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This is Not Awesome: Why in the hell would we want a Whedonless Buffy movie?

23 Nov

Let’s see we had one movie that was supposedly cut to death, we also had one seven season show that’s almost universally loved, and all of this was done by the one man who has a last name people have turned into a trademark for everything he even thinks about, and now we’re gonna have his pet project taken over by a studio without his involvement? Really? This is a good idea?

This is Not Awesome: U. of Michigan band performs GaGatacular halftime show

13 Sep

Man, googleing Lady GaGa + Football brings up some interesting stuff

Over on Jezebel there’s video posted of the University of Michigan’s marching band performing a GAGA medley, complete with the band forming GAGA during the performance, proving that while Big Blue can defeat Notre Dame they can never defeat their own bad taste.