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This Twilight thing is getting a little out of control

13 Oct

I have sort of a morbid curiosity towards the pop cultural mammoth that is Twilight. Honestly I’m not sure why, maybe it’s my affinity for gigantic overbearing phenomenons that lead to legions of girls losing their shit for no apparent reason, but this is getting a little out of hand. I’ve seen writers I respect attacked for not thinking things linked to it aren’t the GREATESTTHINGEVER, and it’s unsettling the way they’ve manged to make it such a cash cow.

Case in point, almost every girl I know considers it a guilty pleasure, because “it’s so silly”,and they have to watch it and make fun of it. Preferably with a group of other girls, over drinks, and no men within 3 miles of the room. (This is my favorite girl excuse for liking something terrible, they seem to think it’s perfectly ok to try and pass this lie off, and that we don’t see right through it. They also do this with Gossip Girl, E!, MTV shows, the music in the Top 40 and Tyra Banks.) The hoopla even led to a  Dallas held convention, brilliantly named Twi-Con, that charged upwards of $150 dollars, so attendees could hobnob with movie star look-a-likes, and the hand model from the books. Really that’s an offensively gross money grab, that makes the Oklahoma land grab deals look quaint.
(Though  it led to a great writing day for us where we made up fake Con panels and posted them to Twitter throughout the day. My personal favorite was “So you’re a guy, and you read Twilight: Why your father can’t look you in the eye.”)

The pandemonium surrounding it has even lead to a soundtrack that many are saying has the potential to be the album of the year. Ridiculous right? Well, a glance at the track list reads like a who’s who of indie rock, seriously take a look. Continue reading