada, I could tell the end of Final Fantasy’s set was drawing near. I had a ticket for one of the seated sections, but I stayed glued to the back wall during those two last precious songs(not counting the five he played with the Mountain Goats). For 10 glorious minutes I got to witness Pallett’s brilliance. My eyes never left the stage and the serene smile never left my face as he played “This Lamb Sells Condos” and “Lewis Takes Off His Shirt”. The violin loops and accompanying vocals (I’ve tried to find who is backing him on this tour, but I’m still not certain) sounded perfect. Although not everyone in the audience was impressed, most people were. I hope I get another chance to see him live, because I’m sure a full Final Fantasy set is incredible.

When I finally found my seat, I had a few minutes to relax before The Mountain Goats played. Having never seen the band live, I had no idea what to expect. I thought I was in for a relaxed, low-key evening, which I would have welcomed after the stress of my drive. I thought I would simply watch in rapt attention as the band played, like I did with Pallett. I thought wrong. And I realized it the second the Mountain Goats ran out on stage, Shellac blasting, the audience screaming and applauding. The band was clearly fired up to perform. Continue reading

Giveaway: Blindpilot and The Low Anthem at the Granada Theater

28 Oct

Tonight The Granada plays host to two excellent Americana acts with the excellent Low Anthem hitting the stage in support of headliners Blindpilot.

You all know how much those of us on this site love The Low Anthem, we’ve done an interview, mini album review, and pretty much praised them non stop since catching them at NX35 last year, and believe me their live act is something to catch in person.

Portland’s Blindpilot has been riding a wave of praise over their latest album 3 Rounds and a Sound, which has been called the perfect  folk record as done by the Shins. Not exactly sure what that means, but I dig the music.


Those of you wanting to catch the bands are in luck, thanks to the fine folks from The Granada we’re giving away a set of tickets to tonight’s show. You just have to email us at giveaways@daybowbow.net, and we will randomly select one winner from the list of emails we get. contest ends at 3.

Happy Anniversery Granada Theatre

21 Aug

seriously it may just be the best venue in the state do to it’s great atmosphere and top notch booking. They’re having a little shindig tonight with Slobberbone, Danny Balis and Macon Greyson, a line up that perfectly fits what the place stands for. You should try to make it out there tonight for the party, and show your appreciation for a hard working venue.

Rundown: 4/13 to 4/19

13 Apr

Sorry this is late, I had kind of a busy day so something had to wait, and this was it. Anyway, it’s going to be a hell of a week in the metroplex, shows galore, and honestly you have no excuse for not going out at least a couple of times this week.

We’re gonna have a few things for you this week, show photos, a couple of interviews, Record Store Day stuff and hopefully it’ll actually all make it on here. Continue reading

Rundown: 3/30 to 4/5

30 Mar

Here’s the deal for the week kids this is going to be short and sweet, his week you’re getting an album review, a movie review, and an in depth look at Mr. Leonard Cohen. Continue reading

Rundown: 3/25 to 3/29

24 Mar

Well kids its been an pretty damn great month so far in the DFW area what with NX35, diy X diy, SXSFLESH, and SXSW spill over all happening in the last two weeks. This week really isn’t much of a drop off, check it out under the cut. Continue reading