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Track of the Day: Mother Falcon – Fireflies

23 Nov

I shot this and a few other songs by Mother Falcon when they were preparing for their appearance at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun fest. Needless to say, I instantly fell in love with the band. Look for them to be in the area soon, on tour  for their upcoming full length.

Fun Fun Fun Fest Recap: Part 1–Junior Varsity’s take

9 Nov

While the rest of us were driving back and napping, our youngest writer, “Junior Varsity”, was hard at work on his Fun Fun Fun Fest recap. The rest of us will post ours, as well as our interviews in both video and print form, over the next few days.

I got the privilege to attend Fun Fun Fun Fest this past weekend.  For those who are not too familiar with the festival, it is a growing event in Austin that focuses on up-and-coming bands. This was my first time to attend and I can definitely say that it is as enjoyable, if not more so, than any large festival in the country. I definitely recommend going next year. OK, on with the wrap up. Continue reading

In case you couldn’t make it: Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010 Live Blog

6 Nov

Oh Sweet Lord we’re doing it again, yet another live blog from our favorite Austin festival, we hope you enjoy it.



We all had a rather great time last night watching Chris Hardwick bomb, Apples in Stereo go all Afronaut on us and Weird al giving hands down one of the best live performances we’ve collectively seen, we took off to prepare for what looks like a packed Saturday, we’re each off doing individual interviews this morning and preparing for a festival toast once the gates open, let’s hope the weather plays nice this year.

– Jaime


I just finished up shooting and interview with Austin’s Mother Falcon and orchestral pop band which was practicing for their set tomorrow at a local studio, numbering 17 at the time I met with them the young band has made quite the name for themselves in the Austin music scene, drawing rave reviews during last years SXSW, and finding themselves opening up FFF tomorrow morning, not to shabby for a band that’s never played outside of Austin ‘s City Limits.



And we’ve got our first Hoopster ( Slick Rick side stage.)




We spent last night running around the festival as much as possible catching an amazing Cap’n Jazz set, watching Man Man drive a crowd wild, witnessing GWAR murder Sarah Palin and RJD2 drop some Mad Men on us, the night was wild, it was fun, it as quite drunken (I ran into a tree). I’m writing this in a tent as Toro Y Moi is playing to a pretty solid crowd, and wondering if we’re ever gonna be able to comprehend the magnitude of last night, we’ll see as the day goes.




Milo has arrived, at least that’s the rumor, we’ve been splitting time between The chaos of the Black stage and the hipsterism of the Orange stage as both crowds have been very different, not that that isn’t expected. I noticed that Nortec Collective bridged all langue barriers and got their crowd worked into a frenzy, this as helped by the groups Ipad controlled beats. Toro Y Moi is celebrating a birthday and a crowd that seems to be 3 times the size of their normal crowd, Best Coast attracted the largest crowd of what looked like shell shocked zombies I’ve ever seen, and Polvo was just on the receiving end of Thax Douglus poem. So far, so good.