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Why We Support Kevin Roden

22 Mar

Check out this video from 35C.

[vimeo 21306705]

Track of the Day: Crowded House–Don’t Dream It’s Over

3 Nov

I don’t think I need to explain my response to last night’s election results. I have a feeling that you know our political leanings here at DayBowBow, irrelevant as they are when it comes to our opinions on music. But if you lean the same way we do, and like classic tunes from New Zealand/Australia, perhaps you can find the same solace in this song that I did.

Track of the Election Season: Gov. Rick Perry – Money On My Mansion

26 Oct

This is Awesome: OK Go’s Damian Kulash lays down what Net Neutrality means to music

31 Aug

In sunday’s Washington Post, OK Go frontman Damian Kulash laid down what Net Neutality means for not just the music industry, but for all of us. Basically, we need to protect this wonderful thing and keep it from money-grubbing assholes who are looking to exploit the Internet for their own means, and, well you just gotta love this money quote:

Both as a musician and as a music fan, I’ve always wanted to see the best and most exciting musical ideas rise to the top. But we all know the story of the music business: Success is bought more often than earned. Smart money looks for low risks, so the safest, blandest music attracts the most investment, and only the safest, blandest music makes it to the airwaves and the shelves at Wal-Mart. Creative, innovative artists toil in obscurity, the public is fed rubbish, and, for decades, the industry contentedly made its way to the bank.

Music is subjective, of course, so you don’t have to agree with my assessment of what’s innovative and what’s trash. But business is less so, and the past decade of the music industry is as clear an example as you can find of what happens when the depth of pockets, not the quality of ideas, is the arbiter of success. It’s been like a corporate version of the Three Stooges: absurd flailing, spectacular myopia and willful ignorance of reality. Now that the big record companies have made themselves obsolete, bands such as mine can make a better living without their help than we can with it.

Right on sir, we’re wholly with you … and we like your choice of dress, and dance moves.

(H/T Move On)

This is NOT Awesome: Trade Martin–We’ve Got to Stop the Mosque at Ground Zero

20 Aug

Dear god … there are so many thing wrong with this song and video. I don’t even know where to begin … Continue reading