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This Twilight thing is getting a little out of control

13 Oct

I have sort of a morbid curiosity towards the pop cultural mammoth that is Twilight. Honestly I’m not sure why, maybe it’s my affinity for gigantic overbearing phenomenons that lead to legions of girls losing their shit for no apparent reason, but this is getting a little out of hand. I’ve seen writers I respect attacked for not thinking things linked to it aren’t the GREATESTTHINGEVER, and it’s unsettling the way they’ve manged to make it such a cash cow.

Case in point, almost every girl I know considers it a guilty pleasure, because “it’s so silly”,and they have to watch it and make fun of it. Preferably with a group of other girls, over drinks, and no men within 3 miles of the room. (This is my favorite girl excuse for liking something terrible, they seem to think it’s perfectly ok to try and pass this lie off, and that we don’t see right through it. They also do this with Gossip Girl, E!, MTV shows, the music in the Top 40 and Tyra Banks.) The hoopla even led to a  Dallas held convention, brilliantly named Twi-Con, that charged upwards of $150 dollars, so attendees could hobnob with movie star look-a-likes, and the hand model from the books. Really that’s an offensively gross money grab, that makes the Oklahoma land grab deals look quaint.
(Though  it led to a great writing day for us where we made up fake Con panels and posted them to Twitter throughout the day. My personal favorite was “So you’re a guy, and you read Twilight: Why your father can’t look you in the eye.”)

The pandemonium surrounding it has even lead to a soundtrack that many are saying has the potential to be the album of the year. Ridiculous right? Well, a glance at the track list reads like a who’s who of indie rock, seriously take a look. Continue reading

How about some free music?

27 Aug

We’re back, or I’m back whichever sounds better. Anyway the site is back up, and we’re going to round back into pre-computer breaking form next week. So this week inleu of rundowns, or music from people playing locally we’ll be offering up some music that I’ve personally rediscovered, along with spotlights on a couple choice shows. Thanks for sticking with us. Continue reading

DayBowBow Summer Mix disc 2 side A

17 Jul

To often I find myself coming under fire for my dismissive attitude towards what passes for hip hop these days, and as my usual defense I comment that as someone raised around R&B, Soul and Funk I cannot in good conscious recognize the bastardization of a once great art form. Now, that does not mean that I find everything terrible, I do have a love for riding at night in a packed car, as a driving beat pushes us further into the night. Anyway, you can find the zip here, the track list, and some sample tracks (with commentary) below. Continue reading

Interview: This Old House

1 May

Earlier in the month I was sitting around Denton trying to find something to do, when I noticed NTX Showlist had a show listed at The Hydrant Cafe. that featured a band named This Old House. Intrigued by the name I took sometime to search out the band, and after a little searching I managed to track down their myspace. To put it mildly I was blown away, this is what “Texas Stargaze” is supposed to sound like. So, I walked down to the venue saw I had no chance of getting in, and decided to try and catch up with the band at a later point. The problem was I didn’t count on having the music stick with me the way it did, so I set up an interview with the guys (Ryan McAdams, Drew McCary, Kennon Talley and Micheal Allison) a few weeks later. After spending a little time discussing the stray dog they took in named Norm, we sat down for a few questions. Continue reading

Record Store Day pickups

22 Apr

So, Saturday was Record Store Day which if you’ve been reading you knew meant free shows, exclusive records and if you were lucky free beer. I found myself determined to make the most of the day, and  after what seemed like forever a friend of mine made it up from Austin, and we made our way to Good Records for their second annual birthday party/RSD celebration.

When we got there it was fucking packed with a literal who’s who of local talent everybody from people on the bill, to various local music bigs like store owner Tim Delaughter, and as per usual a ton of kids (something about Good Records brings out the hip parents in number, when we were walking up we shared the sidewalk with a mother of 4 who had at least 2 dozen tattoos) anyway once we first paid our 5 bucks for a cup we quickly chugged a beer, refilled, and then ran inside to pick through the limited edition RSD special releases.

After about 20 minutes of looking, and dealing with the lost opportunity to score the Neil Young box set. I decided to continue my weird My Morning Jacket vinyl obsession and picked up Celebration De La Ciudad Natal, and one of the guys working the counter managed to talk me into the Black Kids, Pitchfork approved, Wizard of Ahhhs EP. While my buddy, dead set on dropping at least a $100, picked up the Bob Dylan single, The Gaslight Anthem live EP, the Grizzly Bear live 7 inch and the OH MY GOD this is awesome limited edition This LP Crashes Hard Drive vinyl.

After a few hours spent drinking way too much, and talking to the St. Philistine guys, we ended up in some weird adventure that resulted in us rescuing a dog, and eventually helping the Good Records guys set upsome gear in the vacant bar next door, because someone (I’m just assuming it was this guy) kept calling in noise complaints. Anyway, after getting our fill of drink, records and sun we decided to take off for Denton to catch the Record Hop/RTB2 show.

All the day was a success, Good Records was packed, the bands were great, we found some quality purchases, and that night RTB2 and Record Hop blew us the fuck away. (Fun side note of a story, I talked to Ryan Thomas Becker of RTB2 after his set  that night, and mentioned how I saw him earlier at the RSD festivaties, when he let me know what he got he proved he’s infiantly cooler then I am.)

My Morning Jacket- Highley Suspecious (live from Celebration De La Ciudad Natal)

My Morning Jacket- Evil Urges (live from Celebration De La Ciudad Natal)

Review: Andrew Bird at The Granada Theatre 3/22/09

23 Mar

After I heard Wavves was canceling at SXSFLESH I decided to not scalp my Andrew Bird tickets and catch the man’s show, despite what was sure to be a rather insane crowd. Continue reading