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Rundown: 7/30–8/1

30 Jul

Earlier this week, I moved into a new house (as I seem to do about every six months). One of my roommates has two cats and an adorable pet hedgehog named Matilda. Matilda tends to stay quiet and keep to herself during the day, as hedgehogs are nocturnal. But, as I discovered my second night in the house, things get a little more interesting at night.

I was having trouble sleeping Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, so when I got up around 3 a.m. for a glass of water I noticed a scuttling sound. I checked Matilda’s cage and noticed that she was MIA.

Then I spotted her in the corner of the room. I tried capturing her, but she kept puffing up and making a rattling noise and since I didn’t want to be stabbed with her quills or sprayed with venom (yes, I know hedgehogs don’t spray venom, but it was 3 a.m. and I wasn’t thinking so clearly) I left her alone.

Apparently my roommate is hard to wake up, because after knocking on her door and texting her I still couldn’t wake her up so that we could rescue Matilda. The next day, she was nowhere in site. For two days we did periodic searches for Matilda, but to no avail.

But Anita (the roommate) and Matilda were finally united today. Apparently Matilda had been hiding in the oven. How she got in there and why she would want to be there remain mysteries, but I’m just happy that she’s safe.

Frankly, that rambling story was just an excuse to post another cute hedgehog picture on The Rundown. You’re welcome.

Now for the actual Rundown. Maybe I’m just bitter because I’ve been sick and stuck inside for four days (so far), but this isn’t the most exciting weekend for live shows. It’s lacking in diversity.

But there’s still some good stuff going on! Continue reading

Tracks of the Weekend: Plastic Bertrand – Ca plane pour moi & Elton Motello-Jet Boy Jet Girl

30 Jul

Rundown: 7/29/10

29 Jul

We Denton Do It presents: No Bummer Summer w/ Peopleodian /  Slow Animals / Stunts / Sextape  @ Dan’s

I have it on good authority that tables will be moved and dancing will be allowed tonight at Dan’s. Remember, kids: Kevin Bacon died so you could grind.

Eyes, Wings and Many Other Thing / h…n / Diamond Age @ The Nightmare

Hey, Dallas, this is a pretty damn great show. Make it a point to go.

Hypernova / The Yellow Dogs @ RGRS

Making rock music in Iran > making folk music in Texas.

The Virgin Wolves /  Bobgoblin / 3 Rivers Alice @ Andy’s

Jesseca sent me an excited IM about Bobgoblin. I think that says a lot.

Ceremony / Punch / Human Errr / High Anxities / Innards @ 1919 Hemphill

Spooky Folk / Nicholas Altobelli @ Lochrann’s in Frisco

Track of the Day: Jail – The Stroller

29 Jul

We’ve long been fans of Jail, having reviewed thir last album, done a giveaway for their last show in the area, and tried to get them on one of our SXSW shows, so I was more than ecstatic to pick up the band’s latest offering, That’s How We Burn, when it hit stores on Tuesday.

Jail – The Stroller

Verdict: “The Stroller” is Jail on steroids. With the ability to put some sleekness behind their production, Jail re-makes their hard-worn edge into something that would be at home on their new label (Sub Pop) by providing fans with a song that proves that not only the band is using its new opportunity wisely, but that there truly is “no sky” for the band. BUY. THIS. RECORD.

This is Awesome: The Thor trailer hits the web, Natalie Portman does Natalie Portman things

29 Jul

Well, kids, we were wondering what a Kenneth-Branagh-directed Thor film would be like, and the answer is … a lot like Garden State, but with hammers and an over-acting Anthony Hopkins (he’s in full-on Instinct mode).

We’re not trying to force anything on the filmmakers, but a certain “life-changing” indie pop band hails from the state their filming in and would like totally change Thor’s perspective on life. Plus, if you think about it, Odin=Ian Holm, Thor=Zach Braff, Loki=Peter Sarsgaurd and Natalie Portman=Natalie Portman.

Rundown: 7/28/10

28 Jul

Peter Case / Will Kapinos / Brent Best @ Dan’s


Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier @ Granada

It would be really easy (and honest) to deride Kevin Smith’s films as something I lost interest in right around the time I discovered that people didn’t speak in minute-long monologues, but I don’t want to be an asshole. While the films have lost their luster, one thing remains–the man’s live show of yarns is pretty damn funny, and anyone attending tonight will have a great time listening to one of the better Hollywood storytellers.

(Zack & Miri was terrible.)

Chris Flemmons @ Renfield’s Corner

I met Chris Flemmons on a rainy May Saturday last year. And while I can say his friendship and advice is something I treasure, it’s his music that awes me. The brilliance of the last Baptist Generals record has lasted for seven years, and the knowledge that Chris has been hard at work at finishing his new album, and plans to play a bit of it tonight (for free), has me ecstatic.