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Rundown: 2/16/11

16 Feb

Death Angel / Lazarus A.D. / Early Man / Bonded by Blood / Hexen @ Trees

Blogosphere: Pearl Snap Discount presents Pale Horse / Manned Missiles / Soviet @ Club Dada

Thin Line Film Fest: The Anatomy of Vince Guaraldi

Thin Line Film Fest: The Big Uneasy

Dance+Drinks+Dominos with Gavin G & Oleg B @ RGRS

Brent Best / Danny Baylis / Chad Stockslager / Dave Little @ Dan’s

Rundown: 12/14/10

14 Dec


Singles Going Steady @ RGRS

Mini Mansions / Man Factory / New Fumes @ The Cavern

D Magazine presents:  Cinema Paradiso @ The Texas Theater


This is Awesome: Bing and Bowie do Christmas songs, well with a bit of a twist

14 Dec

That video up there is the original, this will take you to the remake. You gotta say one thing for Funny, or Die, they’re not afraid to get really out there.

Rundown: 12/9/10

9 Dec

Kampfgrounds/Final Club/Geistheistler/A Smile Full of Ale @ RGRS

Also brought to you by DOOM.

Free Screening of Breathless @ The Hydrant

Doug Burr & Glen Farris Perform The Shawl @ A Church


This is Awesome: Mel Gibson’s new best friend is a Beaver

6 Dec


As you can see in the Frightened Rabbit soundtracked trailer above Mel Gibson is back from his voicemail vacation to give us a heartwarming comedy that features him talking through a Beaver puppet, no word yet on whether or not the Beaver is secretly stealing from him, or if Jody Foster will be forced to blow him.

Twitter Movie Review: The Black Swan

6 Dec

“While The Black Swan was a great retelling of the tale, it felt like the sex scenes were plotted by a 15 yr old.”


Track of the Day: Randy Newman – I Love LA

29 Nov


RIP Leslie we loved your work.