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How Sweet Apple (nearly) Saved My Week– A belated SXSW Review

26 Mar

By Jesseca Bagherpour

Remember last week when Jaime posted something that said we would be posting SXSW updates because we would actually be seeing music there? Well, I, for one, ended up seeing far fewer shows at SX than I did at NX. Most of our time there was spent preparing for shows, running shows, fixing disasters at shows and walking around aimlessly trying to get to shows (many of which were packed by the time we got to them).

There was an incident with Jaime’s car which I won’t go into, but I will say it ended with me in tears, which I was already on the brink of after missing Superchunk. Also, I was sick the whole time with a sore throat, congestion and a horrific cough (on top of physical ailments I deal with on a daily basis). Basically, I should have stayed home.

But I did catch one great live show which, despite my having to stand outside in 35-degree, cloudy weather to watch it, almost single-handedly erased my bad memories of SXSW. That glorious band is called Sweet Apple and almighty guitar god J. Mascis is the driving force behind it. Though J. doesn’t front the band (he covers drums, guitar and vocals on the record), it’s Dinosaur Jr.-esque–complete with infectious hooks and a delicious combination of hard rock and power pop. But the band is different enough to hold its own. Continue reading


18 Mar

Check here all weekend for random SXSW thoughts, since this festival we actually get to see music.


Let’s be honest, having all the NX35 kids in Austin may have had something to do with the loss of Alex Chilton. We’re the grim reapers of the music world as of late, and it deeply saddens us to lose an artist we so respected.  Also, I’d rather not go into yesterday’s madness, other than saying registration was fun and Sleep Whale and Bear in Heaven were excellent.

Anyway, I myself am off to go drink, watch basketball and catch some music. Expect more later.