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Update: Sunday is no longer a day of rest.

28 Feb

Turns out San Deigo’s Delta Spirit is playing The Pontiac Garage at the House of Blues Dallas with Other Lives and Dawes. Decent line up for that venue, and there should be white people galore. 12 bucks if it’s your type of thing.

Delta Spirt – Give me some motion

And, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it at least three times now,  if you like the music support the artist and go to Amazon, emusic, or fire up itunes and purchase the album. Thank you Stereogum for the tips.

And, I was so looking forward to starting

27 Feb

So about two months ago there was a Saturday night, and there was absolutely nothing going on, my friends weren’t doing anything, there was no show to go to, the girl was out of town, and there were no movies out that I wanted to spend 8 bucks on. So, having a few months before hand canceled my netflix, and with there being nothing on cable I decided to head down to the local Blockbuster Video to pick up a couple of movies, because a) it’s right down from my house, and b) Blockbuster was trying to change their image you know, no more late fees! We carry blu-ray! More candy then you could ever need!

So, yeah I bought into it, and would occasionally pick up a video from time to time. Well, sometime in January I returned a few movies late, they didn’t mention it to me, so I rented some more, which I then turned in late. Listen, life happens video return falls down the list of priorities, but hey no late fees right?

Well it seems that statement is utterly false, when checking my bank account last night I noticed a charge of $83 courtesy of Blockbuster.

charge on reciept

charge on reciept

So I go to my local store, ask why these charges are on my account, and surprisingly enough it turns out that one of my movies was not checked in, yet found it’s way to the shelf. Now the manager on duty was entirely helpful, going through my receipt line by line, and explaining what was going on with each charge, he also explained that he didn’t have the power to do anything about it. Now, I didn’t want to trouble the guy, he works a job like the rest of us, he can only do what the company will allow him to do, with this in mind I asked him to give me the cooperate number, the movies which according to Blockbuster I now own, and my receipt. When I get to my house I look over my receipt and notice something very interesting, on the back of the receipt in highlighted print it reads.

Rental Policy on receipt

Rental Policy on receipt

And, there was my hook. I called customer service only to find out that they were in operation only from 8 to 8 central time so I would have to wait. In the morning when I called at around 9 a.m. I spent 20 minutes on hold only to find out that nothing can be done because the store doesn’t open till 10 a.m., the lady in CS offered to have the District manager call me when he could.

So I decided to be proactive, I contacted my bank to challenge the charge they obliged (customer service at it’s finest) and went on my merry way to work. Once at work I received a phone call form the district manager which was less then cordial. I read their own policy to him, he said they changed that, I informed him I was never notified, and it wasn’t on the receipt Which is a legally binding contract between me and the business he kept disputing my claims until I said the following…
“if these charges are not taken off, and you do not interact the policies stated on your receipt I will contact the better business bureau, the ACLU, the three local television stations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, and follow up on emails that I sent to reputable consumer watch websites”

He responded with a charge that I threatening him even though he was going to help me, I let him know that I was just stating what my next course of action would have to be if it was not settled,, and after a few tense minutes he agreed to remove my charges with the knowledge that their policy has changed and any future charges would not be disputable.  So, I’m taking their movies back tonight, my account is already fixed, and I’m destroying my Blockbuster card, it’s nice to see in a time of economic unrest they care so much about the consumer.


Turns out it was some helpless store manager I got into it with, poor guy had the duty passed on to him by the heartless district manager, money returned, they have their movies back, and my membership is canceled. Beware.

Breakdown: The Ars Supernova Saturday, February 28th at The Door in Dallas.

27 Feb

ed. Once a week an in-depth breakdown of an upcoming show, album, band, film, art event will be published on this site. Hopefully on Thursdays or Fridays, it all depends on how lazy the writer is being.

Honestly I promised myself I wouldn’t make the first of these a gigantic “slag the fuck out of a band” piece, but I read these people’s myspace profile, and I couldn’t resist. Seriously, take a look at this.

“The Ars Supernova begins with a rock band. It continues as the group defies the mainstream sound and sculpts a form of rock with powerful, soul vocals. The composition echoes the work of Vince DiCola, Dream Theater or even classical influences while hints of artists like Queen and John Legend surround the style. If it isn’t the poetic vocals taking the lead, it’s the harmonizing guitar and violin, or the groove of the rhythm section acting to move the song along with the emotion of the story being told.”

For real? I mean these guys seriously fucking posted that, and expect people to take them at face value? I’m not even going to bother to anaylze this, because you’re not idiots, you can fully tell why that’s the most/least pretentious write up of all time. Do people actually listen to those bands?

It makes things all the better that their pull-quotes on their site that praise them, all come from writers featured in their top friends. Listen, i admit I hold a bit of a hatred from this band, steaming from the fact that a close friend of mine has alerted me to their shenanigans (like spending 150,00 of their parents money to finance a video) and i cannot abide the fact that they think they’re getting away with this shit.

Now as to their show on Saturday, a CD realese party that’s occuring here in Dallas, that happens to be their 3rd such show in the past month for a vanity project that has obvious puffed up reviews on itunes. In fact it seems the only legit review on there is rather inflamatory of their work. Here have a look.

“Representing the absolute worst of the fringes of Top 40 radio The Ars Supernova’s Lumina ascends to the highest level of mediocrity, and that’s not even scratching the surface of how bad this is. The bands instrumentals are sonically middling at best, while it’s lyrics bridge the gap from terribly stock to headache inducing normality. As you delve further into the album you come to realize that the band is less concerned with finding an artistic voice, and more interested in becoming an amalgam of the lowest common denominators in hopes of hooking themselves to a sound that will have a relevance to the masses of unadventurous listeners who use the radio as nothing more then filler for the silence that they unabashedly deserve. This isn’t so much music, as it is a Target esq 4th generation regurgitation of a style whose season has long since passed. Honestly,  this is what happens when kids with two much money decide to take a hobby a bit too seriously. Save your money or invest in a Now That’s What I Call Music collection, at least those bands only rip themselves off. Rating, Faux Yellowcard.”

That review isn’t harsh enough, imagine if The Fray and some other insipid band had terrible, terrible sex, that wouldn’t even be what this is.  These people will get no links from me, they don’t deserve your time, or money. Really the only reason to go see their show would be to heckle them for being so terrible. I’m not joking when i say this could be the worst band in the world.

Jesus Christ Ron Howard knows how to party.

27 Feb

Nice to see Hype Wlliams still has work.

Also, NPR is streaming Neko Case’s Middle Cyclone for free.

Jesus Christ

Oh yeah, Rachel Ray strikes again. This years wtf SXSW showcase features:

the Hold Steady, the New York Dolls , Bob Schneider, the Airborne Toxic Event, Ra Ra Riot, Semi Precious Weapons, the Cringe, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, the Thermals and John Pringle.

The Hold Steady- Killer Parties

And finally, it turns out MGMT is sueing the French President for having the same taste as a 16 year old girl.

Folks as always if you like the music support the artist and go to Amazon, emusic, or fire up itunes and purchase the album. Thank you Stereogum for the tips.

Just wanted to share this…

26 Feb

I’ve been listening to the bonus part of the latest Andrew Bird album Noble Beast, the instrumental album is titled Useless Creatures and it’s kind of breath taking. Selections are below.

Andrew Bird- Master Sigh

Andrew Bird- You woke me up

Andrew Bird- Carrion Suite

Andrew Bird- Hot math

Folks as always if you likethe music support the artist and go to Amazon, emusic, or fire up itunes and purchase the album.

Kucinich begots Kenneth the Page who begots Jindal

25 Feb

Let’s do the math



Let’s talk about sex.

25 Feb

Those of you who care have heard the story of how national treasure Charles Barkley was caught driving under the influence, now why would someone with designs on being a governor do something so irresponsible? Well take a look at tmz’s statement received from the arresting officer Continue reading