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This is Awesome: Mel Gibson’s new best friend is a Beaver

6 Dec


As you can see in the Frightened Rabbit soundtracked trailer above Mel Gibson is back from his voicemail vacation to give us a heartwarming comedy that features him talking through a Beaver puppet, no word yet on whether or not the Beaver is secretly stealing from him, or if Jody Foster will be forced to blow him.

Track of the Weekend: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – O Children

19 Nov


Anyone see Harry Potter last night?

This is Awesome: The Dark Knight Rises

27 Oct


Over on the LA  Times there’s a report on Christopher Nolan giving his usual super non-comittal interview, but with two little suprises. 1) The next Batman film will be called The Dark Knight Rises, and 2) No Riddler.


Feel free to join us in geeking out.

This is Awesome: Neil Young’s Le Noise performance film is on Youtube for free

1 Oct

This is Awesome: Russell Crowe to star in the RZA’s The Man With The Iron Fists … no, for real

16 Sep

We have no words.