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This is Awesome: We are very much on board with a Wicked animated film

11 Feb

Illustration by Hedi Gilbert


It’s a little known fact that here in the virtual offices of DBB we catch ourselves breaking out into songs from a musical, or discussing how evil Glee really is and we swear that’s all true, and if you don’t believe us we fully understand, but if you do believe us we ask that you join us on the Wicked as an animated feature bandwagon.

It seems the internet has slowly come abuzz with a storyboard video done by Californian artist Heidi Gilbert which she posted on her blog along with an open letter to the musical’s creator Stephen Schwartz, check them both out below.


Dear Stephen Schwartz,

I know you can relate to the plight of loving a story, loving a medium, and trying to convince someone in power to see your vision! You did it with Marc Platt when you convinced him to make it a stage musical. I’m just approaching you with the same sincerity. Is it possible to talk you out of doing a live action movie adaptation? Would you consider doing a traditionally animated adaptation? In my heart I think the musical needs the medium, and I think the medium needs your musical. I just love them both so much and hopefully that shows through in the story reel.

Heidi Jo Gilbert

Here’s the video.
In our humble opinion if that was to made it would be the best thing since 4 loko.
(Hat tip to The AV Club and check out Hedi’s site here.)