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Rundown: 11/30/10

30 Nov

I decided to take over the Rundown today because I’m extremely excited about Blonde Redhead. I saw them at The Granada three years ago and it was nothing short of magical. Until that point, I’d never seen the venue so packed.

There’s other stuff going on, sort of, but if you can make it to Dallas/you live in Dallas, then that’s the show to catch. Tickets are between $24 and $39, and well worth the cost.

Blonde Redhead / Olof Arnalds @ The Granada

Andrew Tinker / Paul Slavens @ Dan’s

It’s been a long time since Paul Slavens has played a show at our most beloved Denton venue, and apparently this show will be on Charter Access 25 for all the shut-ins and cheapskates who won’t pony up the $5. I won’t make a comment on Andrew Tinker because I think Jaime said enough a few months back …

This is Awesome: The Walkmen cover “Holiday Road”

30 Nov

You really should go and check this out
The Walkmen cover “Holiday Road”

Track of the Day: Jessica Lea Mayfield – Kiss Me Again

30 Nov

Rundown: 11/29/10

29 Nov

Boxcar Bandits / Not So Hot Klub Du Denton / RTB2 @ Dan’s

Track of the Day: Randy Newman – I Love LA

29 Nov


RIP Leslie we loved your work.

Rundown: 11/26/10

26 Nov

Annex House lives: Broadcast Sea / Manned Missiles / Leg Sweeper /  T0MMYL33J0N3Z @ Annex House

Honestly the only thing to do tonight is attend the first show back at one of the best local house venues, really with a steller line-up that features some of the best up and coming bands in the area, you surely couldn’t do much better with your night.

Track of the Day: Oingo Boingo – Weird Science

26 Nov