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Track of the Day: The Nels Cline Singers–Floored

5 Apr

By Jesseca Bagherpour

Today’s selection probably seems out-of-place at Daybowbow, what with Jaime’s outspoken hatred of jazz (or at least certain kinds of jazz). But I happen to love jazz (although I am admittedly picky with the types of  jazz I’ll listen to).  And it’s not exactly surprising, with my admitted devotion to Wilco, that I’m a Nels Cline fan.

The man is a guitar god who has mastered a plethora of styles, including  jazz (obviously), country and rock. He’s played on over 150 albums during his decades-long career and he’s collaborated with Thurston Moore, Willie Nelson and Mike Watt, among others. He’s also a composer and band leader, The Nels Cline Singers being his latest  project as leader.

The Nels Cline Singers (an intentionally ironic name, as there are no vocalists in the trio) create improvisational and free-form jazz, which basically means they play whatever they feel like playing, at times taking a more traditional jazz route and at others taking detours into rock or experimental territory.

Initiate, their fourth album (to be released April 13 by Cryptogramaphone), is a two-disc set that is the result of a three-day recording session in Berkley and the group’s first live recording, at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco.

The songs on Initiate span a wide spectrum, from serene to intricate to bizarre (mostly thanks to space-age noises) to heavy. Then of course there’s Cline’s legendary guitar work, along with the other stunning musicianship, to make it even more interesting. Basically, it’s anything but a snooze fest. In fact, I tried to fall asleep to it and every time the record hit a gentle lull it would pick up speed or volume, often mid-song, and perk me up again.

“Floored”, the second track on disc one of Initiate, is a fast-paced, guitar-and-drums-driven song that puts the spotlight on Cline’s talent. Though the album works best as a whole, “Floored” is still a worthy standalone piece.

The Nels Cline Singers–Floored

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert in jazz, but I know a brilliant record when I hear it and Initiate is certainly that. It’s unusual and unpredictable and it makes me marvel at Nels Cline’s genius.

Will you be our Valentine? (Jesseca’s Mix)

12 Feb

Childish collage: Jesseca Bagherpour

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we to make mixes of some of our favorite love songs. We ask you to forget your cynicism, open your hardened heart and, well, be our valentine. Also, feel free to steal our lists and make a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone.

By Jesseca Bagherpour

Say what you will about Valentine’s Day–it’s a cliched Hallmark holiday, people place too much emphasis on one day when they should be expressing their love every day, it makes single people even more aware of how lonely they are … on second thought … shut up. Valentine’s Day is great.

Remember how fun Valentine’s Day was when you were a kid? All the kids gave each other valentines (so you could express your undying love to your crush without anyone suspecting a thing) and you were encouraged to stuff your face with cookies, cupcakes and candy which were all readily provided by teachers and parents. What’s not to love?

While I don’t think Valentine’s Day is some monumentally important holiday that everyone should honor in the most extravagant ways possible, I still like to celebrate it. It’s fun to embrace the child within and give people valentines–especially handmade ones–and candy. It’s also nice to have a quiet night in with someone I like or possibly even love and exchange small tokens of affection. One of my favorite gifts to give and/or receive is a mixed CD (or tape, although those are a dying art form).

What follows is the mix I came up with for Valentine’s Day 2010.* Continue reading

Track of the Day: The Hope Trust- Whatever Suits You

17 Dec
The Hope Trust

Photo: Carmen Holt

(Note: Due to the sheer number of submissions we receive there is no way we can give each and every album the attention (and word count) they deserve, but we can devote time to at least one song from each. So we started this feature to give worthy bands, and their music a spot to shine. We hope this helps you discover new and exciting acts, and as always if you enjoy the music please make an attempt to support the artist by either attending a show, or buying a record.)

By Jesseca Bagherpour

I realize I’m a little late with my discovery of The Hope Trust. They released The Incurable Want, the album today’s track comes from, in June 2007 and released a self-titled EP before that. All of that came after singer/songwriter Kelly Upshaw started the band as a solo project. But now that I’ve finally listened to the band, I’m thoroughly impressed.

They have elements of some of my favorite artists–Wilco, The Pernice Brothers and Bob Dylan, among others. Speaking of Dylan, Upshaw sounds strikingly like Bob’s son Jakob (with a little more grit), although I’ll take The Hope Trust over The Wallflowers or even Jakob’s recent, more mature work.

The Incurable Want is an apt title for the album. I find myself feeling a familiar ache in the pit of my stomach, that wistful pang that comes when I think about failed or missed opportunities, especially romantic ones.

The Hope Trust- Whatever Suits You

Verdict: It was difficult to pick on stand-out track from the album, but “Whatever Suits You” embodies its best elements–evocative lyrics, gorgeous vocal harmonies, twangy steel guitar and immaculate drumming. It’s mournful yet uplifting, like all great love songs.

The Five Albums I Listened to the Most in 2009

14 Dec

By Jesseca Bagherpour

I’m not sure if I’ve complained enough (on this blog) about how much I hate writing lists where I rank, well, anything. So rather than write a list of the top albums of the year, I wrote a list of the albums I listened to the most this year. Most of them weren’t even released this year (one isn’t from this decade, for that matter). But they’re the ones I played the most, for whatever reason. In the spirit of my hatred of lists, I have placed them in alphabetical order, according to album title. Bonus: the last two records on the list are my breakup albums for 2009 (and may therefore appear on another list later this month)! Continue reading

Month of List(s): My 10 Favorite “Sellouts” of the Decade

8 Dec

By Jesseca Bagherpour

During my grade school days, I freaked out when other people discovered the music I loved. It was my music and I didn’t want anyone to steal it from me. I first experienced this reaction while listening to Weezer’s Blue album with my family on a road trip. They all liked it! I was all right with my older brother liking it, because he was close to my age and therefore cool. But my parents? No way. I asked them to remove the cassette (remember cassettes?) from the tape deck and I promptly put it back into my Walkman. As the years progressed, I briefly hated (or was “over”) The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, The White Stripes and a slew of other artists who rose from relative obscurity to become “the next big thing.”

But I’ve changed. I share music with my mom and we even go to concerts together. When an artist I like gets popular, signs on with a major record label or has a song featured in a commercial, I’m happy for them. That could come from having lived in an area teeming with musicians, many of whom are friends and acquaintances (some of whom have sold their songs for commercial use in foreign markets, but I won’t name anyone). Or it could come from being an adult. Either way, I’d rather my favorite artists be able to make a living (by selling their songs, not mine, no matter how personal they may feel). There’s nothing noble in starving and/or cleaning toilets in the name of your “art”. And I want as many people as possible to be exposed to good music. When the masses accept it, it gives me a little hope for mankind.

This is a list of 10 artists I still love, even though they’ve “sold their souls” (specifically to take part in major ad campaigns): Continue reading

The Week in Music & Video: 10/5 to 10/11

8 Oct

The baseball playoffs have started, so you’re not getting much commentary with these tracks, just enjoy the music, and we’ll try to give you a bit more next week.

As usual don’t be a dick, either catch a show, hit the local record shop, or an online retailer.

Continue reading

The Week in Music 6/29 to 7/5

30 Jun

Not alot going on this week, so music is gonna be sparse, try to enjoy what we have.


Wilco- You Never Know

Man there was a bunch of white people at Good Records last night, and I’m not trying to offend by saying that. (ok, maybe a little.)


Patrick Wolf- I just Wasn’t Made For These Times(Beach Boys Cover)

The legions of kids at this show are going to regret this one day, mark my words this look/movement makes the Flock of Seagulls fad look well though out.

Plastiscines- La Rgle Du Jeu

One of my best friends dates a girl from Germany, she’s cute, hip, and an all around vixen. She would eat this shit up, and it annoys me.

I’m not usually this negative, blame the weather.