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Rundown: 7/8/10

8 Jul

The Schoolhouse Presents: Spirits of the Red City @ The Hydrant

This is a free show that Charlie Hunter vouched for, so that’s all you need to know. Why don’t you start your evening with some music.

True Widow @ Double Wide

True Widow local performances are becoming a rare thing, make sure you catch the band while you can.

Leg Sweeper / Sir Name / Darktown Strutters / Fungi Girls @ City Tavern

Sir Name is the most exciting project in the area, I’ve thought so since January and the fact that it’s finally making its way to the club circuit just gives me hop that it finds a foothold.

LeBronapalooza @ 9 on ESPN

A lot of us make regrettable decisions at 25, only one of us get’s to a destroy a city with one.


Paul Slavens & Joel North @ Good Records

We’re sorry we forgot to mention this, but this free show features Paul playing songs off his latest release, and like we’ve said many times before it’s one of the better albums put out this year.

Rundown: 9/29 to 10/4

28 Sep

This Trees thing annoys me. Really I hate the way it’s being heralded as the savior of Deep Ellum, despite the fact that the bar is catering to the Firewater set by bringing in bands who are sans radio play, and were popular for like a second in about 1998 (Looking directly at you Powerman 5000, and really who would have thought a Ozzfest band would take their name from a Kinks album.). Seriously, there were 4 news stations there covering it’s opening, Vanilla Ice sold out the place, and various media outlets are have continually gone ape shit with coverage of the places exploits.

The fact of the matter is what John Is does with Parade of Flesh is a thousand times more influential to the “scene” down there then anything Trees has done so far. Seriously, the man tirelessly books a wide variety of quality acts in various clubs in the area, and doesn’t get a quarter of the press that shitty bar gets, and that’s a tragedy.

I’m taking this space to thank John for the hard work, Parade of Flesh continues to book some of the top shows in the area, and it’s much appreciated.

Big week around these parts folks, take a look at the shows, and start making plans to go out.

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Don’t be an asshole, go see Wavves

17 Mar

Seriously, Dallas/Denton/Ft. Worth/Little Suburbs that nobody cares about, this week you have not one, but two chances to catch Wavves live. So, man up and don’t give a fuck that everyone there is silently judging you, go an be able to say you caught Wavves before the lo-fi backlash hit.

Wavves is at 715 Panhandle with Abe VigodaFergus and Geronimo and Fungi Girls tonight ST. Patricks Day, so you know bring your own booze.

They will also be at South by South Flesh with The Oh Sees and Abe Vigoda and a metric ton of other bands Sunday at the Lounge.