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Track of the Day: The Black Eyed Peas – Karma

31 Jan


Remember when The Black Eyed Peas were lacking the one who pissed herself and was just made up of Hologram guy, the other guy, the other other guy and the occasional other other other guy? I doubt we get any of these tracks on Sunday.

Giveaway: Free Energy at the Loft

31 Jan

Philadelphia’s Free Energy have made a name for themselves by playing music that is reminiscent of 70s rock. Their music earned them a spot on Rolling Stone’s list of best new bands in 2010 as well as an opening slot on Weezer’s Memories Tour.

This year they’ve embarked on their own headlining tour, during which they’ve contributed their song “Hope Child” to It Gets Better via The New Gay

On Tuesday they’re making a stop in Dallas, with openers The Postelles and The Background, to play at The Loft and we have two pairs of tickets for the show. Just send an email with “Free Energy” as the subject and your full name as the body to by 11:59 p.m. Winners will be notified by tomorrow morning.

And if you don’t win, you can still grab tickets here.

Free Energy plays The Loft on Tuesday, February 1 at 8:30 p.m. with The Postelles and The Background.

Rundown: 1/28 – 1/30

28 Jan



Hex Dispensers / Mind Spiders / The Blind Shake / Shakedown Alley @ RGRS

Telegraph Canyon / Thrift Store Cowboys @ Dan’s

Ryan thomas Becker / Jesse Frye @ City Tavern

The Blurries / Florene / Balaclavas @ Pastime Tavern

Whiskey Folk Ramblers / Kentucky Knife Fight / Spooky Folk @ The Double Wide

Danny Rush & The DD’s @ The Kessler

Retribution Gospel ChoirPeter Wolf Crier @ Hailey’s

Brent Best / Dim Locator @ The Hydrant

Barn Show w/ Curvette / Welcome Signs / A Smile Full of Ale @ The Barn


Boys Named Sue / The King Bucks / Grant Jones and the Pistol Grip Lassos @ Sons of Hermann Hall

Sugar & Gold / Yip Deceiver @ Gilley’s

People on Vacation / Air Review @ HoB


Monotonix / Bad Sports @ RGRS

Warren Jackson Hearne / Matthew Gray / Kaleo K / George Neal @ Dan’s


What happens when you listen to the local “independent” radio station for an hour, post “subtle” format change

28 Jan

In the last few weeks a very public outcry has risen to address what seems to be an abandonment of what KXT had promised to do (namely be a beacon of diversity in a very undiverse market), and to be honest to you back when we started doing live blogs of hour long slices of the radio we never thought we’d actually have to turn our ire towards a station we’ve donated to, but one look at this, this and this, just proves how bad things have gotten. One has to wonder why Kxt has made the decision they’ve made, if anything the rise of the “hipster consumer class” should have pushed them to explore the idea of being a true alternative the corporate radio, a station that truly supported independent music, by brokering deals with with labels and advocates in hopes of grabbing on to something before it truly crossed over and reaping the benefits when it did. Alas, I guess Train fans just donate more.

So with all that in mind, we’re firing up the ol’cover it live and are diving into what looks like everything your balding uncle loved when he was 31, please join us.
Click Here


Final Thoughts:

If you go read through that chat you’ll notice that everyone that participated has a genuine love for the station, they’re just disappointed in the way the situation is being handled, we want to love you KXT, we just want some transparency with what your doing, it is our money that’s funding you after all.

Tracks of the Weekend: Elton John – Goodbye Yellowbrick Road (live on the Muppet show w/Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem) & This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore

28 Jan


We’re dedicating the weekend to one of the greatest pop musicians to ever live in celebration of the news that we’re getting a Moulin Rouge like bio-pic from the real piano man, so you know, expect lots of SHINY and PRETTY!



Rundown: 1/27/11

27 Jan

Thrift Store Cowboys / The Slow Burners @ Lochrann’s

Empress Hotel / Jesse Frye @ Lola’s

Trey Johnson @ Kessler

Telegraph Canyon / Seryn @ Granada

This is Seryn’s album release show and it seems that there is already a lot of praise being heaped on the disc, as many in the local media are declaring it the best local album of the year (we’re in, uh, January, right?) and one has to wonder if this is just another case of people trying to crown the “best new thing.” Before this turns into another one of those times where I end up with my foot in my mouth, it should be noted that I consider Seryn’s lineup to be chock full of some of the most talented musicians in the area (Nathan Allen may just be one of the top five guitar players in DFW), but that musicianship just doesn’t seem to translate on album. In fact, at times they sound like a basket full of yawning kittens–cute, yes, but in the end kind of dull.

Discipline @ RGRS


Tim Sweeney @ PM Lounge

35 Conferette Drops a Superbad addition to their Line-up as they add Indie super-group that consists of members from The Unicorns, ManMan, Modest Mouse & Sex Bob-omb

27 Jan

Coming off a fest that Infinitely topped Year One, 35 Conferette has decided that this was the year they casted off their Arrested Development and ripped your Paper Heart to shreds, also there’s some awesome other acts. Check the release.

DENTON, Texas (January 27, 2011) — 35 Conferette has officially scored brand new Sub Pop Records signees Mister Heavenly for the 2011 roster. The band will join Dr. Dog, !!!, The Secret Sisters, Big Boi, Mavis Staples and scores more in downtown Denton, Texas, March 10-13, for what NPR’s Texas Music Matters christened last year as “the little conference that could”.

Neo-screw masters Blissed Out and folk-rock three-piece The Spring Standards of New York City; seven-piece classical/folk outfit Lost in the Trees of Chapel Hill, NC; Brazilian electro-dance act Database and Motown shoegazers Pure X of Austin are also confirmed to play the festival.

More additions: Fort Worth-based Telegraph Canyon, Dallas’ late-’60s R&B revivalist Flowers of God (Andy Young, Lift to Experience); and San Franciscan DIY/twee-punk act Giggle Party.

Four-day wristbands via are still available for $85.

Mister Heavenly happened when a side project featuring Nick Diamonds (Islands/Unicorns) and Honus Honus (Man Man) morphed into a charged-up, handclap-inducing supergroup with the addition of Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse).  “Spurred on by a mutual appreciation for doo-wop and doomed love songs (aka doom-wop), Diamonds and Honus set out to record a one-off instrumental 7″ but soon found themselves, within a span of a few late-night sessions, writing an entire album. When Plummer joined in, Mister Heavenly was officially born,” the band’s materials explain.

Michael Cera joined the group on bass for Mister Heavenly’s live debut opening for Passion Pit in December. The band will appear as a four-piece at 35 Conferette.

2010’s event in Denton saw the North American debut of Australia’s The Middle East [Brooklyn Vegan], a keynote address by seminal punk icon Steve Albini, and a free outdoor show featuring The Flaming Lips with Denton’s Midlake supporting that earned the number one spot on the Dallas Observer’s DC9 At Night-penned Best Shows of 2010 list.

Eleven venues were used for regular programming and about 225 bands from Denton [Best Music Scene, Paste, 2008] to Dublin were on the lineup, deemed a “scorcher” by the Austin American-Statesman. An estimated 20,000 people attended over the weekend.

35 Conferette is committed to improving the economics and quality of life in Denton. We reach for these goals via programmatical rocksploitation, rousing community union, and providing meaningful travel coupon codes. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and check


We’re very happy to see our friends Giggle Party and The Flowers of God join the fest and well George Micheal, go buy your wristbands kids.