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(Bonus) Track of the Day: RTB2–Goon

9 Mar

What a handsome Denton duo.

I had the pleasure of listening to this new RTB2 song last week because of my involvement with 35 Conferette (said involvement being the reason Jaime and I haven’t exactly been churning out content here).

Though I didn’t get a chance to hear much of it, I can only assume Indie-Verse played this on their 35-Conferette-packed weekend because it is AWESOME. And the new album Ryan Thomas Becker and Grady Don Sandlin recorded last week with Stuart Sikes, the album that this very gem came from, is sure to be just as AWESOME.

Check it out for yourself:


I’m currently in the middle of 35-related (name dropping much?) work, so the only other thing I’m going to add is that I look forward to hearing this song live when they open for Dr. Dog, White Arrows and Telegraph Canyon on Friday. The action starts at 4 p.m.

Track of the Day: Japanther – Slippery When Wet (featuring Aquadoom)

9 Mar

Track of the Day: The Flowers of God – Heavy Makes You Happy (Staple Singers cover)

8 Mar
[vimeo 20728728]

Track of the Day: MiniBoone–The Other Summer

2 Mar

Well this is coming pretty late in the day … but no excuses today. I’ll just get to the good stuff.

Today’s track is by Brooklyn band MiniBoone. The band has garnered comparisons to Devo (the vocalizations, keys and guitar take on a mechanical feel),  Bruce Springsteen (down-to-earth yet epic lyrics) and early Weezer (youthful and a little silly, but sincere as hell). And the amount of sheer, unfettered energy that they put out reminds me of one of the E6 bands in their prime (and from what I saw last night, some of those E6 members still possess that energy).

MiniBoone–The Other Summer


MiniBoone will be playing Denton’s own 35 Conferette on Friday. They’ll be the first band playing on the stage on the downtown square, which means it will be free. Now, I’m still of the mindset that you should be buying a wristband because it’s a bargain for the number of bands playing (and I have gotten confirmation of that outside of the 35 C circle so I’m not just blowing smoke here).

But if you can’t scrape up the dough and you’re not lucky enough to win a wristband (hint: we may have some for you later this week), MiniBoone is a solid band that you will still be able to watch. And if you like free stuff, you can download their track “Fight Song”, which has a Talking Heads feel to it, until the end of today. Or, if you like their music and want to throw a little money their way, purchase the 7-inch of “The Other Summer” and “Fight Song” (you can get a limited edition picture disc for seven bucks).

Track of the Weekend: League of Extraordinary Gz–Loftin in Austin (Chop Steak Remix)

25 Feb

To round out unofficial Hip Hop Week here at DayBowBow, we have a hip hop group from Austin called League Of Extraordinary Gz. The Gz will be playing at 35 Conferette, at Rubber Gloves, on Friday night just before Beans.

You can download the Chop Steak (clever name, by the way) remix of their song “Loftin in Austin” below.

League of Extraordinary Gz–Loftin in Austin (Chop Steak Remix)

Verdict: I knew exactly nothing about the Austin hip hop scene before listening to a few of the groups and artists who are playing 35, including this one. I have to say that it’s a pretty interesting bunch. This group in particular has some clever lyrics and a good flow.

Houston is the Texas town known that’s surely the most known for hip hop, but the “home of the Longhorns” (in the words of the Gz) can hold its own.

Track of the Day: G-Side – I Feel Like I Look

22 Feb

Track of the Day: Reading Rainbow – Always on My Mind

10 Feb


Reading Rainbow will be bringing their retro coolness to a venue near you as they hit town in March for this years 35 Conferette, and if this spectacular video is evidence of what they can bring then we’re in store for something fantastic.

Verdict: There’s almost a non-chalantness to this song as iff the band is not going through the motions, but knows that they can craft something this wonderful at the drop of a hat, add in the errieness of the video’s production and you have something that instantly won us over here at the DBB virtual offices.