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Why We Support Kevin Roden

22 Mar

Check out this video from 35C.

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Around the Area: More video than you can handle

7 Sep

So this week’s Around the Area features nothing but video we shot during our shows last Thursday & Saturday. So if you enjoy Baruch the Scribe, Dear Human, Peopleodian, or The Eastern Sea, then you’re in for a treat. Continue reading

Around the Area: Band sells salsa to raise money for album, Separatysts play their first and only show, Movie Tavern in Denton plays classics non-stop and the Apocalypse returns to Dan’s

24 Aug
(It’s kind of hard to cover every little thing that goes on in the area, so once a week we’re gonna use this spot to highlight some of the things we rather enjoyed in the last week/things coming up that we’re excited for.)

Wednesday Night with Western Giants

by Judson Valdez

I had high expectations going into the Western Giants’ set Wednesday night at Dan’s. It was their first show back from a long summer break, they were in the middle of recording their first full-length, they had a new bass player (Keaton Thomas) and they were debuting their own homemade brand of salsa. All of these things contributed to the impressive crowd at the show.

I have followed Western Giants since the first time I saw them back in April, and have seen a slow progression of the band ever since, but Wednesday’s show proved to be a larger step forward for the band than I have seen to date. Of the seven-song set list they played, five of the songs were new, and they all debuted to a great reception.

One of the new songs, “Liars and Leavers”, was a great display of a bigger and more powerful sound from the band and really added a more versatile dynamic to the set that I feel they’ve needed for a while. A couple of songs later, a new version of “Lampshade”, off of their first EP, brought the song to a darker and richer depth.

My personal favorite of the night was a yet-to-be-titled song featuring Kennan Talley’s always amazing guitar playing. The characteristic lead/rhythm guitar line mixed with Talley’s calm voice led the song most of the way through then flowed into last portion of the song built by the whole band using an interesting chord progression to finish strong.

Their set really got me excited for the album to come, as I’m sure it did for anyone in the room that night, and I can’t wait to hear the recorded versions of these songs. It seems that the break for Western Giants was a very productive one. Oh, and yes, I tried the salsa, and it was good.

Seperatysts play first/last show

Simply put, the Separatysts’ set on Saturday night was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’d had at City Tavern. it’s a shame it was their only show. (Though a few members of an SMU frat that had a stranglehold on the bottom bar would disagree. They wandered up for the show and were not enthused by the dancing.)

Movie Tavern brings the goods

Seems all summer long the Movie Tavern in Denton has been not only doing midnight movie screenings of classic films, but doing early mid-week screenings of the films as well. It feels like not one day this summer has passed without one of my friends hassling me to drive up and catch a movie with them, and at some point I will. This week’s screening is Joe Pantoliano’s star-making vehicle The Goonies.

Next Week Denton’s Pub Quiz Apocalypse returns to Dan’s

Next Saturday, Denton Pub Quiz Apocalypse, “the only cash prize” trivia game in Denton, makes its long-awaited return to Dan’s Silverleaf. Masters of useless knowledge, be prepared to feel dumb.