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Rundown: NX35 edition

10 Mar

Brunswick, the official NX35 mascot

There had been some debate amongst us if we should even bother doing a Rundown this week, what with those of you who care about music already knowing who you’re going to see and why you’re seeing them. But, being who we are, we’ve each decided to suggest two acts you should see every night. Take a look after the jump. Continue reading

The never-ending NX35 track-by-track: Week 2

26 Feb

So here’s the deal: we’ve been fairly light on the NX35 coverage due mainly to, well, some “involvement” with the festival. In an effort to provide some level of “countdown” coverage, we are going to go through 20 tracks from 20 bands at a time every Friday until the weekend of the conferette. (For those of you who are a little slow, there are three weeks left until NX35, which means we will be sharing 60 tracks with you.) Let’s hope this helps all of you have a better understanding of the music that is quickly approaching. If you like any of the bands, check out when/where they’re playing and possibly find out more info at NX35.com.

Note: This week the newest addition to the DBB staff, Nina Chantanapumma (aka The Neener), joins in on the fun.

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