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(Bonus) Track of the Day: RTB2–Goon

9 Mar

What a handsome Denton duo.

I had the pleasure of listening to this new RTB2 song last week because of my involvement with 35 Conferette (said involvement being the reason Jaime and I haven’t exactly been churning out content here).

Though I didn’t get a chance to hear much of it, I can only assume Indie-Verse played this on their 35-Conferette-packed weekend because it is AWESOME. And the new album Ryan Thomas Becker and Grady Don Sandlin recorded last week with Stuart Sikes, the album that this very gem came from, is sure to be just as AWESOME.

Check it out for yourself:


I’m currently in the middle of 35-related (name dropping much?) work, so the only other thing I’m going to add is that I look forward to hearing this song live when they open for Dr. Dog, White Arrows and Telegraph Canyon on Friday. The action starts at 4 p.m.

Track of the Day: Japanther – Slippery When Wet (featuring Aquadoom)

9 Mar

Track of the Day: The Flowers of God – Heavy Makes You Happy (Staple Singers cover)

8 Mar
[vimeo 20728728]

Track of the Day: MiniBoone–The Other Summer

2 Mar

Well this is coming pretty late in the day … but no excuses today. I’ll just get to the good stuff.

Today’s track is by Brooklyn band MiniBoone. The band has garnered comparisons to Devo (the vocalizations, keys and guitar take on a mechanical feel),  Bruce Springsteen (down-to-earth yet epic lyrics) and early Weezer (youthful and a little silly, but sincere as hell). And the amount of sheer, unfettered energy that they put out reminds me of one of the E6 bands in their prime (and from what I saw last night, some of those E6 members still possess that energy).

MiniBoone–The Other Summer


MiniBoone will be playing Denton’s own 35 Conferette on Friday. They’ll be the first band playing on the stage on the downtown square, which means it will be free. Now, I’m still of the mindset that you should be buying a wristband because it’s a bargain for the number of bands playing (and I have gotten confirmation of that outside of the 35 C circle so I’m not just blowing smoke here).

But if you can’t scrape up the dough and you’re not lucky enough to win a wristband (hint: we may have some for you later this week), MiniBoone is a solid band that you will still be able to watch. And if you like free stuff, you can download their track “Fight Song”, which has a Talking Heads feel to it, until the end of today. Or, if you like their music and want to throw a little money their way, purchase the 7-inch of “The Other Summer” and “Fight Song” (you can get a limited edition picture disc for seven bucks).

Track of the Weekend: League of Extraordinary Gz–Loftin in Austin (Chop Steak Remix)

25 Feb

To round out unofficial Hip Hop Week here at DayBowBow, we have a hip hop group from Austin called League Of Extraordinary Gz. The Gz will be playing at 35 Conferette, at Rubber Gloves, on Friday night just before Beans.

You can download the Chop Steak (clever name, by the way) remix of their song “Loftin in Austin” below.

League of Extraordinary Gz–Loftin in Austin (Chop Steak Remix)

Verdict: I knew exactly nothing about the Austin hip hop scene before listening to a few of the groups and artists who are playing 35, including this one. I have to say that it’s a pretty interesting bunch. This group in particular has some clever lyrics and a good flow.

Houston is the Texas town known that’s surely the most known for hip hop, but the “home of the Longhorns” (in the words of the Gz) can hold its own.

Track of the Day: G-Side – I Feel Like I Look

22 Feb

Track of the Day: Reading Rainbow – Always on My Mind

10 Feb


Reading Rainbow will be bringing their retro coolness to a venue near you as they hit town in March for this years 35 Conferette, and if this spectacular video is evidence of what they can bring then we’re in store for something fantastic.

Verdict: There’s almost a non-chalantness to this song as iff the band is not going through the motions, but knows that they can craft something this wonderful at the drop of a hat, add in the errieness of the video’s production and you have something that instantly won us over here at the DBB virtual offices.

35 Conferette Drops a Superbad addition to their Line-up as they add Indie super-group that consists of members from The Unicorns, ManMan, Modest Mouse & Sex Bob-omb

27 Jan

Coming off a fest that Infinitely topped Year One, 35 Conferette has decided that this was the year they casted off their Arrested Development and ripped your Paper Heart to shreds, also there’s some awesome other acts. Check the release.

DENTON, Texas (January 27, 2011) — 35 Conferette has officially scored brand new Sub Pop Records signees Mister Heavenly for the 2011 roster. The band will join Dr. Dog, !!!, The Secret Sisters, Big Boi, Mavis Staples and scores more in downtown Denton, Texas, March 10-13, for what NPR’s Texas Music Matters christened last year as “the little conference that could”.

Neo-screw masters Blissed Out and folk-rock three-piece The Spring Standards of New York City; seven-piece classical/folk outfit Lost in the Trees of Chapel Hill, NC; Brazilian electro-dance act Database and Motown shoegazers Pure X of Austin are also confirmed to play the festival.

More additions: Fort Worth-based Telegraph Canyon, Dallas’ late-’60s R&B revivalist Flowers of God (Andy Young, Lift to Experience); and San Franciscan DIY/twee-punk act Giggle Party.

Four-day wristbands via Prekindle.com are still available for $85.

Mister Heavenly happened when a side project featuring Nick Diamonds (Islands/Unicorns) and Honus Honus (Man Man) morphed into a charged-up, handclap-inducing supergroup with the addition of Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse).  “Spurred on by a mutual appreciation for doo-wop and doomed love songs (aka doom-wop), Diamonds and Honus set out to record a one-off instrumental 7″ but soon found themselves, within a span of a few late-night sessions, writing an entire album. When Plummer joined in, Mister Heavenly was officially born,” the band’s materials explain.

Michael Cera joined the group on bass for Mister Heavenly’s live debut opening for Passion Pit in December. The band will appear as a four-piece at 35 Conferette.

2010’s event in Denton saw the North American debut of Australia’s The Middle East [Brooklyn Vegan], a keynote address by seminal punk icon Steve Albini, and a free outdoor show featuring The Flaming Lips with Denton’s Midlake supporting that earned the number one spot on the Dallas Observer’s DC9 At Night-penned Best Shows of 2010 list.

Eleven venues were used for regular programming and about 225 bands from Denton [Best Music Scene, Paste, 2008] to Dublin were on the lineup, deemed a “scorcher” by the Austin American-Statesman. An estimated 20,000 people attended over the weekend.

35 Conferette is committed to improving the economics and quality of life in Denton. We reach for these goals via programmatical rocksploitation, rousing community union, and providing meaningful travel coupon codes. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and check 35Conferette.com


We’re very happy to see our friends Giggle Party and The Flowers of God join the fest and well George Micheal, go buy your wristbands kids.

Sunday Morning Coming Down: Pre-35 Conferette Playlist part 2

23 Jan

Here’s the thing about Music festivals, as excited as you are about a few of the bands there’s still going to be quite a bit you have no clue about, well with that in mind we’ve decided to some playlist from the fest’s talent pool as a way to better educate you on what you’ll be seeing. Below you’ll find 12 tracks from artist that will be appearing along with a small blurb about the acts, we hope this helps you prepare for the fest.

(No blurbs this week, we’e just too damn busy actually working on the fest to write them, hope you forgive us.)

Portugal, the Man – The Dead Dog

Mondo Drag – Holy Spirit

G-Side – BASS (ft. Freddie Gibbs)

!!! – Jamie, My Intentions are Bass

No Joy – You Girls Smoke Cigarettes?

.357 Lover – California Girls (Katy Perry cover, live)

O’Death – Fire on Pesthigo

Franz Nicolay – This Is Not A Pipe

Jessica Lea Mayfield – Our Hearts AreWrong

Pujol – Too Safe

Seryn – We Will All Be Changed

Royal Thunder – Mouth of Fire

Sunday Morning Coming Down: Pre-35 Conferette Playlist part 1

16 Jan

Here’s the thing about Music festivals, as excited as you are about a few of the bands there’s still going to be quite a bit you have no clue about, well with that in mind we’ve decided to some playlist from the fest’s talent pool as a way to better educate you on what you’ll be seeing. Below you’ll find 12 tracks from artist that will be appearing along with a small blurb about the acts, we hope this helps you prepare for the fest.


Someone out there in the Blog world tried label this as “glofi”, while I consider it Star-Gaze, in other words, you’re listening to this in the dark/by a bonfire an losing yourself in the layers of the music.

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Young Adult Friction

You do not need us to explain this band to you.

Gayngs – Cry

Gayngs isn’t for everyone, but those of us that like to get into the lush stylings of bands like 10cc, and see it meshed with soft rcok/Prince era R&B have found a band that we’ve yet to tire of.

Grass Widow – Give Me Shapes

Somewhere between the riot girrl movement, pysch rock, and garage punk lays the San Fransisco trio Grass Widow, who’s three-part harmonies are as captivating as anything currently being produced by bands which much more experience, and much less talented.


We’ll let Jess’ take from back in October handle this one.

Young Buffalo – Three Deep

This young group from Oxford, MS is so full of frenetic energy it’s hard to compare them to many of their current counterparts, but once the harmonizing begins on the vocals it’s hard not to see them as a much gruffer Local Natives.

White Arrows – Save Me A Place (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

So far White Arrows have been one of my favorite things I’ve discovered through the fest as I’m borderline addicted to their many covers and have their strikingly strong EP in constant rotation, this is band you shouldn’t miss.

The Civil Wars – Barton Hallow

A festival in Denton wouldn’t be a festival in Denton without some top notch Americana coming into town ,case in point a poorly attended show at Banter the fest’s first year which saw the Texas debut of The Low Anthem, those of us who were there were treated to a rather stunning set, well, all I can say is I hope people don’t make the same mistake with The Civil Wars a band who in 6 months time could be coming through the area and playing in some of the best venues.

The Secret Sisters – Walkin After Midnight (live on Jools Holland)

I really have nothing to say about this more then faithful cover of a beloved country standard, other then the fact that this rising stars recognize what’s come before them and that’s the one thing you wish every artist would try to do.

Esben and the With – Warpath

As buzz worthy as any band coming to the fest these ethereal treading Brits have manged to engineer a sound that’s equal parts early Kate Bush and pre-Teen Dream Beach House, imagine if Jana Hunter had done a bunch of Bombita and joined up with Nite Jewel…..speaking of Nite Jewel.

Nite Jewel – We Want Our Things

disco + dream pop + 80’s synths + MDMA = damn near perfect music.

Parts & Labor – Groundswell

Experimental noise rock is hard to do well, luckily we have these kids.