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Giveaway: Robyn at South Side Music Hall

14 Feb

I don’t think Robyn needs much of an introduction, but she still deserves one. The Swedish pop star started her career 15 years ago and has found worldwide success ever since. She had two hits in the US, “Show Me Love” and “Do You Know (What It Takes)”, in 1997 but her subsequent releases barely made a splash in the states.

That is until last year, when she began releasing singles from the album Body Talk .(which she has released in three parts) “Dancing on My Own”, which received two Grammy nominations, is probably the most popular (though “Hang with Me” has garnered its share of covers, including one my Denton’s own Sarah Jaffe).

Now Robyn is adored across several demographics, although her altered, electro-pop sound makes her more of an underground darling than a pop princess (well … queen … she’s past that princess phase of her life). Hell, Jaime even loves her … like, really loves her.

And we have two pairs of tickets to see Robyn at South Side Music Hall this Friday. Just send an email to giveaways@daybowbow.net with “Robyn” in the subject line and your name in the body by 11:59 p.m. We’ll notify winners tomorrow.

Robyn plays South Side Music Hall on Friday, February 18, with openers Diamond Rings and Natalia Kills. Tickets are $22.50 in advance and $25 the day of the show.

Track of the Day: Joywave – Hang With Me (Robyn cover)

9 Feb

Verdict: Note to bands: If you want to win over bloggers make sure your official music video is composed of the terribly hard-to-find footage of the “Malice in the Palace”. The juxtaposition of such beautiful music over one of the most violent incidents in American sports history is simply jarring. Adding Joywave’s use of Robyn’s actual vocals as an instrument in this cover kicks it to another level, making it one of my favorite tracks of this new year.

Joywave – Hang With Me (Robyn cover)

Track of the Day: Robyn – Dancing On My Own

15 Jul
(Note: Due to the sheer number of submissions we receive, there is no way we can give each and every album the attention (and word count) it deserves, but we can devote time to at least one song from each. So we started this feature to give worthy bands and their music a spot to shine. We hope this helps you discover new and exciting acts, and as always if you enjoy the music please make an attempt to support the artists by either attending a show or buying a record.)

Robyn has been around for sometime now, with “Show Me Love” being a hot wayyyyy back in ’97, and while she’s been putting out albums at a pretty steady clip for about 15 years she hasn’t really crossed over in the states a we tend to prefer our pop stars to….well honestly “suck”.

Robyn – Dancing On My Own

Verdict: Throw away your copy of The Fame Monster and go out and buy this.