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Track of the Day: Sarah Renfro–Little white house

29 Sep

Sarah Renfro left our fair community for Brookyln in 2006, but there’s still a little Denton in her. That’s made apparent by two of the songs on her latest EP, You should be somewhere outside. One of those songs, “Denton, my love”, is outwardly whimsical (in a novel style similar to collaborator, and fellow Dentonite-turned-Brooklynite, Corn Mo), but below the surface it expresses a longing for a small, warm town she used to love but grew too big for. She expresses the need to move on to bigger things that many Dentonites feel and eventually act on. But the other, “Little white house”, is my pick from the EP.

Sarah Renfro–Little White House

Verdict: Something felt incredibly familiar about this song, and it took reading Renfro’s bio to pinpoint it–it reminds me of music from the show Twin Peaks. The Rhodes and reverb-heavy guitar mingle together like old lovers and, along with Renfro’s sultry voice, create a beautifully haunting effect. And the violin, flugelhorn and brilliantly layered vocals flesh out the song, keeping it dynamic and fresh.

Sarah Renfro returns to Denton tonight to play at Hailey’s, along with Welcome Signs and Eaton Lake Tonics. Doors are at 9. And if you like what you hear, be sure to purchase the rest of You should be somewhere outside.