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RTB Day: Neighborhoof Review

1 Dec
Note: Other local sites have already posted their review of Ryan Thomas Becker’s long-awaited new album Neighborhoof, but we decided to wait until the day of its official release out of respect for one of our favorite local musicians. Be sure to make it out to J&J’s tonight for Gutterth’s Neighborhoof release party, where you can purchase the album and hear live versions of the tunes.

By Jesseca Bagherpour

My first thought after pushing play, after I heard the opening riff of “Seek Fire, Anime Kids”, was “Why is he so cool?!?” It may not be the most intellectual sentiment ever written about a musician, but it’s a phrase I repeatedly return to when listen to RTB’s music, whether it be recorded or live. I can’t help being amazed at how talented the man is. He’s a great lyricist and vocalist and his guitar skills blow most other local artists out of the water.

After I got past the initial awe, I was impressed by the clarity of the recording. His older albums are completely lo-fi, all muffled and scratchy. And I’m a fan of lo-fi, but there’s something to be said about crisp, high-fidelity records. Neighborhoof, recorded on four-track, engineered at Grady Don Sandlin’s (RTB’s bandmate) home and eventually mastered at Echo Lab, beautifully blends the lo-fi and high-fi sounds. The mix of clarity from studio mastering with the intimacy of home recording makes listening to Neighborhoof is almost as good as seeing RTB live. Almost. Continue reading

Fight Night Followup interview

8 Sep

Charlie Hunter runs Denton DIY venue The Schoolhouse, along with I ♥ Math Records. On Saturday the Schoolhouse was ground zero for Fight Night, and I decided to ask Charlie exactly what the hell happened.

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Rundown:7/20 to 7/26

20 Jul

I can’t believe they’re letting Martellus Bennett host the DOMAs, it’s a slightly worse idea then CGI Guinea Pigs who fight terrorist. Really anyone who has paid attention to this guys exploits on the net over the last year knows that this is a disaster waiting to happen. In fact let’s set some odds for what he might end up doing

Forget he’s only getting to do this because he get’s paid to play a kids game: 1-2

Mispronounce one of the band names:even

Say something incredulous that shows he’s sort of oblivious to the sacrifices of his forebears: 3-1

Unknowingly insult the guy who’s checks allow him to act like an over sized 12 year old with a brand new copy of “The Complete Chappelle’s Show”: 5-1

Insist he be allowed to perform a freestyle/skit: 5-1

Mispronounce two of the band names: 8-1

Rhyme “Romo” with “Homo”…again: 12-1

Have a clue who any of the performers are: 50-1

I know I sound like an ass for this, but as someone of a similar age, and back ground I feel I can say youth is no excuse for ignorance.

Anyway, time to talk music. It’s abit of a calm week, other then the DOMA’s & our show on Tuesday, and the rather awesome show at the Handsome Kitten on Friday.

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