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Review: The Naptime Shake

22 Oct


by Melissa Crowe

The Naptime Shake’s new album, Blood and Panic, entertains thoughts of olden days. It’s not worn out Soggy Bottom-style — unless your bottom gets soggy at the mention of lap steel, a horn section and kazoos. Blood and Panic lingers around the tune of some great errr- (forgive me) neo-Western jam bands.

Noah Bailey’s voice envokes some hint of The Doobie Brothers cross-bred with Jeff Tweedy throughout the album. It would be interesting to calculate the beard-twang coefficient… Any takers?

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Breakdown: Young & Brave- Young & Brave

15 Sep

I can’t help but feel a pang of sorrow over the loss of my beloved The Mendoza Line, but Young & Brave‘s eponymous first full length gives me hope Continue reading

Breakdown: Shuta Hasunuma – Pop Ooga

3 Jun

I spent the weekend in Austin driving around the town, just soaking in the sites/people/atmosphere of the town all the while having my trip soundtrack to Shuta Hasunuma‘s excellent third effort Pop Ooga. Songs like “Vol Struggle” mixes intricate electronic instrametalization, with subtle lyrics, that lead you to getting lost in the inherent catchiness of the whole album. Though I don’t have the ear, nor the writing ability to adequately describe this wonderful bit of glitch-pop, I can say is it’s infectious beats infused every footstep to pavement, every park passed, every girl gawked at with a extra bit of joy.

Shuta Hasunuma- Vol Struggle

Verdict: go to Western Vinyl and order the double LP asap.

Reviews in Ten words or less: Fired Up!

21 Feb

We ain’t biting. We, We ain’t biting!