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Rundown: 8/31/10

31 Aug presents: Oh Lewis/ On After Dark/ We Are Brothers/ No Heroes @ RGRS

This is the real kick of for free week, and though the site’s name is brilliant, I’m pretty sure Shep doesn’t actually love Beiber.

Parade of Flesh presents: Titus Andronicus / Soft Environmental Collapse / The Bizaro Kids @ Sons of Hermann Hall

Pretty much if you miss this show, your missing out on the best thing happening this week.

This is Awesome: OK Go’s Damian Kulash lays down what Net Neutrality means to music

31 Aug

In sunday’s Washington Post, OK Go frontman Damian Kulash laid down what Net Neutality means for not just the music industry, but for all of us. Basically, we need to protect this wonderful thing and keep it from money-grubbing assholes who are looking to exploit the Internet for their own means, and, well you just gotta love this money quote:

Both as a musician and as a music fan, I’ve always wanted to see the best and most exciting musical ideas rise to the top. But we all know the story of the music business: Success is bought more often than earned. Smart money looks for low risks, so the safest, blandest music attracts the most investment, and only the safest, blandest music makes it to the airwaves and the shelves at Wal-Mart. Creative, innovative artists toil in obscurity, the public is fed rubbish, and, for decades, the industry contentedly made its way to the bank.

Music is subjective, of course, so you don’t have to agree with my assessment of what’s innovative and what’s trash. But business is less so, and the past decade of the music industry is as clear an example as you can find of what happens when the depth of pockets, not the quality of ideas, is the arbiter of success. It’s been like a corporate version of the Three Stooges: absurd flailing, spectacular myopia and willful ignorance of reality. Now that the big record companies have made themselves obsolete, bands such as mine can make a better living without their help than we can with it.

Right on sir, we’re wholly with you … and we like your choice of dress, and dance moves.

(H/T Move On)

Track of the Day: Giggle Party – Get Your Finger Wet

31 Aug
(Note: Due to the sheer number of submissions we receive, there is no way we can give each and every album the attention–and word count–it deserves, but we can devote time to at least one song from each. So we started this feature to give worthy bands and their music a spot to shine. We hope this helps you discover new and exciting acts, and as always if you enjoy the music please make an attempt to support the artists by either attending a show or buying a record.)
We’ve long been Giggle Party fans around here (hell I even filmed most of their last shows in the area in an attempt to cobble together a video history of Dallas’ best cupcake slingers) so when we got news the band was posting a mastered version of their forthcoming album’s titular track, we couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you.

Verdict: This is everything we love about GP’s music and more, as the band has taken on a brighter sheen to their production and provided the listener with something that begs to be blasted at those end of the summer parties. Listen, we’ve heard the final product of the album, and we can say that this is just a taste of what promises to be one of the better releases from a band we’ve worked with. In other words: Giggelos, get your 40s ready.

Rundown: 8/30/10

30 Aug

FREE WEEK KICK OFF PARTY featuring Cheddy Tenderson’s Cheddyoke (live band karaoke) & Singles Going Steady @ RGRS

This kicks off RGRS’ free week, which is pretty much the best thing done in the area to kick off the school year. Needless to say, if you live in Denton, this is what you’re doing all week.

Track of the Day: Best Coast – When I’m With You

30 Aug

This is Awesome: Ripley’s Alien stomping shoes are available for your Halloween costume

30 Aug

With this being our third “shoe” post in 6 days we’re afraid we’re quickly becoming a site for shoe news, but this little number was too awesome to pass up.

Seems Reebok is following in the “footsteps” of Nike (oh man foot humor is a hard road to walk) and offering up a pair of shoes from another 80’s classic as you can now buy a pair of Ripley’s Space Marine issue Reebok’s and go off to fight Evil Phallic Symbols, while the guy from Mad About You plots to stab you in the back.

We hope this trend continues and we get some Jack Burton boots put out by Roper.

(Images & H/T to the fine folks of I09)

Rundown: 8/27 – 8/28

27 Aug


Kashioboy / Peopleodian / Museum Creatures @ The Nightmare

Ringo Deathstarr / Sundress / Sans Soleil @ Dan’s

The new Ringo Deathstarr stuff is out of this world, you need to make it to this show.

Spooky Folk / The Angelus / Kingdom of Suicide Lovers / Diamond Age @ RGRS


Gutterth presents:  Drug Mountain / Dust Congress / Daniel Francis Doyle / Drink to Victory @ RGRS

So long to Drug Mountain, so sad to see them go.

Stymie / No Heroes / Sour Mash / Genius Party / Prognosis Negative / High Anxieties @ Little Guys Movers

Florene / Missions / Cygnus @ The Cavern

Spune Ice Cream Social 2010: Telegraph Canyon / Spooky Folk / Monahans / Final Club / Old Snack / Baruch the Scribe / Goldilocks & The Rock / Land Mammals / DJ Five Easy Pieces  @ Hailey’s

Ice cream, yo.