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Rundown: 11/30/10

30 Nov

I decided to take over the Rundown today because I’m extremely excited about Blonde Redhead. I saw them at The Granada three years ago and it was nothing short of magical. Until that point, I’d never seen the venue so packed.

There’s other stuff going on, sort of, but if you can make it to Dallas/you live in Dallas, then that’s the show to catch. Tickets are between $24 and $39, and well worth the cost.

Blonde Redhead / Olof Arnalds @ The Granada

Andrew Tinker / Paul Slavens @ Dan’s

It’s been a long time since Paul Slavens has played a show at our most beloved Denton venue, and apparently this show will be on Charter Access 25 for all the shut-ins and cheapskates who won’t pony up the $5. I won’t make a comment on Andrew Tinker because I think Jaime said enough a few months back …

Rundown: 8/18

18 Aug

Western Giants/Dignan/The Young Maths/Babar @ Dan’s

Summer’s almost over. How many more times can you go out on a Wednesday night without worrying about having a hangover during class? This show would probably be worth it anyway, but I’m just sayin’ …

P.S. Western Giants will be playing new tunes and offering up jars of its very own salsa at the merch table!

Rundown: 8/11

11 Aug

Happy Birthday, Granada!

There’s a lot of excitement going on for a Wednesday night. I love summertime … except for the heat … and the mosquitoes … and the schoolchildren crowding me everywhere I go …

Anyway, here are my top picks for tonight.

Granada’s 6th Anniversary Party w/ Built to Spill/Finn Riggins/Telegraph Canyon

The Granada has been one of my favorite venues in DFW since the first time I went there to see two of my favorite bands, Belle and Sebastian and the New Pornographers, back in 2005. It’s a gorgeous venue with a great setup and sound system. I’ve been to many memorable concerts there, most of them with people I cared about deeply, so I’m gladly braving the trek to Dallas celebrate the 6th anniversary of its revamping. Getting to see Built to Spill for the first time doesn’t hurt either.

Weekly Tape Deck Presents: Sundress/Naomi Punk/Masters & Johnson @ Dan’s

We love Weekly Tape Deck. We love Sundress. We love Dan’s. Dentonites who can’t make it to Dallas/afford the BTS tickets should go to this show. Oh, and it’s Ryan E.’s (of WTD) birthday, so buy him a shot and give him a hug from us!

Cyndi Lauper w/ David Rhodes @ House of Blues

If Built to Spill weren’t playing tonight, this is would be my pick for Dallas shows.

There is so much to do on Saturday, and this is why you should do it all

16 Apr

Man, I love Record Store Day. It has something to do with my love of in-stores, specials and parties. So when I found out that not only are we getting the usual Good Records fair (seriously it’s a pretty solid lineup), but a free outdoor show in Denton featuring some of the better local acts around and discounts on vinyl at Recycled Books and Records, I had to at least post the fliers.

Listen: this site, and others like it, exist because of these artists and stores, and you really should make an effort to go out and support not just the stores and the artists, but what is an important part of our culture. So, go out and catch some music, buy some records and make the drive to both events. You might catch something you haven’t seen before. And you may just love it.

Matthew Gray explains why you need to see Half-Handed Cloud on Thursday

3 Nov

Not knowing what exactly Half-Handed Cloud was, had been bothering me for a few weeks, so I found myself turning to the one man I knew who could give me the lowdown on the band before their show this Thursday. What follows is Matthew Gray‘s (MATAS, Matthew Gray, etc., etc.) thoughts on the Asthmatic Kitty band. Continue reading

Rundown: 7/7 to 7/12

7 Jul

The issue of doing most of the writing for this site is when something comes up I don’t really have anyone to fall back on to get post up, and I’m forced to through random shit up via my phone. Anyway, we’ve got a fairly decent week capped by a free show we’re throwing, and a that little bit of breaking news we had for you on Sunday. Continue reading

Rundown: 4/6 to 4/12

6 Apr

Ah Opening Day I love you, I don’t want to do anything, just stay home and watch grown men get paid to hit a little ball into play, with the outside chance of seeing it actually leave the field of play. Boring? Yes. Awesome? Sometimes. An excuse to drink at noon on a Monday? Yes, but I never really need an excuse for that. I bring this up because baseball is a signal of summertime, which to me means the summer tours are coming, and much like today’s games signal the beginning of what seems like a never ending season, this weeks round of shows feel like a signal of what is ahead in the coming months. Continue reading

Rundown: 3/30 to 4/5

30 Mar

Here’s the deal for the week kids this is going to be short and sweet, his week you’re getting an album review, a movie review, and an in depth look at Mr. Leonard Cohen. Continue reading

Breakdown: NX35

9 Mar

Get ready North Texas it’s music festival time! Or, an approximation of music festival time. Yes the next two weeks  are SXSW spill over weeks, where in bands who normally wouldn’t make it through here make it a point to stop by hock some merch, and play some local shows. Well in the grand tradition of NXSW we get NX35. Here’s a breakdown, but first some ambiance music.

David Bowie- Memory of a Free Festival

Continue reading

Rundown 3/2 to 3/8

2 Mar

Writing this later then I intended to, but got caught up watching David Byrne on the Colbert Report.

(will put video up when able to)

Tuesday has Brightblack Morning Light playing a bean bag party in-store at Good Records, while RTB2 is with Daniel Forlmer and Atlanta’s Visitations at Dan’s in Denton.

Wednesday has TVYJK and Teenage Cool kids at The Cavern.

On Thursday Eaton Lake Tonics are at the Blue Grotto in FT. Worth.

Dr. Doom vs. Dr. Octagon are at the Loft on Friday.

Saturday Matt & Kim are with Cut Copy at the Granada.

Sunday=day of rest