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Month of List(s): The Best Things to happen Locally in ’09 part 1

29 Dec

It’s been a rather wonderful year locally. We’ve seen bands sign to labels and break through nationally and internationally. We’ve seen new bands pop up and bring something different to the area and established acts release work we always knew they had in them. With that in mind, we’re tossing out three days’ worth of things we found exciting. This list is in no particular order and we’re trying to cover as much ground as possible, so apologies for things we miss.


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Rundown: 7/7 to 7/12

7 Jul

The issue of doing most of the writing for this site is when something comes up I don’t really have anyone to fall back on to get post up, and I’m forced to through random shit up via my phone. Anyway, we’ve got a fairly decent week capped by a free show we’re throwing, and a that little bit of breaking news we had for you on Sunday. Continue reading

Rundown: 6/22 to 6/28

22 Jun

It’s funny to realize that you’re aging, I say this because of the realization that kids born in 1990 are quickly approaching 20, and the idea you had of them being this young group of kids who were obsessed with Hannah Montana goes flying right out the window, when you see them stealing beer from a keg.

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A closer look at all who’re involved with our little shindig on Friday

17 Jun

The best part about putting together shows is it raises my awareness/appreciation for the bands we end up working with, something that has kind of ruled my week as of late. Fishboy‘s upcoming record features a press release nugget that’s slightly mind blowing, and I quote… Continue reading

Rundown: 6/15 to 6/21

15 Jun

You know what’s fun to realize? The fact the the Mavericks had two different opportunities to trade Dirk for Kobe, and passed both times. Now this may just be my continued sour grapes over the Harris trade causing me to mention this, or it could be the fact that I continue to watch the Mavs fail while seeing Kobe continually rising to the highest level of success, and it kind of pisses me off.

Though let’s be honest, there’s no way Dallas fans accept Kobe over their beloved blue eye’d German.

Anyway, whe have one hell of a week of music in the metroplex, let’s take a look at the highlights.

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Interview: Sabra Laval

11 Jun

(note: The above video is from Sabra’s performance during this years NX35)

It would be a cliche to lump Sabra Laval in with the hundreds of other female musician’s currently plying their trade in the various venues around the country, mainly due to the fact that the DOMA nominee’s music has an air of positivity not usually found on many of today’s albums. Smokey voiced, and ever elegant Ms. Laval has found herself with a bit of standing amongst the Dallas/Denton/Fort Worth music scene, having played a spot on March’s NX35, and finding herself nominated for best female vocalist in the DOMA‘s despite only being active int he area since last summer. A friend and myself caught up with Sabra after her performance at the Annex House for an interview, that was suppose dot be conducted with a palm reader, but ended up being a free flowing conversation fueled by Tecate, and admiration. Continue reading

June 19th

4 Jun

we have a little show at Annex House with Math the Band, Fishboy and Giggle Party

here’s Fishboy’s version of the poster

I like it, but I know our own Blaire Grady’s poster is going to be just as good if not better.

Rundown: 5/18 to 5/24

18 May

This is late because sometimes finding time to write between the other aspects of this site, and my real life can be a bit of a struggle. Anyway this is going to be short and sweet, there’s a tone going on this week including our show at J&J’s this Thursday. Oh, and we’re doing an interview with Giggle Party this week over twitter so make sure you watch out for that.

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Rundown: 4/13 to 4/19

13 Apr

Sorry this is late, I had kind of a busy day so something had to wait, and this was it. Anyway, it’s going to be a hell of a week in the metroplex, shows galore, and honestly you have no excuse for not going out at least a couple of times this week.

We’re gonna have a few things for you this week, show photos, a couple of interviews, Record Store Day stuff and hopefully it’ll actually all make it on here. Continue reading

Rundown: 4/6 to 4/12

6 Apr

Ah Opening Day I love you, I don’t want to do anything, just stay home and watch grown men get paid to hit a little ball into play, with the outside chance of seeing it actually leave the field of play. Boring? Yes. Awesome? Sometimes. An excuse to drink at noon on a Monday? Yes, but I never really need an excuse for that. I bring this up because baseball is a signal of summertime, which to me means the summer tours are coming, and much like today’s games signal the beginning of what seems like a never ending season, this weeks round of shows feel like a signal of what is ahead in the coming months. Continue reading