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Review: Band of Horses/Midlake @ Verizon Center

11 Apr

We have another great review from Tommy Garcia today. And, again, sit tight because we have a big project in the works that will not disappoint you.

By Tommy Garcia

Band of Horses and Midlake played to a capacity crowd at the Verizon Center in Grand Prairie Thursday night. Both bands expanded their signature sounds to project to a massive venue that surely would have dwarfed lesser acts.

The show opened with North Carolina based singer songwriter Tyler Ramsey. Ramsey shuffled between several open-tuned acoustic guitars throughout his concise six-song set. Carrying the banner for this generation’s obsession with and emulation of Neil Young, Ramsey gently finger picked through melancholy, laconic tunes, often times recalling a stripped down version of Fleet Foxes. Ramsey’s smooth vocals and reflective folk musings provided a nice back drop as the audience slowly streamed in.

Denton’s own Midlake peeked their heads out from Panhandle House Studios, where the band is hard at work crafting their next album, to support their friends Band of Horses. The band opened their set with “Winter Dies”, from last year’s polarizing release The Courage of Others. The band stuck to songs from Courage and their break-out album, 2006’s The Trials of Van Occupanther. As the band kicked in to the driving “Roscoe”, lead singer Tim Smith joked, “This is the song that made us rich and famous.” Continue reading

Giveaway: Destroyer at The Loft

22 Mar

Destroyer began in 1995 as a solo project for Dan Bejar, the Vancouver singer-songwriter also known as a member of The New Pornographers. Since then, the project has expanded to include other various members and has released 13 studio recordings, nine of them full-length.

The most recent Destroyer offering, is a quirky (a style Bejar is a master of) take on 80s pop-rock. It’s a continuation of Bejar’s experimentation with different sounds and genres. No matter what the genre, however, the music is always distinct because of Bejar’s voice.

On Saturday, Destroyer will be bringing its special brand of music to The Loft. And we have two pairs of tickets for the show. To win, send an email with “Destroyer” in the subject line and your name in the body (seriously … we only want your name) to giveaways@daybowbow.net by 11:59 p.m. We’ll notify winners tomorrow.

Destroyer plays The Loft on Saturday, March 26 with openers War on Drugs and Nervous Curtains. The show starts at 8:30 and tickets are $12 in advance and $14 the day of the show.

Track of the Day: Neutral Milk Hotel–Chocolate Coffin

1 Mar

I heard that Jeff Mangum wasn’t at the Austin Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Show, but I’m holding out hope that he will magically show up tonight at The Loft. Even if he doesn’t, it’s going to be an incredible show full of great music and fun … fun. This one goes out to you, Jeff … wherever you are. (Please be in Dallas. Please be in Dallas.)

Giveaway: Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Show at the Loft

23 Feb

Regular readers are aware of our love for Elephant 6. So you can imagine how our fan-boy/fan-girl excitement has been building in anticipation for the return of their Holiday Surprise Tour (which Elf Power’s Andrew Reiger told us about last October, when it was in the planning stages).

The first Holiday Surprise Tour was in 2008. Elated fans gathered to see members of Olivia Tremor Control, The Gerbils, Elf Power, OTC, The Music Tapes, Circulatory System, The 63 Crayons and Neutral Milk Hotel (including Jeff Mangum himself) play songs from a variety of E6 bands.

This year the tour includes Will Cullen Hart , Bill Doss, Peter Erchick , John Fernandes , Julian Koster , Scott Spillane , Andrew Rieger, Laura Carter, Derek Almstead, Heather McIntosh , Bryan Poole , Theo Hilton, Robbie Cucchiaro and others playing the music of The Olivia Tremor Control, Elf Power, Circulatory System, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Gerbils, Nana Grizol, Major Organ and Adding Machine, Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t. There will also be “games, films & other surprises”. Rumor has it that Jeff Mangum will be one of those surprises.

We are thrilled to be going to the Holiday Surprise Show on Tuesday and we are also thrilled to be giving two readers a chance to bring a guest along. If you want a pair of tickets, send an email with “Elephant 6” as the subject and your name in the body to giveaways@daybowbow.net by 11:59 p.m. We’ll notify winners tomorrow.

The Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Show is at The Loft on Tuesday, March 1. Tickets are $12 in advance and $14 on the day of the show and doors are at 7:30 p.m.

Track (s) of the Weekend: Sebadoh–Magnet’s Coil and Ocean (Live at The Gypsy Tea Room 3/18/1999)

18 Feb

As someone who is admittedly not a Sebadoh completist, I might be criticized by more obsessive fans for choosing two of their more well-known songs.

But my reasons for posting “Magnet’s Coil” and “Ocean” over more obscure Sebadoh songs are threefold: Continue reading

Giveaway: Sebadoh at The Granada

16 Feb

Sebadoh’s existence has spanned 25 years and in that time the band has had its share of lineup and record label changes (with nine releases on six labels). What started as an outlet for Lou Barlow’s songwriting outside of Dinosaur Jr. (as he felt intimidated and overshadowed by J. Mascis) became an indie rock powerhouse unto itself.

When Barlow was kicked out of Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh became his main focus. It was also a means for him to take control of a musical project and express the pent-up anger and tension caused by his tenure in and ejection from the other band (which he has since re-joined, of course). The group also stood as an integral part of the formation of the lo-fi scene, along with bands like Pavement and Guided By Voices.

Barlow continues to use Sebadoh as one of the many showcases for his musical talent. And the band is currently on tour in support of the reissues of Bakesale and Harmacy, their most commercially successful albums.

The tour will hit The Granada this Friday and we have a pair of tickets. For your chance to win them, send an email with “Sebadoh” in the subject line and your name in the body to giveaways@daybowbow.net by 11:59 p.m. We’ll notify winners tomorrow.

Sebadoh will play The Granada on Friday, February 18 with openers Quasi and DoveHunter. Tickets are $20-$36 in advance and $22-$39 the day of the show. Doors are at 8.

Giveaway (Part 2): Swans at South Side Music Hall

15 Feb

When they ended their 15-year run (with a long list of lineup changes) in 1997, influential New York post-punkers Swans left behind a broken-hearted fan base.

But last year, founder Michael Gira resurrected the group and they released My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky in September. And their sound is just as loud and intense as it was in their early years (or, as Gira calls it, simultaneously “soul-uplifting and body-crushing”).

Dallas fans will have a chance to catch the group live when they play South Side Music Hall this Saturday. And one of our readers (and a guest) will get to see them for free. If you want a shot, send an email with “Swans” as the subject and your name in the body to giveaways@daybowbow.net by 11:59 p.m.

Swans will play South Side Music Hall on Saturday, February 19 with openers Wooden Hand. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 the day of the show.

Giveaway: Robyn at South Side Music Hall

14 Feb

I don’t think Robyn needs much of an introduction, but she still deserves one. The Swedish pop star started her career 15 years ago and has found worldwide success ever since. She had two hits in the US, “Show Me Love” and “Do You Know (What It Takes)”, in 1997 but her subsequent releases barely made a splash in the states.

That is until last year, when she began releasing singles from the album Body Talk .(which she has released in three parts) “Dancing on My Own”, which received two Grammy nominations, is probably the most popular (though “Hang with Me” has garnered its share of covers, including one my Denton’s own Sarah Jaffe).

Now Robyn is adored across several demographics, although her altered, electro-pop sound makes her more of an underground darling than a pop princess (well … queen … she’s past that princess phase of her life). Hell, Jaime even loves her … like, really loves her.

And we have two pairs of tickets to see Robyn at South Side Music Hall this Friday. Just send an email to giveaways@daybowbow.net with “Robyn” in the subject line and your name in the body by 11:59 p.m. We’ll notify winners tomorrow.

Robyn plays South Side Music Hall on Friday, February 18, with openers Diamond Rings and Natalia Kills. Tickets are $22.50 in advance and $25 the day of the show.

Giveaway: Smith Westerns at The Loft

7 Feb

As Jaime talked about in a recent Track of the Weekend, Chicago’s Smith Westerns have received a lot of recent critical buzz. Their glam-rock-influenced garage/punk music is impressive, and even more so when you consider how young they are–the oldest member is just 20.

The group is coming to The Loft tomorrow night, with openers Yuck and Sunset. We have two pairs of tickets up for grabs. For your chance to win, send an email with “Smith Westerns” in the subject line and your name in the body to giveaways@daybowbow.net. Entries must be received by 11:59 tonight. We’ll notify the winners in the morning.

Smith Westerns perform at The Loft on Tuesday, February 8 with openers Yuck and Sunset. Doors are at 7:30. You can buy tickets here.

Sunday Morning Afternoon Coming Down: Review–Guided By Voices’ Classic Lineup hits Texas

3 Oct

When I was visiting New York over the summer, a friend told me that the classic lineup of Guided By Voices (Robert Pollard, Tobin Sprout, Mitch Mitchell, Greg Demos and Kevin Fennell) was reuniting for a huge Matador anniversary show in Las Vegas. (This was a few days before the label officially announced the show.) I was excited about the news, but that excitement turned to sadness when I realized that I would never be able to afford the concert ticket, let alone a flight to Vegas (such is the plight of a lowly, unpaid blogger).

But the sadness changed back to excitement when I read about the Hallway of Shatterproof Glass tour, and the opening date in Austin. I bought tickets the day they went on sale and I was all set. It was at The New Pornographers show at the Palladium when I first discovered that a new GBV date had been booked at the venue.

At first I thought, “Well, shit. I’ve wasted money on a show almost four hours away that isn’t yet sold out and now there’s going to be one less than an hour away.” But I had a golden opportunity to see one of my favorite bands two nights in a row and to spend time in one of my favorite cities (that would be Austin, not Dallas). It also meant I could write a review comparing the two.

And to break the tiny bit of suspense that this review held in the first place, the Austin show blew the Dallas show away. Now I’ll explain why. Continue reading