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Rundown: 12/21/2010

21 Dec

It’s the holidays, so there’s not a lot going on this week. There are no live shows of note tonight, but if you’re in Denton there are a couple of things to keep you entertained/drunk.

Singles Going Steady @ RGRS

If you’re over 21, this is an obvious choice for a Tuesday night. It’s free, the music is great and the best part–75-cent wells.

90s Night @ Hailey’s

Giveaway: School of Seven Bells at Hailey’s

5 Oct

Hey, kids. I hope you’ve enjoyed our recent influx of free tickets. Or I guess that would be an efflux since we aren’t keeping them … Anyway, this week we have a pair of tickets to see School of Seven Bells at Hailey’s on Friday, October 8, from our generous pals at Vagrant. I’ve written two Tracks of the Day on SVIIB this year (and DBB alum Melissa Crowe interviewed Benjamin Curtis exactly a year before the date of the show) and I’m excited to see them for the first time this week.

If you’d also like to see them (for free), just send the title of your favorite SVIIB song, along with your full name, to giveaways@daybowbow.net. Entries must be received by 11:59 tonight and we’ll notify the winner tomorrow.

School of Seven Bells plays Hailey’s on Friday with openers Active Child and Eyes and Ears. The show starts at 10 and tickets are $12 for over 21 and $14 for under 21.

Why I love The Hidden Cameras

12 Nov

When I noticed The Hidden Cameras would be playing Hailey’s a few months ago, I knew I had to do everything I could to associate the site with it. When explaining this to friends, the question of “Why?” kept coming up, and I found myself fully unable to communicate the greatness of the band. But being who I am, I’ll give it another shot.

Simply put, there is nothing not fun about listening to the catchy pop that emits from Canada’s The Hidden Cameras. The band’s music has a habit of drawing John Cale comparisons, balanced with Wilson-like lushness, bolstered by an ever-evolving live show that more often than not throws the crowd into a fit of joy. The band’s frank take on love and life sometimes beguiles an acerbic wit that works its way through each one of their glee-filled albums.

Denton will get its chance to experience the unexplainable when The Hidden Cameras play Hailey’s tomorrow night. It’s six bucks if you’re legal and eight bucks if you’re not. Doors open at 9 p.m. and The O’s and Gentleman Reg open, so get there early.



Half Week Rundown: 11/11 to 11/15

11 Nov

There’s been a ton of praise (and some hand-wringing) over the launch of the 91.7 KXT, which since Jess and I picked it up a little outside of Waco has remained on in my car at all times. Yeah there’s some bugs (they’re all ready repeating, there some tech issues, and they seemed determined to play the entity of Baby), but it’s a fuck lot better then having to surf through everything else.


Anyway just doing a half week because still FunFunFun’d out, and working on getting the metric ton of stuff we got from her up, take a look at the goings on after the jump. Continue reading

Rundown: 7/7 to 7/12

7 Jul

The issue of doing most of the writing for this site is when something comes up I don’t really have anyone to fall back on to get post up, and I’m forced to through random shit up via my phone. Anyway, we’ve got a fairly decent week capped by a free show we’re throwing, and a that little bit of breaking news we had for you on Sunday. Continue reading

It’s stuff like this that make you appreciate things.

27 May

I was sending emails around trying to get a show booked, and the guys from Raised by Tigers sent me an email that provided a moment of clarity. Here’s the quoted text.

Hello Jaime,

Can’t do the show on the 20th unfortunately.

We are re-organizing our lineup after the show at Hailey’s this Saturday (Record Hop, RBT, Jason Reimer (from History at our Disposal), Criminal Shift). Our guitarist, Pat Ferguson, is being deployed to Afghanistan. One of our multi-instrumentalists, Nate DeYonker, has a new job in Memphis starting this summer.

RBT has seen many lineup changes with Rob and I being the constants. So we are building a new lineup after this show. We probably won’t be ready for June. We also have two new records that are nearing completion. We aren’t sure how they’ll be organized yet. For now, one is more electronic, one is more rock recorded by the current lineup ‘live’ in the studio (Echolab for all the new material).

You may know Pat. I think everyone in the ‘scene’ has been influenced by him in some way. The aren’t many bands in the Metroplex that: don’t know him, haven’t played with him, haven’t borrowed gear from them, haven’t had him fix their gear, haven’t gotten their drunk a**es driven home by him, etc.

He is a stand up guy if I’ve ever known one. He is leaving behind his children, wife, job, and bands to do what he feels is right/his duty. We plan on giving him the best possible sendoff Saturday. Please mention it if you can.

We’ll keep in touch on the show front. We are happy that you would think of us to play.



Gives you a moment of pause doesn’t it? Far too often those of us in a certain age group so casually dismiss those who serve in the Armed Forces, the though amongst a lot of us is that the people that serve are there because they have no other options. It’s not true, many people in the Armed Forces are just kids looking to find a way to pay for school/improve their station in the world, and yes the “Hoo-Rah” attitude can be little much, and yeah those commercials are really annoying, the fact is there are people out there in the various forces that are just trying to get by.

In the last year I’ve seen both a close cousin, and my brother-in-law spend time overseas, and the hardship that I’ve seen my family go through is everlasting in my mind. Yes, these wars are bull shit, yes we should have never entered them, but the fact remains we did. We have people over there, and more going everyday. It’s a strange realization to come to, and one that we should at least have in our mind from time to time.

I’d like to wish Pat and his family the best of luck, and hope to attend his sendoff at Hailey’s on Saturday.

Nick Lowe Rockpile- So it goes…