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Jesseca’s Fun Fun Fun Fest Recap

12 Nov

Fun Fun Fun Fest is always a crazy time, and this year was no exception. In fact, it was crazier in some regards this year than last year. I found myself running around like a mad woman trying to see all the bands I wanted to and getting interviews, as well as spending time with my friends who didn’t have backstage access (and others who weren’t at the fest). This year’s recap is a lot more succinct than last year’s. I’ve listed the bands (and novelty acts) I saw and a brief (or not so brief) take on their performance.


The Apples in Stereo

The set was very short, which may have been why it also seemed to lack a lot of heart and power. Rob said they were all here from another planet to rock us, but it didn’t feel that way. This was my first time seeing them and I’d been waiting for a while, so I was utterly disappointed.

Chris Hardwick

I was also looking forward to seeing Chris Hardwick, but he kind of bombed. He wasn’t getting a lot of audience feedback, which probably affected his performance. He also went for too much crude, cheap humor (which means a lot coming from me). Seriously, I love a good dick joke as much as the next guy. But tossing around the word “dick” does not automatically make a joke funny.

Weird Al

This was one of the most exciting performances of the fest, and one of the best I’ve ever seen. And as much fun as I thought it would be to see Weird Al, I didn’t realize how captivating it would be. There were times when I thought I couldn’t take any more Weird Al, but he always reeled me back in. He is a true showman who went through more songs and costume changes than any band I’ve seen. As I said after his set, since James Brown died Weird Al is the hardest working man in showbusiness.


Devin the Dude

Devin was going before I made it in to the fest because of a late night and subsequent late lunch and arrival. But I could hear him from the street, and what I heard was awesome. I wish I’d seen his set.

Anarchy Championship Wrestling

My boyfriend made me go to this. I felt like I lost several IQ points after I watched about 15 minutes of it. But I can still see the appeal, I guess. I think it’s supposed to be a way for hipsters and punks to “ironically” enjoy wrestling.

Slick Rick

I have to say, Slick Rick seemed to have just come to the fest for a paycheck. The set (or what I could stand to watch of it) felt like watching a bad Slick Rick impersonator. He didn’t even slide on his eye patch until right before he got on stage. But he was wearing about 500 lbs. of bling and it was still pretty cool to be in his presence.

Ariel Pink

I feel awful for not catching Ariel Pink’s entire set. I was restless at this point and only caught a few songs. What I heard was pretty solid, and I was told later that this was one of his best live sets. I’m going to have to finally catch him live when he comes back to DFW because after hearing his latest album and talking to him for a few minutes, I’m now a fan.


I can’t really say I “saw” this band because they were surrounded by a throng of people during their entire set. But what I heard was spectacular, even if it did sort of sound like one long song. And the lead singer is a total mental case (in the best possible sense).

Os Mutantes

This was hands down the best performance of the fest. Even though the band has a different configuration from the original (which is understandable since they disbanded in 1978 and didn’t play again until 2006), the songs still sound just as beautiful and tight as before. And Sergio Dias is one of the most joyful front men I’ve had the privilege of seeing live. As one of my friends said, it was like seeing The Beatles live. It was a truly mind blowing experience.

Big Freedia

As fun of an entertainer as “The Queen of New Orleans bounce” is, I can only watch so many people bounce their asses in front of me before I have to walk away.

The Dwarves

This band was every bit as kickass as I thought they would be. They’re raw but technically tight and lead singer Blag Dahlia was every bit as perverted as I expected. Sadly, HeWhoCannotBeNamed was not nude with a lucha libre mask on nor was he even donning a jockstrap. Instead, they brought out a chick in a bikini and mask saying he had gotten a sex change. It was a bit of a cop-out, but maybe Transmission requested that they tame down their act.


Typical hipster fare. I only stayed for half a song. I can see how it’s fun to dance to, but I had to move on.

Man Man

Jaime is crazy about Man Man, and now I know why. I didn’t catch the full set, but what I heard was pretty awesome.


Gwar is basically a novelty act–grown men in costumes spewing fake blood and pus. But they are technically gifted and I have no problem with good, loud punk. But Dirty Projectors were playing at the same time so I only caught part of one song before I had to leave for the other, superior band.

Dirty Projectors

This was my first time seeing Dirty Projectors after being a fan for years now (ever since a close friend gave me a mixtape including one of their full albums on one side) and they did not disappoint. Dave Longstreth’s vocals and guitar skills are inspiring, and Amber, Angel and Haley were like three beautiful sirens. I was entranced by this set more than any other.


Before Congratulations came out, I don’t think I respected MGMT enough as artists. But after hearing that album and now having seen them perform live, I get it. Their lyrics and music are mature and thought out, as well as just plain cool. And they have a knack for paying homage to the legendary musicians who influence them without sounding derivative. They’re also easy on the eyes, which doesn’t hurt …


I knew I had to catch this set because I have missed RJ every time he’s in DFW and because I was supposed to interview him after (I ended up interviewing him the next morning, and I will post that interview on Sunday). RJ understands the importance of putting on an interesting show during a DJ set and he did just that. His music is great enough to stand on its own, but he enhances it with what he calls “parlor tricks” (i.e. playing the Donkey Kong theme while wearing Mario and Donkey Kong hand puppets) and film playing on a projector screen.

Bad Religion

Apparently Bad Religion had some sound issues early in their set, but by the time I caught them everything was fixed. As my brother mentioned before, Saturday marked their 30th Anniversary. I wish all bands could be so tight and sound so fresh after three solid decades.


Jean Grae

I almost missed Jean Grae’s set because we were running later than usual, but luckily so was she. She had just started as I was walking towards the media entrance. While the set started off strong, upholding her reputation as a great female MC, it sort of petered out halfway through so I left to go find my cohorts. (It still beat seeing Slick Rick though.)

Best Coast

I don’t want to waste too much time talking about Best Coast because they are completely uninteresting live, mostly thanks to lead singer Bethany Cosentino (along with lazily written material). I thought I liked this band, but after what seemed like a 30-minute sound check and then a dull start I changed my mind.

The Bronx

I quickly abandoned Best Coast for The Bronx and I didn’t regret it. Powerful, loud punk was the perfect antidote to generic, anemic, “grunge” drivel.


Although they’re part of one of my favorite labels, I’d never heard of Polvo before. I gave them a listen before the fest and I liked what I heard. However, their music seems better suited for listening at home and while driving than live. While they played each song perfectly, their performance lacked a little something and it made me lose interest.


Like Polvo, Deerhunter sounds amazing on recordings. They are stellar musicians and I don’t want to knock them in any way. But, as I told a couple of friends, their music seems better suited to lying in bed and zoning out. Watching them live made me restless and ready for The Hold Steady. And I don’t even like The Hold Steady.

High on Fire

I didn’t hear even a full song by this metal act, but what I could hear from the yellow stage was killer. And wandering back to listen to them for a few seconds at a time helped me stay awake during Deerhunter’s set.

Alamo Drafthouse Air Sex Contest

This was sad and creepy. The intro from host Terp2it was confusing and nauseating. And the only competitors I caught were guys on stage alone doing things that most women would not find appealing.

The Hold Steady

I have never liked The Hold Steady. It’s not that I think they’re bad. I recognize that they’re good musicians. But something about their bar rock sound and “Party!” attitude bugs me. But I decided to give them a shot, since so many people I know are crazy about them. “Wait until you see them live”, they said. Well, I saw them live. And I still don’t like them. As Nic (aka my older brother) already mentioned, I kept calling them dad rock. And that’s mostly due to lead singer Craig Finn. He looks like someone’s nerdy dad/science teacher. And his mannerisms annoy the shit out of me. As a fan of GBV (a much older band that loves drinking and partying and has a former teacher as lead singer), it seems hypocritical of me to hate The Hold Steady for the reasons I mentioned. But I don’t care.

Suicidal Tendencies

This band kicked the piss out of The Hold Steady, and I knew they would. Their guitar skills almost literally made my mind explode. And they had almost too much raw power and testosterone for me to take. But, alas, after a while their songs felt repetitive and Mike Muir got a little too talk-y (well, I guess it was scream-y) and I had to walk away.

The Descendents

This was definitely the highlight of the night for me. I wish I had been 15 when The Descendents first hit the punk scene (rather than … not being born), when I got into them, or even when I saw them at the fest. I think the show would have had more of an impact on me. As it was, I could appreciate their music and the fact that, after taking a six-year hiatus, they played like they had never stopped. They even compelled me to mosh … for about five minutes … then I got claustrophobic and had to escape the smelly, sweaty throng.


I had no idea what to expect from this band, but they managed to draw my attention away from The Descendents (partially because they were so damn loud that I could almost hear them from the orange stage, where the other band was playing). These guys are some of the most brilliant musicians I’ve ever witnessed, and they move between various genres without even blinking. Most of what I heard Sunday was bone-crushing metal. I’d love to see these guys play a two-hour set.


Sometimes I kick myself for saying, “I don’t even know who that is. Pass” about a band, musician or DJ. This time, I at least caught part of the DJ’s live set rather than hearing how great it was later. As exhausted and restless as I was, A-Trak compelled me to dance and wowed me with his superhuman scratching skills.

Giveaway: Monotonix at The Loft

3 Nov

That’s right. We have two giveaways for you today. This time it’s a pair of tickets to see the mad showmanship of Israel rock band Monotonix, with openers Joan of Arc and J Roddy Watson & the Business, at The Loft on Friday.

It should make for a fun evening, to say the least, and if you want a shot at going for free just email us at giveaways@daybowbow.net, with “Monotonix” in the subject line and your full name in the body, by 11:59 tonight. We’ll pick a random winner and notify them tomorrow.

Monotonix play The Loft on Friday, November 5. Tickets are 12 bucks.

Monotonix: What you see (on Youtube) is what you get.

25 Sep

For relentlessly  touring for so long, Monotonix is never short on energy. However, their shenanigans are… to say the least… the same old song and dance.

After scraping together the steep $15 cover Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios charged and managing not to catch H1N1 at a time like this, I thought surely we’d be in for a surprise. A reward of sorts. A good drink special, perhaps?

By the look of all the sweaty hair and the smell of B.O. wafting through the 250 occupancy room, clearly the crowd enjoyed itself. If they remember from the NX35 show in March at Hailey’s, I’m almost 100 percent positive the band opened with the same song (“Ride“) and come to think of it, the entire set seemed a little too familiar.

Monotonix is a fun band. Three guys tired of the Tel Aviv police busting up their shows came to the States, figured out a routine that worked, and consequently, stuck to it… Almost religiously.

Their music is nothing short of shocking — think 80s metal crossed with Satan and full moons (of the ass variety). However, Monotonix is a show band. Sound last night: Not so good. But I suppose you don’t go to Rubber Gloves expecting album-quality balance. And really, who was listening anyway?

I’d say Monotonix like having sex with a Prince Albert-donning, tattoo-riddled guy: Fun for one night, but afterwards it’s kind of like — okay, been there, done that.

Would I see them again? Probably not. But if you haven’t seen them before, it’s definitely a good time… Monotonix is booked at Emo’s in Austin tonight.

(video taken from the Gutterth youtube page.)

Rundown:9/21 to 9/27

21 Sep

So it seems some people thought my little piece on the Drew Barrymore movie, and the ensuing chaos was rather, off balanced. Well the emails, comments, and messages have been pouring in letting me know just how terrible of a person I am.

Being the fair and balanced person that I consider myself, I’ve decided to post the harshest of the comments, in order to let the dissenting voices be heard. I also kinda decided to FJM it.

Whoever wrote this seriously needs to break out the old “English for Writers” that any first year college student has collecting dust on the shelf. Your grammar is so bad it make me cringe.

We’re starting strong here folks, the writer of this comment comes right at me by attacking my writing with a simple suggestion that I pick up a “how to” book that 18 year old with writing aspirations all around the world already have, and taking a dig at my grammar. I personally like it, it’s biting in all the right ways, and is capable of immediately discrediting me as a writer (what little credit I have), though to be honest our editor at large Sean was busy, and the piece was written at 1 a.m. after a long day at work. I was just in no mood to sit down and tear it apart. Let’s see what he/she follows up with.

Also, I think you are a damn liar about saying you were a med student to get your phone in.

Here’s a classic case of some one just not reading close enough. I wrote quite clearly that I was not actually a med student on call, and was just abusing the opportunities afforded to those in the medical field.

Maybe you got past the metal detector but why hide it from the metal detector if you were allowed in for being a medical student. First off, having been to other pre-screenings, I don’t think they would let you in. They would tell you if you are on call that’s too bad. GO HOME! Secondly, if you were a medical student you would have to provide identification to prove as much, which by your own admission you would not have.

Still not reading close enough, and throwing what seems to be prior knowledge about pre-screenings out to prove their point. This is where I point out this comment came from an @yahoo mail address, and to be brutally honest, who the fuck still uses @yahoo? I mean gmail is wonderful, so wonderful you can host company email addresses on it and not miss a beat. The only people still using @yahoo are people over 40, people destined to end up on To Catch a Predator, clueless 13 year olds, and it seems angry Derby fans.
Furthermore,. I would love to meet the jerk that admits to jumping in line (which you also probably didn’t have the nuts to do) and posts it online.


Also, just so it’s on record, I absolutely love nuts. Seriously almonds are delicious, I go through a bag like once every two weeks….Oh, wait he/she was referring to my testicles. Why is it when we question someones fortitude we constantly refer to their testicles? I thought Roller Derby was all about 4th wave feminism? Way to under mind it all by setting your paradigm of toughness to male.

If the derby girls are as crazy as you say they are, I would fear for my life and those tiny nuts of yours.

Again with the nuts. And, I didn’t actually say that derby girls were nuts, that’s just an inference made by this commenter, further proving that some people are just a tad to overprotective about some things. Case in point, during the Q&A an attendee asked Ms. Barrymore why she choose to feature so many illegal moves, which blew my mind. It was a movie, it was supposed to be larger than life, and a bit cartoonish, as a director Ms. Barrymore was allowed creative license to make the film entertaining. Shit’s not a documentary.

What kind of jerk talks about a girl spilling her guts to the crowd of people about her dreadful disease like it was something that bored him or disgusted him?

This is what I take the most issue with, how does one properly convey the emotion floating through the theater with out it becoming tiresome and rote? I choose to keep it short, and balance it out with a bit of humor. the commenter obviously was too busy being offended to catch it.

The person that wrote this is not only a lazy and bad writer but a crappy person. I hope that we meet in person someday so I can give you the ass kicking your mother OBVIOUSLY neglected to give you.

Admittedly, I am a pretty lazy and bad writer, never pretended to be anything other than that. The real fun part here is threat of physical violence, and the accusation that my mother never properly beat me, I’ll have you know they’re right, my mother never properly beat me.

If I miss you in this life, I will catch up with you in hell and make the trip worth your while.

Damn, whoever this is gonna make sure they get me, even if it’s in the after life. Maybe I should make it easier on them. My address is 742 Evergreen Terrace.

“English Handbook for Writers”! Look it up! Get the latest edition. YOU NEED IT! PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD.

Got ya!

I’ll do you the favor of not proofreading my post. Maybe you can find some errors if you are not too retarded.

Now that’s just offensive, and I found that one.

It will be good practice for you. If you can’t find the few I left for you, I suggest a revisit to high school English.

As a sub? To pick up girls, by using my @yahoo address?


Are you female? I mean, I’d maybe consider it, you do seem quite fiery.

So to sum it up, was it a a regrettable piece of writing? Yeah a bit. I cut it down from 3000 words to just over 1500, and it is rather poorly written, and could have used another draft and some editing, but I was drunk, my editor was bus, and I had work the next day. Are people massively overreacting? Very much so, but that’s what happens when people care a little too much for things, they go over board.

One thing before we move on, I thought the movie over, and it’s kind of terrible. Imagine the Princess Diaries meets The Bad News Bears remake.

Anyway folks, we’ve got one hell of a week coming up,so  let’s get to the shows.

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Rundown: NX35 Saturday & Sunday

12 Mar

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Rundown: NX35 Friday

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