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Rundown:7/20 to 7/26

20 Jul

I can’t believe they’re letting Martellus Bennett host the DOMAs, it’s a slightly worse idea then CGI Guinea Pigs who fight terrorist. Really anyone who has paid attention to this guys exploits on the net over the last year knows that this is a disaster waiting to happen. In fact let’s set some odds for what he might end up doing

Forget he’s only getting to do this because he get’s paid to play a kids game: 1-2

Mispronounce one of the band names:even

Say something incredulous that shows he’s sort of oblivious to the sacrifices of his forebears: 3-1

Unknowingly insult the guy who’s checks allow him to act like an over sized 12 year old with a brand new copy of “The Complete Chappelle’s Show”: 5-1

Insist he be allowed to perform a freestyle/skit: 5-1

Mispronounce two of the band names: 8-1

Rhyme “Romo” with “Homo”…again: 12-1

Have a clue who any of the performers are: 50-1

I know I sound like an ass for this, but as someone of a similar age, and back ground I feel I can say youth is no excuse for ignorance.

Anyway, time to talk music. It’s abit of a calm week, other then the DOMA’s & our show on Tuesday, and the rather awesome show at the Handsome Kitten on Friday.

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Breakdown: Warbler PL ” My Fornix”

12 Jun

It would seem that we’re on the verge of a wave of backlash against the current crop of lo-fi acts that are scattered around the country playing to crowds that seem to be more, and more jaded towards their work. Instances like the recent incident in Spain with San Diego lo-fi act Wavves seem to be an indication that the general public has grown weary of the trend, which you would think would be a demerit against Warbler PL‘s EP My Fornix, fortunately for mastermind Marshell Walker that is not the case.

To often it seems musicians are trading aesthetic for substance, something that My Fornix feels to have passed over, starting strongly with harrowing “New Moon” Walker manages to grab the attention of the listener with a sound that manages to be uncommonly challenging, yet calming at the same time. The album moves at a subdued pace, settling into crevices of sound not usually explored, in fact the albums stand out track “Arrows of Importance” doesn’t reveal itself as such till several listens in. Much like a McCarthy novel, My Fornix presents its self as something that should be digested multiple times before judgment.

Warbler PL- New Moon

Verdict: Set some time aside to have a drink and a listen.