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Rundown: 6/30/10

30 Jun

Sextape / FUR / Fizzy Dino Pop / Hai Hello / Lovelife @ Hailey’s

There’s been quite a bit of discussion as of late about the intentions of many of the newer acts that have been popping up around Denton in the last year or so, it seems that many feel the town’s earned notoriety of the last few years has attracted an element best described as “disillusioned opportunist”. It’s felt hat many of the acts in the area aren’t actually interested in the music they make, but the “celebrity” that could possibly be earned from having a music project.

So, recently with the hubbub growing over the act Sextape, it’s hard to not have thoughts like “Who cares?” Really, there’s a blueprint there for a band to follow, blips+bloops+samples+hype+a girl=$$$, so why do we care if a band tries to follow that? Honestly the odds are so low of a band, much less a band working in a genre that feels past it’s prime, making it.  Even in a world that’s now filled with thousands of publications clamoring to grab something hot and new the chance of breaking through is slim to none, so I say who cares if they’re following a blueprint, if it works for them more power to them, if not, there’s always other blueprints to follow.

Gun Outfit @ The Cavern

For those of  you  who didn’t catch this buzzy band on Monday in Denton, tonight you have a chance to catch them for free.

Butch Hancock / Willie Dees @ Dan’s

This is what I like to call a “Dan’s show” meaning it’s an artist that is off the radar of many of us under a certain age, yet will have a large crowd of “old timers” who are there to enjoy a night of solid music. These shows tend to be very entertaining, and the acts are almost always top notch, further proving it’s not always about the hype, or the name, sometimes it’s about the music.

Rockstar Kareoke @ The Loft

Kudos to the guys running The Loft for trying to find different things to do with is one of the nicer rooms in the area, I hope this new mainstay lasts.

Track of the Day: Dolly Parton–9 to 5

30 Jun

Yesterday my boyfriend and I had the pleasure of attending a live taping of The Late Show with David Letterman. Despite lousy seats in the far corners of the balcony, we enjoyed the show and musical guest Dolly Parton was a particular delight.

The show aired last night, so anyone who watched saw Dolly’s performance of her classic 1980 hit “9 to 5” (from the movie and now the musical of the same name). But for today’s track I’ve selected the original recorded version of the song. Enjoy.

Track of the Day: Big Brother and The Holding Company – Summertime (Cheap Thrills Recording Session)

29 Jun

Rundown: 6/29/10

29 Jun

WeDentonDoIt presents: Julian Lynch / Sundress / Soft Healer / Goldilocks and The Rock @ J&J’s

Oh snap, best new music in a dark and sweaty basement, this should be fun. (that was not sarcastic)

Adam Arcuragi / The County Lines / The England Ramaband / Hard Times @ RGRS

It seems like some variation of this lineup pops up every few months for a show, and that’s not a bad thing. The highlight here is Hard Times who give you exactly what you’d expect form a band with that name, namely a rollicking, witty 15 minute set of breakneck paced punk rock.

DJ Pound Me @ the Double Wide

This has to be the worst DJ name in the area.

Rundown: 6/28/10

28 Jun

(Note: This week we’re trying something a little different and doing daily rundowns of events around town instead of our usual Weekly Rundowns….this most likely won’t last.)

New Science Projects / The Horse Museum / Sean Kirkpatrick / Delmore Pilcrow @ Hydrant

I’ve always found the performance space at the Hydrant to be a really nice spot for shows of a subdued nature, and tonight’s line-up seems tailor made for a rainy monday night gathering. Also, I’m interested to see if all that time in Europe has rubbed off on Dale Jones, maybe we’ll get some German lyrics.

Final Club / Gun Outfit / Fergus & Geronimo @ Hailey’s

Hype is such a fickle thing, it either launches you, launches you into backlash, or all of that plus a thousand other things. The line-up at Hailey’s tonight has three bands going through three different stages of hype, Final Club was hyped up as the next big Denton thing when they came around late last year, and now that they’ve gone through some line-up tweeking you have to wonder what the new product will be like. Gun outfit is one of those bands being poised to blow up on the indie circuit, they’ve carefully built a word of mouth through blogs, and major sites, and with this tour the word should grow and grow, and we might end up with a new Twin Sister on our hands. F&G has rode their hype for all it’s worth, and that’s not a detriment, the rather great band has carefully built their fan base by only playing choice shows int he area and dutifully releasing songs online, and now with their signing to a subsidiary of a mid-major indie label we get to watch a local continue to build it’s self up. Not gonna lie, I find it all really fascinating.

Track of the Day: LCD Soundsystem- North American Scum

28 Jun

This is dedicated to us not having to care about soccer for another 4 years.

Track(s) of the Weekend (Jesseca’s on the road edition): Power Animal–Female Wrestler (Less Urban Version) and Br’er–Crocus (Soft Mountain Version)

25 Jun

Note: This will be yet another short post, as I’m still on vacation. My posts will be longer when I return on July 13.

I meant to post this song on the 15th, when Edible Onion released their latest compilation, A Cure For The Broken-Hearted, but I was frantically finishing up work and packing. Better late than never, right?

Power Animal–Female Wrestler (Less Urban Version)

Br’er–Crocus (Soft Mountain Version)

Since I won’t be writing a verdict today, I decided to share two of my favorite tracks from the album. They just happen to be by two of my favorite bands who frequent the DFW area (especially Denton). All 12 tracks on the compilation are as breathtaking as these two. You can purchase the album, complete with beautiful, handmade packaging, at Edible Onion’s website.