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Man True Blood is terrible

9 Jul

Man this show is terrible, but I’m addicted to it, this is how our parents must have felt during the heights of Dallas, and Dynasty. Set in an alternate time line where vampires exist, are public, and drink a synthetic blood made by the Japanese. The world of  is also sex, and murder filled, while being balanced by some racism, someone freaking out about racism, and is paired with terrible acting, and worse accents.

Case in point

It should be noted that there are an astounding number of youtube videos set to “Delilah”, the guy that wrote that song could have his pick of any overweight 14 year old on the planet right now.

Anyway, the best part of the series is  repeated phrase from our main vampire, which goes “SOOKIE IS MINE!!!!!” as menacing as possible, and is said ad nausuem, imagine a world where you ask some on hows the weather, and you get “SOOKIE IS MINE!!!!!” you’re all like, “Ok. dude whatever. What do you want for breakfast?” and you get “SOOKIE IS MINE!!!!!” again. Yeah, 45% of the show is that, the other 55% is bad accents and one guys zany sexual misadventures that always end in murder.

Really, I have no idea why I willing watch this show, other then the drinking game we invented, “What drinking game?” you ask? Well, it goes like so…

1 six pack
1 bottle of bourbon
2 shot glasses
1 disc of True Blood season 1

Every time an accent is terrible take a drink form the beer, every time someone has sex take a shot, every time someone dies take a shot, every time that one girl freaks out about race take a drink, something really shocking happens take a shot, every time home boy yells “SOOKIE IS MINE!!!!” take a drink.

Try it, and you should see where I’m coming from.